The Borstal 3

The Borstal 3 – stars Adam Ashton, Rudi Vallance and Marco

In this third part of the series we revisit Rainsford, an institution for young offenders. The Borstals came about as a way to re-train, educate and provide wayward youths with a trade and purpose in life. In such places strict discipline was always the norm.


Keeping good behavior and maintaining satisfactory monthly reports was expected of all trainees. Fall foul of this and you are in deep trouble. This is certainly the case for Harding (Adam Ashton)


Not a man to mess with Mr Sharp wastes no time in administering a good stinging spanking !




 Trainee Chandler (Rudi Vallance) has been summoned by the Governor for his unacceptable behaviour.

 The governor is of course very unhappy and agrees to an off the record punishment administered by Mr Sharpe and is given a very hard spanking which he richly deserves.






However to really get the message across Mr ​Sharpe intends to teach this young man a good lesson.




Kiwi College (Part 2)

Kiwi College 2, Starring Darren, Adam Ashton and introducing new Sting Lad Ray Cutler continues Sting’s look at Down Under discipline this episode features three
more hunky lads who all need some firm help to keep on the straight and narrow.

One particular lad has not had a good start to the term. Drake (Darren) as a sixth form boy likes to take a sneaky visit out AWOL to grab a few beers from time to time. Unfortunately on the last trip he got himself completely snozzled and was finally discovered passed out by his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe (Marco)

The Headmaster of course was none too pleased and passed him back to his Housemaster to be dealt with.

The hard over the knee spanking was just a precursor.



Soon after Drake’s burning, well rounded, red raw bare bottom was receiving a cracking dose of swats from Mr Sharpe’s black leather strap!





McKenzie (New StingLad Ray Cutler) is another rugby playing senior who like to fool around. His final exams are due and his constant skylarking is not going to help him achieve good results. The Headmaster decides to catch this early and discipline the lad firmly for his own good!


Of course a stinging spanking is a good start and having never been spanked before like a junior McKenzie is painfully more than a bit humiliated by the experience. 






However, now bent over the gym horse it’s the white regulation gym shoe that will scorch some common sense in to this muscular lad’s throbbing 

red bare bottom.



Another sixth former, Jefferson (Adam Ashton) has been very cheeky to the English mistress, Miss King. His use of bad language is most unbecoming of a senior boy and the Head views this as very childish act. 
 To nip it in the bud Jefferson is ordered to the gym. This hunky senior really is getting above himself and now he must face discipline from both his Housemaster Mr Sharpe and the Headmaster for past misdeeds.






The strong spanking from Mr Sharpe felt like an angry wasp has settled in his bare bottom but the old leather strap afterwards, lain out on a gym bench, left his backside on fire.




Now though the Headmaster had a few other issues of discipline to discuss! Twelve burning strokes of the swishy crook handled rattan cane later Jefferson was certainly learning that its best perhaps to behave in future!








Nowhere 2 Run Reformatory Boy

Discipline in a reformatory is always strict. The boys are there to redirect their previous criminal life style, however some reform quicker than others depending, of course, on how they react to retraining. In some circumstances tougher measures need to be taken as was the case with inmate Jerry Estevez (Adam Ashton)


 As a well built more stubborn lad he had been summoned to the punishment room to be dealt with more firmly. The Warden had become tired of his constant bad reports and insolent behaviour and he hadn’t reacted properly either to all the warnings he had been given. Corporal punishment was now to be well laid on.



 First off he was to receive a long hard bare bottom spanking just like the junior boys got. Face down across the end of the punishment table Warder Swartz (Marco) stinging palm cracked down on to Estevez’s well rounded bottom, the burning effect just getting worse with each scolding slap! Unfortunately for the boy this humiliating spanking is
just the warm up.







Now ordered to lay face down on the table his bare bottom well raised with a blanket beneath, the instrument of choice is the well-known US wooden handled leather strap.  
The thick leather tongues on these formidable punishment accessories are known to burn like hell fire. 
 The boy can only gasp and yelp as the warden and his assistant skelp the lad’s freshly spanked bare bottom with the heavy straps.




 These fiery licks should quickly imprint a message of ‘it’s time to start behaving son’ on young Estevez now raw and aching bare backside!
Adam Ashton



Off the Record

Here are the HQ pictures and Storyline for “Off the Record
At the 12th Field Cavalry regimental barracks the strict military
discipline continues. When the young cadets fail to meet the exacting
standards of army training or find themselves on a charge for
insubordination they often opt for an alternative punishment. Being off
any service records means a blemish free career start. Unfortunately the
alternative punishment will not leave the young troopers blemish free!



