Another Medicinal Spanking in “A Doctor Calls” (Part 2 of 2)

 Who’s next for a spanking?


The second visit takes the doctor to the home of young Terry (Robin Palmer). This boy should be in school but is playing a dangerous game of trying to fool both his parents and now the doctor. His lazy attitude is about to meet it’s match!


The doctor soon discovers what he’s up too and decides to lay on some treatment this boy really deserves.


After confirming his diagnosis with a suitably, and embarrassingly,  placed thermometer, the Doctor knows exactly what to do with young Terry.



Terry is put across the doctors knee, pyjamas down, for a good hard bare bottom spanking.






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After this his sore bare backside will feel the burning sting of a leather strap!





The Doctor continues until he is sure Terry’s little bottom is hot enough!!


However, keeping with tradition the doctor also feels this boy needs some extra medication.


Poor Terry can only gasp at the size of the hypodermic needle heading toward his well scolded bottom.


The (Very Sore) End


Two naughty boys got the right prescription!


Jirka Mendez played James


Robin Palmer played Terry



The Video Preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube



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A Doctor Calls in Standard Definition


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2 comments on “Another Medicinal Spanking in “A Doctor Calls” (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Please excuse any spelling errors, I am typing with one hand – if you know what I mean!!  This is just INCREDIBLE, I just love it and have already watched it all the way through four times.

    The action is first rate, the boys are beautiful, and the scenario (story theme) is is so hot it smokes

    I urge all spanking Fans, this is a MUST HAVE video, don’t miss this one.

    Robin Palmer is the cutest boy in spanking videos today, and Jirka Mendez has movie star good looks. They can both take a really hard hiding, and Doctor Volny knows just how to give one.

    All round perfection in a spanking context.

    I don’t often comment, but I had to tell you what I think of this one.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Oliver’s comment, this is ace. I almost missed it when it came out, but luckily found it when I was exploring Spanking Tube and found the link. The whole scenario is smoking hot, with Dr Volny as the perfect authority figure. I love the way he puts his rubber gloves on to spank young James, and later, James’ (Jirka’s) expression when the doctor produces the syringe and James realises where it will be jabbed, is to die for, very hot and superb acting by both Jirka and Mr V. Magic

    Robin is so cute, and how wonderful to see the Doc stick the thermometer up his little butt, Sheer bliss!

    Is Sting planning to make any further “A Doctor Calls” episodes? I hope they will.

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