Spanking, Paddling and the Switch at “American College”

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Keeping up with school work can be pretty tiresome. Most students get on with what they have to do but one or two decide its just all too much and drop out of the system.




Cody (Joey Whyte) and Tyler (Adam Black) are two such lads. Its not long before their absences from class are noticed. 




In a bid to bring them back in line the Principle sends them to the Senior Coach. He has his own methods to deal with wayward students and its all based on the wood on skin approach.



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Sting CFNM: The Right Dose (Part 2 of 2)


The Second Set of Pictures from

Sting CFNM: The Right Dose


Back at her clinic Nurse Bennett is expecting an appointment with another lad, Colin (Adam Black) He’s continuing with on going treatment and is always happy to see the young nurse. He has a soft spot, well not always soft, for the curvaceous Miss Bennett. This visit however he plans to take it a step further and do some pinching too. Not her medial accessories but her rounded bottom.


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Sting CFNM: The Right Dose (Part 1 of 2)

trd (18)

The Staff Nurse (Naomi Bennett) has her hands full as two young sportsmen check in to have their maladies looked over. She’s normally patient with the patients but these young lads can often test it to its limits. They soon find out however she’s not a lady to be messed with!
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Army Cadets 6


The 12th field Cavalry Regiment is busy training its newest recruits. Some of them have already run in to the strict discipline used to train these junior soldiers! As a cavalry regiment its not unusual for the traditional riding whip or a leather halter to be used to good effect.


Trooper Harkness (Adam Black) has been up on a change with the C.O. He is given a punishment off the record and dispatched to his senior NCO Sargent Sharpe for execution.


Soon the young trooper is over the Officer’s knee, legs spread wide. A good bare bottom spanking will just be the start of his punishment! 


Office Agony 2

 Office Agony 2

Peacocks accountancy firm has been in business a long time. From the very beginning its creator an ex army major insisted on a high standard of discipline. This has been maintained unofficially down the years. The current boss Mr Haynes (Johann Volny) is no exception and the young trainees know that if they fall out of line they have one choice dismissal or discipline, firmly laid on!


The latest new junior Doug Richards (Adam Black) has decided its OK to to use the office machine and photocopy some pictures from a porn magazine for a friend. Getting caught doing this is very risky! Doug has only just got this job and of course knows what will happen if he breaks the strict rules. 
The inevitable of course happens. He can’t justify his actions in anyway and is soon up against the wall, trousers down, getting his very rounded bare bottom spanked hard by Mr Haynes.













If that’s not painful enough the bosses own leather paddle will be. It burning licks soon have young Richards yelping. He might think his plaintive cries will make Mr Haynes ease up. Not a bit of it the finale for Doug will be a good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking. 



Two globular round butt cheeks now blazing red are testament to a
-spanking well laid on!



A couple of days later Mr Haynes has to attend one of his regular client meetings and leaves another lad, Michael Hall (Tommy Martin) to look after the office. Thinking its all clear young Michael decides he’d like to sample one of his bosses prized Cuban cigars. Unfortunately Mr Haynes has forgotten an important document and arrives back in the office just in time to see his junior about to raid his cigar box. For the untrustworthy Hall it all adds up to being fired or an instant punishment.







The boy certainly deserves a good spanking and quickly Mr Haynes obliges using his firm right hand to apply dozens of stinging slaps to the lads bare bottom.





The boss intends for this punishment to be scorching so chooses more than one position to make sure the message to behave gets burned well in! 





Next young Hall is ordered to kneel in the chair, the Major’s old smooth wooden paddle, still used to this day, will finish the job. The lads little rounded bare bottom, although well spanked already, can expect a fiery climax so now he will really atone for his sins and resume his duties afresh, if he can sit down that is!



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Housemaster’s Study – Episode Two

Back at St Morsus Academy Housemaster Mr Gordon Sharpe has popped out for the afternoon. A couple of students have already noticed his old Morris Minor is not standing in its usual spot in the car park. This is the perfect time to make some unofficial phone calls!
Johnny Murray (Paul Wolfe) and Tim Kidson (Adam Black) both sixth formers have sneaked in to the Housemasters study and are busy making a phone call.



Unfortunately for them their Housemaster (Marco) has forgotten a book he intended to take with him and returns. He open his study door to find both boys using his phone, caught red handed!
Their carpe diem moment is of course going to end with punishment. The quarterly phone bills have been higher than expected and perhaps now the reason why has been found. It goes without saying that for this a good spanking is the best place to start.






boys are taken high over the knee. The first stinging slaps are given
over their crisp white underwear which are then swiftly pulled down
to expose their rounded bare bottoms.


Now back over Mr Sharpe’s knee the lads receive a scorcher of a spanking, their well reddened backsides raised high. 


