Angry Dads lil’ Bast’rds

Angry Dads, Lil Bast’rds

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Two bad lads left to their own devices can soon get in to a lot of mischief. Sometimes it can get well out of hand as it did in the case of two brothers ( Corey Law & new StingLad David Hines)


Seeing a neighbour tending his garden they decided he needed a little more water and were glad to oblige. The golden shower however brought another reaction that put the boys in direct conflict with their Dad! They should have remembered he is not the best person to upset! Not only that the act had been caught on a mobile too and shared on social media. These lads were now really in trouble.


There was some luck in their story in that the neighbour had reluctantly agreed ‘if those two rascals get a good hiding I’ll take it no further!’ The deal was done. When they got in Dad was waiting! It started with the usually cheeky smiling and dismissal of what they’d done but that soon changed as Dads hand cracked down hard on the insolent boys firm, smooth, little bare bottoms.


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Their mood started to change as their backsides turned red and attitudes began to shift. Not enough yet for Dad though – but the carpet slipper, with its burning India rubber sole, over the stinging hot spanking would soon adjust that!












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