 First in front of the CO is cadet trooper LeClerc (Adams Ashton) His
tests of elementary training are again not up to scratch. The commanding
officer dispatches him off to his training NCO, Sergeant Dubois (Travis
The sergeant un amused at the young cadets failures decides to
administer an encouraging spanking to the lads bare bottom.
The cadet
reluctantly strips of his army shorts and gets over the knee but after
this Sergeant Dubois favourite instrument, the martinet, will be used.
Its leather thongs cutting a biting and fiery message in to the cadet
hunks already soundly spanked bare bottom. This well known French
instrument is a scorcher and no friend to many of the cadets in the old
Armée française! Finally the whippy switch makes an end to this cadet’s







Back in the training room its now cadet trooper Clarke (Rudi
Vallance) who’s waiting for a burning appointment with the CO. 


His insolence and general bad behaviour have earned him a good spanking across the knee of his CO.


Starting on his tight combat briefs it’s not long before the lad’s perfect round muscular bare cheeks are bared for further attention.



The COs hand cracks down and Cadet Clarkes
jutting out bare bottom is burning and raw. It’s only the arrival of
Sergeant Chambers (Marco) bearing a message for The CO that interrupts
the painful proceedings.


Not wanting the young trooper to get off that easily he leaves him is the hands of his training sergeant. Sergeant Chambers wastes no time in continuing the cadets punishment and orders him up on the table to do push ups while he encourages the boy with intermittent and stinging cuts of the cavalry riding whip. 


Well. Cadet Trooper Clarke’s bottom is certainly on fire but at least it’s still Off the Record!







The Sixth Formers – Sounds Painful (Part 2)

The Second set of pictures for – The Sixth Formers – Sounds Painful



It was in fact Mark Harfield the head boy (Adam Ashton) who put ​Radley up to the misbehaviour. He now stands in the Headmaster’s office getting a final dressing down before punishment is administered. The Headmaster is
underwhelmed by his performance and antics this term and assisted by Mr
Sharpe Harfield will receive a severe dose of the cane and strokes of
the college birch. The crimes have added up and positive disciplinary
action must surely follow. This is the Head Boy after all, an example
must be set.
The caning is hard and uncompromising. The well-oiled rattan canes,
both junior and senior, swish home leaving stripe after burning stripe
on the strapping lads bare bottom



By the time the birch cuts down the
boy is really feeling it, the biting tips of its soaked twigs finding
their mark on Harfield’s dangerously exposed bare buttocks.






This is bad enough but it is Mr Sharpe’s hard after punishment
spanking that really brings the previous disciplinary session back to
life again. For Harfield there really is nowhere to run! Quacking
noises, Sounds Painful, yes they were!




The Sixth Formers – Sounds Painful (Part 1)

The First set of pictures for – The Sixth Formers – Sounds Painful


Mick Radley (Joey Whyte) is a prefect at Coombe Hall College. He
takes his place with the sixth formers at the rear of the hall during
morning assembly every day. However today is a bit different. Encouraged
by the head boy and others young Radley is expected to make duck noises
to win a bet. It all backfires though and he finds himself outside the
Headmasters office.


 Determined to put an end to the bad examples being set by his senior
boys the Headmaster decides on an exemplary punishment. Radley will
receive a good stinging caning from the Head’s supple and well used cane


 By the time the boys shorts come down the burning stripes are plain
to see. The final set inflicted to the bare bottom
bite like an angry wasp but now later he’s got to face his own




That evening Housemaster Mr Sharpe is annoyed to find it’s his senior
prefect who caused the disturbance in assembly. He is of the view that
if a sixth former wants to act like a 2nd former then he’ll deal with
him as one! Radley, dressed in pyjamas, finds himself taken over the
Housemasters knee and a sound scorching spanking is given on his already
very sore caned bare bottom.



Lying there after, his cheeks glowing red,
he’s now wondering if the Head boy will be facing the same thing.​ …….
To Be Continued …………



The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits (part 2)

The second set of pictures from The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits
After punishing Miller, it turns out that T​om ​Ward himself though is no angel when it comes to the rule book and eventually he is caught cheating in a mock exam.


It’s his Housemaster Mr Heidrick (Dexter) who has the duty of disciplining the boy. Unimpressed that this is a prefect Mr Heidrick lays on a hard bare bottom spanking but it’s the caning after that really has the boy yelping.



As he b​ends over the thin rattan cuts in to the lads bare backside leaving raised burning welts. This punishment will remind him in future that cheating gets you nowhere except bent over again for another stinging caning.





Back before the Headmaster again is Mark Harfield. This time he’s’ been and got himself drunk then has sneaked a local girl back in to his room. The Head knows that he must be punished severely and that a message must be sent to other seniors who think they can follow this boy’s lead. A Heads study caning will be laid on! Harfield is ordered to remove his grey trousers and bend over.
The punishment begins firstly over his white underwear then on to the bare bottom. The first cane, a crooked handled whippy senior starts the session but for absolute effect and more importantly for the lad to remember a thicker but still very flexible former reformatory cane is used.


