After Lights Out

Lights out in college marks the end of the day and time to go to sleep. For years however the more impish lads think its a time to skylark and mess around. This can often end in disciplinary action very much aimed as an example to the other would be dormitory hooligans.


One lad, Tim Rogers (New Sting Lad Tommy Martin) has been sent to the Headmaster after continual misbehaviour in his dormitory. The Head in turn sends him back to wait for the arrival of his no nonsense Housemaster Mr Sharpe.


Mr Sharpe has a reputation for dealing harshly with 6th formers who should know better. He expects them to set an example to the others not behave like juniors! So without a doubt its going to be a good stinging over the knee spanking for young Rogers. Mr Sharpe’s strong right arm can quickly turn a naughty lads bare bottom red raw! In no time at all the boy’s well rounded burning buttock’s are certainly testament to that fact!










However, no punishment of a senior would complete without a good scorching session of the strap. This painful instrument applied over a fleshly spanked butt can round off a fiery session of discipline very satisfactorily.





Bending down with his bare bottom jutting out for the cruel strap young Tim Rogers is thinking about going straight to sleep next time its Lights Out!


Tommy Martin as Tim Rogers


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Sting Classic Special: The New Prefect’s Revenge


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There comes a time in every lads life when he makes it to the sixth form
and the high office of Prefect, House Captain or even Head Boy. As
another term starts at famous St Datchets Academy Joe Templeton (Matt
Mills) make it to House Captain. However because he wears this
shinning accolade doesn’t mean he escapes punishment but now instead
of just receiving it he can at last give it out too.



Templeton isn’t short of victims either and has to deal with two lads for over
excesses in an illegal wine tasting session, This is followed by
another caning laid on to a lad who decided to go AWOL for some fun
and games.




He’s not alone and among this years honours list the position of Head Boy
goes to Nicky Hornby. Known to be a tough nut he soon gets to grip
with his new position of power.



Fan’s of Sebastian will be pleased to know that, as Danny Herbert he makes
a number of appearances in The New Prefect’s revenge, and ends up
with a very sore bottom indeed.


One scene starts with Sebastian enduring a very uncomfortable visit to
the School Doctor.
On his way back from a routine visit to the clinic is waylaid by Horby
and given a good spanking for his trouble, seemingly a little unfair
having just had his vitamin shots from the doctor.








One job reserved for the head boy is to be the horse when a junior is
given the birch. A position that Horby takes up with relish


On this occasion it is the unlucky Danny Herbert who is on the red
bottomed end of the birching.




All good things come to end and it’s not long before Hornby’s own
misdemeanours catch up with him.



The Head is furious the the position of Head boy is brought so low and
decides to make a real example. As Hornby is the Head Boy the example
certainly comes to the attention of the rest of the Academy and he is
severely dealt with according to his age and position.




This spectacle is not to be forgotten or missed as two of his early
victims are able to see for themselves.
Matt Mills must be one of the most spankable of the Sting Stars, so his fans
will be delighted to know that although as a New Prefect he’s gets to
hand out some bare butt punishment to Carl, Sammy and Brad in the Sting download “The New Prefect’s Revenge” he does not escape without getting his own cute bate butt warmed as well.


In one scene Matt has to drop his pants and go over the Headmaster’s
knee for a good, old fashioned, bare bottom spanking, made all the
more painful and humiliating following his promotion to prefect.
The new prefects get some
revenge but it’s the students of St Datchets who have the last laugh.


NOTE: A Prefect is a student who has been granted a supervisory powers
over other students, usually in an English private school


Paint It Red


Young Brian (New Sting Lad Vadim Loxley) has won himself an apprenticeship with a local painting firm.
He’s a fit muscular lad and the boss was happy to hire him as some buildings require the erection of scaffolding to complete the job in hand
All goes well until one day the boss leaves his ID and wallet on the table right below the place where Brian is painting. He spots the open wallet and temptation becomes too much


Not wanting to ruin his apprenticeship and future careerer prospects the boss decides to punish him in the old fashioned way. Brian is told to strip! Young man though he is, he’s going to get a good spanking from the boss.



With his muscular bare bottom raised ,the pounding palm of the bosses right hand slams down. The thought that he could take it had flashed through his mind but now he’s not so sure, this stings like a wasp.


The boss is a man who likes to make a point only once so to impress the importance of honesty on the job he strips the thick leather belt
from his trousers.


The boss is a man who likes to make a point only once so to impress the importance of honesty on the job he strips the thick leather belt from his trousers. 


Brian needs to learn a sharp lesson and now! Bending Over with his well spanked bottom jutting out the moment had come. The searing crack of the belt is going to become more than just a wake up call!



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The Birching Block -Part 2

In public schools the birch once featured as a major instrument of
correction. We continue our series with another look at its
administration. One memorable feature was the type of support used to
carry out the punishments. There were several but in this story Sting
again feature the birching block, constructed to match the same size
as the original.
One of the senior boys, Daniels (Karl Frazer) has been taking too many
liberties. His continual skylarking had exasperated the Headmaster
and he is sent to his House Master Mr Sharpe to be severely spanked
as a junior might be.




