“Take ‘Em Down”

 This March 2017 Historical Spanking Update was first posted to the old Feel The Sting site

Back at the turn of the century the Police Courts had a few more disciplinary measures they could hand out than perhaps is available today. Prominent among them were the birch and cat of nine tails. Convicted young felons could often expect a dose of these judicial stingers!


First before the justice’s that day is a fit you lad known as George Green (Leonardo King) He had been up before the court in the past and this time the judge was in no mood to compromise. For his crime he would receive one month in custody for correctional training and twenty five strokes of the birch.



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Return to the Punishment Room

It’s the turn of the century and Colonel
Lee’s famous Juvenile House of Corrections has received two new cocky
felons straight from the County Court and Police Court


Charles Russell (Joey Whyte) has not
heeded the good advice given to him when entering the House of
He soon earns himself a Governor’s spanking for not acting in
a satisfactory manner.
 This ritual reserved only for senior lads who
can’t behave themselves involves cleansing








  and the application of Chilli
extract …
 Applied first to an especially sensitive part of his anatomy ….
  And them more widely, to definitely gain the attention of the miscreant
This punishment also involves the spanking birch and leaves the boys well
rounded bare bottom red raw, stinging and deeply sore. He certainly
deserved it!



 Another young rogue Arthur Blake (Darren) is sentenced to
the House of Correction from the Country Court.
 He too was given good advice on how to serve his sentence but soon he’s in trouble with the
Senior Warder (Marco) not a man to trifle with. A spanking from the
Senior Warder leaves a boy in no doubt he’s been punished.







Blake’s muscular and protruding bare backside is soon turned a burning red.
However if Blake and young Charles Russell think they have endured the worst of their punishment they are very wrong!! ……


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Sting Pictures

Sting Raw – Darren 1900 (Part 2)

The second set of images from Sting Raw – Darren 1900 Story

With his bottom already burning and red raw the boy must mount the birching frame and receive his punishment as ordered. Bradshaw’s bare bottom is rounded and raised making the perfect target, the whippy and painful birch twigs swish down biting mercilessly in to the defenceless bare buttocks. Bradshaw yelps and does all he can to receive this scorching punishment in a manly way.

However it’s not over, the Colonel intends to address the question of the lads continued insolence and cocking a snook at authority……

Freshly cut switches are always available for discipline at the House Of Correction and the Colonel intents to use one now to good effect! First though, being a military man, the boy will be figged with ginger to make sure he keeps he is backside high and well splayed to receive the intuitions answer to bad behaviour. The switch lashes down leaving red burning stripes on the boy’s now very sore bare bottom

The fig is eventually forced out by the stinging strokes but its inner burning effect is lasting making sure the boy’s bare bottom is raised throughout till the end.

In three definition levels

Sting Pictures

The Return of Darren

I am sure Darren’s fans will agree it’s great to see him back where he should be, after quite a long break.  He’s been away too long!


Sting Raw – Darren 1900 (Part 1)

The latest offender recommend by the Police Court to be sent to Colonel Lee’s Juvenile House of Correction is George Bradshaw (Darren) For aggravated robbery the sentence also carries a minimum of twelve strokes of the birch!

On arrival at the institution his behaviour had continued to be insolent and unrepentant, so on the day he was to be birched the Colonel intended to make an example of this wayward lad! Bare bottom spanking was always the first disciplinary measure when boys of this type misbehaved and although a more senior lad his backside would now be soundly smacked.

The spanking however is merely a precursor to the sentence of the court. 

Bradshaw’s punishment has only just begun …..

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow

In three definition levels

Sting Pictures

Sting Raw: Rudi 1900


A peek inside the austere House Of Correction at the turn of the century and we find Arthur Falconer (Rudi Vallance) is in trouble with the Governor, Col Lee, for absconding. When the junior inmates do this and get brought back by the local militia they know they are in for a sore backside. To maintain discipline in those days flogging with the birch, tawse and switch were still very much in use!

Falconer is already waiting in handcuffs when the Colonel enters the punishment room, once the old kitchen in E Wing. Inevitably this junior inmate will now go over the knee, spanking always being the warm up for younger lads leading to something more memorable.

With his bare bottom now red and burning the lad is ordered to lie over the box. A suitable freshly soaked birch is selected and a whipping is laid on. Half way through a heavily impregnated sponge of salt water, brine, is dabbed on the raw and exposed rounded bare cheeks. This has the effect of keeping things sterile but certainly adds cruelly to the scorching sensation already applied earlier.


Next a natural wood switch is brought in to action. This traditional whippy instrument cut earlier by the Chief Warder thwips down on the boys now burning bare backside, biting hard and stinging like a wasp! More salt is added and all the young inmate can do now is yelp! Absconding certainly has its bottom price to pay.


