Approved Education – The Runaways

Approved Education: The Runaways is directed by Jonathan Fox and Stars Justin Kingsley and Brandon Junior as The Runaways.

The search parties are out for runaways Alex Thompson (Justin Kingsley) and Tommy Sheridan (Brandon Junior) They are quickly apprehended and the Headmaster at Court Hall is determined to make an example of the escapees. After reporting to his office for a sharp dressing down a well earned spanking is administered to both lads bare bottoms.

However this isn’t the end for the hapless pair. In absconding they have brought shame on their own house and it’s master Mr Coulson (Dexter) now it’s his turn to warm up the proceedings. After reporting back to the heads office in their dressing gowns before lights out it’s time for Alex and Tommy to feel the sharp biting sting of their housemaster’s cane. Sleeping face down later that same night with raw cane stripes on their backsides still burning it will be a long time till they think of becoming runaways again.


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  1. Jlb8203——In regard to approved Edcuation-The runaways—- Great work I love the clips it certainly shows what happens when you try bend the rules .It’s all very good but the various clips really bring home the message .All the Runaways got taught a very hard lesson on the Bare as should be .I don’t believe these young men will be sitting and walking well for a while In addition the various clips with the Cane being demonstrated brings everything into foocus Thanks Jlb8203

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