Angry Dads 5 – Bad Letter Day (Part 1)

Receiving unwelcome news about the performance of their offspring at school or college is not what most Dads want to hear. This especially if the said pupil has got himself in to trouble once before.
So it is in the case of young Aaron (Aaron Alton) who has already been punished once for larking around in school and smoking cigarettes.
Dad i​s in no mood to compromise and Aaron is very soon over his lap and getting his bare bottom spanked a sore shade of red. He yelps and gasps but he also knows what’s coming next!

Now he is sent to retrieve the hard rubber soled carpet slipper kept for the purpose of punishment. On returning he is ordered to lay on top of the sofa with his reddened bottom well exposed and a perfect target for the lethal slipper. Many burning swats later he is allowed to stand, his bottom now on fire, he must return the slipper and go directly to bed.

Angry Dads 5 Bad Letter Day Continues tomorrow….

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