In three definition levels

1900 The Power Of Persuasion (Part 2)

The mixture of pleasure and pain continue at the House of Correction, over in the workshop where two lads are cleaning up more indecent acts are brewing. John Kelly (Aaron Alton) and Henry Osborne (Oscar Roberts) will face the governor Colonel Lee and their cell block warder Mr Stoddard (Eddie Savion).
Now both over the knee of the Governor and Mr Stoddard the two are spanked red raw in tandem.


Later, The governor leaves instructing Mr Stoddard to administer the birch to each of the lad’s bare bottoms. This warder too sees his chance, who is ever going to know, the birch can stimulate more than just a well-rounded bare backside.


First to feel the burning twigs lash in to his backside is John Kelly while on the other end young muscular Henry Osborne is servicing Mr Stoddard as he lays on the freshly soaked rods. 


The strokes build up scorching Kelly’s bare bottom leading all to a climax but not before the situation is revered and it’s Osborne who is on the receiving end. The site of his whipped bottom bucking and arching as the birch bites home brings the young warder to a quick conclusion.

It might have ended there but inmate Osborne who’s buttocks are still burning the day after feels they had a raw deal in more ways than one and Mr Stoddard finds himself informed upon.


The Governor feels he has to do something and lets the young officer choose between dismissal or a dose of corporal punishment to rectify the situation. Warder Stoddard although a fit muscular young chap goes for the hiding.
The Governors assistant Mr Lindsay will lay on the punishment a good spanking no less and a birching whilst over the birching pony normally reserved to deal with the very young charges he is supposed to instil a moral sense in to.
Now the tables have really turned all down to the power of persuasion.


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Hornet – 1900 The Power Of Persuasion (Part 1)


Now the 1900s series get the horny Hornet treatment with 1900 The Power of Persuasion. In this extended feature one thing leads to another and discipline soon becomes a lot more interesting to some of the young warders who’s duty it is to lay it on.


First to incur the wrath of their officer is Tommy Bruce (Xander Hollister and Jack Francis (Tom Nuttall) Rather than getting along quickly with their ablutions the two decide to engage in an intimate session together.


Caught by Mr Shaw (Johan Volny) he takes action there and then and gives both miscreants a good hard spanking.


As they want to indulge in explicit acts while in the House of Correction he decides to illustrate to them that with pleasure there is often pain! It’s very hard to pleasure your mate when your backside is on fire from the pounding palm of a fit young prison warder. 


It all very well laying it on but the warder wants more. Now he’s turned on to the matter in hand and its time to end the punishment proper.


Down comes the twisted rattan carpet beater an ideal instrument to whack a wayward boy’s bare bottom. 


Now being serviced by one lads he gives the other something to think about. The stinging beater cracks loudly in to the other lads already well spanked bare bottom.
To be continued …..

(In the second part, to be posted tomorrow,  Aaron Alton, Eddie Savion and new Sting Lad Oscar Roberts also experience 1900 pleasure and pain)


Warning this download is over one hour long, so the HD versions are very large files. Please ensure that your Internet can download the size stated

Coming Soon From Sting (Part 2)

 Part two of the set of images from some of Sting’s forthcoming productions and Aaron Alton is in a 1900 setting


Eddie Savion appears as a birch wielding top in this Hornet production, Eddie will also be taking some beating himself. However, only when he hasn’t got a date planned with his girlfriend that night (as he does not want her to see the marks!) 

 Aaron again in schoolboy mode
 Taking an OTK Spanking from Marco

I hope you enjoyed this preview of delights coming soon from Sting

1900 – The Punishment Room (Part 1)


1900– The Punishment Room (Part 1): This story takes us on another visit to a turn of the century juvenile House Of Correction.  As part of the system the young inmates are given a quota of labour to perform; if they failed to do this they are then given a warning. After that more severe measures can be taken often culminating in an internal sentence of corporal punishment.


One such inmate Jackson (Johnny Jenkins) had pushed the boundaries too far and is ordered by the governor to report to the warder in charge (Dexter) Always prepared to administer discipline he orders Jackson to quickly strip and prepare to receive a stinging bare bottom spanking.


This humiliating act for an older lad is to be followed by a dose of the heavy House Of Correction strap.  Mounted on a sturdy wooden handle the thick leather business end of this instrument can really scold a wayward boy’s bare bottom.


As Jackson’s strapping comes to an end in another part of the building the Governor has caught his son Jack (Nicholas Salter) misbehaving and takes him by his ear to the very room the older lads are punished in. He has been getting far too above himself just lately and is now told in no uncertain terms to unbutton his breeches.


He too goes over the knee for a good spanking but half way through the Governor spies a much better way to scorch the lad’s bare bottom…..
He grabs hold of a nearby short carpet beater and begins to use it to good effect on the boy’s bare backside. Young Jack howls as the tightly woven rattan collides with his burning bottom.


This is by no means the end though as Jack, now bending over the Windsor kitchen chair, is about to find out.


The thwipp and swish of a freshly cut switch is about to bite in to the tender cheeks of this naughty boy.

Clutching his red raw bottom Jack soon realises it’s probably best not to be dragged in future to The Punishment Room!