This formidable instrument kept for senior boys soon has Harfield moaning as it cuts in to his defenceless bare butt cheeks

Click here for Part one and the video preview


The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits (part 1)

 The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits stars Adam Ashton. Mark Lewis and Simon Lee with Marco and Dexter


The latest batch of senior boys and prefects at Coombe Hall College have been up to no good again. The Headmaster though is having none of it and steps in when things start to get out of hand.

The first to get his collar felt is prefect Mark Harfield ( Adam Ashton) His pranks and behaviour have got him referred to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) Young Harfield, dressed in his pyjamas, finds himself over the knee for a good long stinging spanking. 




Senior boy or not he’s getting into bed at lights out with a very sore bottom indeed!


Fifth former Colin Miller (Mark Lewis) is getting far too keen on sneaking away for a quick smoke. This time however he’s caught in the changing room by a prefect, Tom Ward (Simon Lee) Not happy with his excuses the prefect takes him over his knee for a spanking. 







His smooth blemish free bare bottom quickly turns a burning bright red! It’s the strap though that will finish the job and Miller is ordered to lay across the vaulting horse for a scorching session with this biting leather instrument.









Army Hotshots


Life in the 12th Field cavalry regiment goes on as does the strict discipline, imposed to mould future efficient soldiers out of the young cadets.
One or two still push their luck though, the case of Trooper Henderson (Adam Ashton) being one of them. He thought that if he was careful taking a rifle out of the barracks to show his girlfriend would go unnoticed. He couldn’t have been more wrong!



His commander was furious at such a foolish thing to do, however it was decided to deal with him off the record. Now for this reckless young cadet a hard military style spanking would take place scolding his firm rounded bare bottom to perfection. 



With his backside still burning Trooper Henderson is ordered to lie across the ammunition boxes, his bare buttocks raised.


It will be the training whips that will conclude the punishment. Used to train the finest cavalry stallions, should it not be the same with this petulant young cadet. The biting sting of the whips lash fiery stripes across Henderson’s bare bottom. Oh yes, today  lessons will be learned!







Another cadet, Trooper Hall (Oscar Hart) has finally lost the patience of his training officer (Travis McKinnon – above) His conduct of late has become most un soldierly. He’s letting the platoon down and his youthful fit muscular officer is determined to put a stop to it.
  As with Henderson he’s going to be spanked army style.
Hauled up over the young officer’s knee Hall can only squirm and yelp
as he receives a good hard stinging bare bottom spanking.



 His backside is red raw but for the training officer it’s not enough!
He reaches for his riding crop and with trooper Hall kneeling on an ammunition box, bottom raised and splayed, lays on a good lashing. The woven leather whip, more used to training the officer’s horse, now delivers a series of burning hot shots to the howling young cadets dangerously exposed bare bottom.




 Travis gets into a military mood before filming
Ready …aim …





The Sixth Formers – Knaves and Knives

The impudent sixth formers are up to their old tricks again
 but the staff is having none of it!

Garry Edwards (Gerry Robbins) has got himself in to trouble by sending and underage 4th former to buy cigarettes for him. He knows that cigarettes are banned in any case so this is a double whammy in rule breaking.
The Headmaster dispatches him off to his Housemaster Mr Volny (Johan Volny) who quickly gets to work on some disciplinary guidance, of the type best delivered with the palm of a hard hand at the end of a strong arm



Big lad though his is the
punishment starts with a good over the knee spanking leaving Edwards
firm muscular bare bottom red and scolded. 



Unfortunately for him a second onslaught with the strap leaves a deep stinging impact that will surely help to curb his smoking habit!




Paul Robinson (Rudi Vallance) was unlucky enough to have his stash of porn discovered by the cleaner. 
However it’s the presence of two knives in his locker that has really annoyed his​H​ousemaster (Rupert Pendragon editor of Corporal Contacts magazine in a guest appearance)


He too gets a good firm spanking 



However, if Robinson thinks that a mere hand spanking is all the punishment he will receive he’s in for a surprise. His tender bare bottom, and the bare bottom of at least one more sixth former will be glowing a lot redder soon ……!!


After Robinson’s spanking he is ordered over the vaulting horse for a burning dose of the gym slipper.





His bare rounded and muscular bottom is now raw to touch so the swishing sound of the cane now in the master’s hand is no welcome sound at all! 




The cane bites cruelly in to the lads protruding bare buttocks and with it a burning sting drives the message home, behave or else!



Mark Harfield ( Adam Ashton) is a cocky youth and although a prefect tends to lose his temper. The latest incident in the geography room saw a tirade of expletives being used!


Sent to his Housemaster Mr Volny no time is wasted in to getting this senior boy across his knee in the same manner as would befit ajunior. 




A stinging bare bottom spanking is laid on with relish.


The spanking of course is just a pre cursor for a caning that the boy will hopefully think about next time he decides to let off steam. 


The well-oiled rattan cuts painfully in to this college rugby team member’s bare bottom. The burning stripes will still be visible to his mates as he steps in to the showers later!

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