Its just before lights out as Daniels is taken across the knee. He’ll be
going to bed with a very sore and well reddened bare bottom,
certainly sleeping face down this night.




Another senior boy, Rhodes (Toby Haines) has also got himself in to a lot of
trouble. His acts of misbehaviour have earned him a visit to the
birching room. His House Master will lay on the punishment and he is
ordered to strip before kneeling on the birching block.


The birch is drawn from the bucket and carefully measured again the lads
bare bottom before the first stinging stroke is brought down. As the
biching proceeds and the burning twigs swish down the boy can feel
that each stroke now seem to sting more than the last!








If Rhodes though his punishment was over when Mr, Sharpe finally put
down the birch, and made him stand in the corner, he was very wrong.


Perhaps the fiery spanking on his already well birched bare bottom, given by
his infuriated House Master, will have more than a lasting effect.






Meanwhile, Daniels has now pushed his luck too far! He too will be dealt with by
Mr. Sharpe.


A choice between his parents being informed about his insolent
behaviour or a birching sees the lad also reporting to kneel on the


After having striped for the punishment the lad can only watch as Mr Sharpe
draws the freshly soaked birch from the bucket. He feels the cold
tips of the rod gently touch his bare backside then a swish and a
searing sting! That hurt but no so bad he thinks!





However as the rod continues to descend Daniel too realises that this cruel
instrument can build to a scorching climax, his poor bottom is now on
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Discipline Down Under – Smoke Signals

 Discipline Down under -Smoke Signals

The pupils are pushing their luck again and its time to instil some much needed discipline in to these rowdy pupils. Truanting and cheating in exams are just two of the offences that have taken place this term.
One such lad, Thompson (Mark Lewis) has been continually absent from college.






The Headmaster has had enough and sends the boy to the PE Master, Mr Volny (Johann Volny) Its not going to be one of Thompson’s best days as Mr Volny sets to work. Fisrtly its high up over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking. 





Thompson’s smooth rounded backside is quickly turned a scorching red as the PE Masters hard palm cracks down.



The The Master however won’t be convinced the boy’s learned his lesson until he feels the old brown leather strap licking its painful message in to his bare bottom.




Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.



In the exam room another boy has been sent to the Headmaster. Davis (Tony Masters) has been caught cheating and now has some explaining to do. 
However,he comes clean with the Head and is ordered to bend over for a caning. The swishy rattan cane bites in to the boys tight grey shorts but that is just for starters.



Now they are ordered to be taken down and the main part begins, a series of burning stripes well laid on to the boys bare bottom.








The offence of cheating is considered serious so to follow the caning Davis is taken over the knee for a sound spanking. This is going to sting like hell especially over the already painful and raw cane stripes. Not cheating in the future is definitely going through this lads mind!








Aching Antiques


Young Robert (Travis McKinnon) has been lucky enough to get a job in an antique shop. The owner is a golfing partner to his Dad. Everything goes well until he is tempted to pocket an expensive watch. Unfortunately he is seen by the owner on a security camera.


Not wanting to make a big problem out of this attempted theft and being a friend of Roberts father the owner gives him a choice. He’ll deal with it or call his dad or worse still the Police. 


Robert’s decision however will lead to some bare bottom punishment something he hasn’t felt since he was a teenager.






At first he is reluctant to strip but soon finds himself naked and ordered over the owners knee. He can’t believe this he is getting spanked again and it seems to sting more than ever!






Robert’s well rounded muscular bare backside is merely being prepared. This sound spanking will be followed by a burning set of stripes from a willow switch usually reserved for walking the dog. 




It’s new painful purpose is to bring some common sense back in to a wayward lad who needs to watch his step in future.











For non-UK based visitors, the title “Aching Antiques” is a play of the series Acorn Antiques which was a parodic soap opera written by British Comic Actress and Script writer Victoria Wood as a regular feature in the two seasons of Victoria Wood As Seen On TV. It was subsequently turned into a musical.

Angry Dads – “Get ’em Down!”

 The new download AngryDads – Get ’em Down

starring new Sting Lad Ryan Torres
Living at home for young college leavers can be fraught with problems. My house my rules is often quoted to the hapless youngster when he starts to take things for granted. When they really aren’t listening it’s time for alternative action!


One such lad is Harry (New Sting Lad Ryan Torres) He hasn’t even tried to get a job and now arrives home some evenings drunk.
Some discipline needs to be instilled and quickly! Nothing works better with Harry than to revert to what would have happened when he was in his early teens.




After being sent to take a shower he’s back in the living room stripping off for a good spanking! It’s that or find another place to live!




Harry thinks it’ll be a pushover now he’s bigger but as he strips off he’s not so sure and it’s more than a bit humiliating to get his pants down now in front of the old man!




A good hard spanking cracks around the room and Harry’s muscular bare bottom is starting to burn like fire. However, this time the punishment is to be followed up with something else.
As soon as he sees it Harry knows his backside is going to burn! Out comes the carpet beater but it’s not going to connect with a carpet this time but a insolent youth’s dangerously exposed bare backside!






Ryan presses can ice pack against his sore bottom in the hope of easing the pain.
But even so, his well punished behind is likely to sting for quite some time to come