Now back over Mr Sharpe’s knee the lads receive a scorcher of a spanking, their well reddened backsides raised high. 

The boys can only yelp and take it it hoping that this will be an end to it but no such luck their Housemaster has other plans. He wants to make sure they both firmly realise his study is not a public phone box and strictly out of bounds.
Now young Murray is kneeling in the old red leather char with Kidson bent over beside him. Mr Sharpe has he well used white gym slipper in hand. The boys bare bottoms are already burning but now he intends to set them on fire! India rubber applied with vigour is the best way to do this. 






The crack of the slipper echo’s round the study wall making sure these two young scallywags get their comeuppance.






Their firm little backslides are  really burning now so it with dread that they notice the Housemaster is swapping the slipper for his whippy rattan cane. Over a spanking
and a dose of the slipper this biting little demon is going to sting like hell.
Its not possible to reverse the charge now the only lines that matter with be the red raw impressions left by the cane on their burning bare bottoms. 

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Home Rules

Taking a look at domestic discipline Home Rules follows the fate of two lads who have turned their back on the founding principle of my house my rules. 


First up is party boy Kurt (Kurt Maddox) Taking advantage of his Uncles absence the lad decides to have a party. The end result in the kitchen is total devastation. The boy is later found hungover and sitting on the floor with the kitchen looking more like a rubbish dump. 


His Uncle (played by Marco) is none too pleased and takes this insolent mess maker over his knee for some home grown discipline. The resulting spanking is well laid on leaving the lads bare bottom a burning red.





Now he can’t sit down but he  can start on the washing up! Well yes but now his uncle is pulling out the chopping table! 


The boy is going over this to complete his punishment. The kitchen has got to be the place to find a suitable implement and nothing works quite so well as a holed wooden spatula! The lads poor red and scolded backside has really taken a whacking but now the finale is going to include some burning swats with a stout wooded ladle. 







This lad is certainly learning not to stir up trouble again in more ways then one!


Elsewhere another boy (Adam Black) has crept in to his older brothers room and purloined his porn magazines. Thinking he won’t be back for ages the young lad begins to really enjoy the contents. This is no time for anybody to walk in! Too late, his older brother (Travis McKinnon) has come home early. 


Bursting in to the room he is met with a very unwelcome sight. Furious, there and then, he takes the young porn thief across his knee. His magazine, his bitches, means he’s going to set fire to his younger brother’s bare bottom with a good spanking! 





The stinging smacks ring out and the boy’s well rounded butt cheeks change colour fast. His older brother is fit and muscular and intends to teach this young villain some manners. 
Its not over yet, that oriental bamboo shoe horn in the corner looks like it could be put to some good use. Now bending over and touching his toes the magazine thief is feeling the biting and scorching crack of smooth bamboo on his already well spanking bare buttocks. 








There’s nothing erotic about this, it burns like fury!

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Approved Education 13 (Unlucky For Some)

Approved Education 13 (Unlucky For Some)


Running a centre like Bishopsfield requires careful attention to the much needed rehabilitation of the youthful inmates. They need to be set on a new course in life and often a more stern form of discipline has to be used. Re Education is very much part of the system which is often a troublesome aspect to some of the lads.


One such boy Jimmy Ericson (New StingLad Jirka Mendez) has vandalised a school room work book in order to get out of a writing exercise. Sent to his Housemaster (Marco) he’s in for a short sharp lesson. He certainly wasn’t expecting the spanking he got. Mr Sharpe’s right arm can delivery a scorching sting especially on a well raised bare bottom.







However, bent down and grabbing his ankles for the masters well used strap is a sincerely burning experience. The scorching swats are plentiful and this well used persuader leaves young Ericsson’s rounded bare bottom a burning fiery red. 








In another incident Tim Robinson (Adam Black) abandoned the Queensbury rules whilst boxing training and took his glove off to give his opponent a real whack! 



In another incident Tim Robinson (Adam Black) abandoned the Queensbury rules whilst boxing training and took his glove off to give his opponent a real whack! His Housemaster Mr Volny (Johan Volny) intents to show him the true ways of a gentleman. Young Tim is sent to the gym and is quickly taken up over Mr Vonly’s knee. Perched high on the gym horse this wayward pugilist is going to have his bare bottom soundly spanked! 






The opening round has had some effect but a good strapping laying across the top of the horse will soon have the lad submissively howling. The biting leather fingers of the tawse connecting to an already well spanked bare bottom will be a definite and scalding reminder to behave in future. 









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The Sixth Formers – Don’t Push It!

The prestigious Coombe Hall College is
still keeping its newest batch of sixth formers in check.  


One of these
seniors, Bennett (Travis McKinnon) is proving a real handful. He’s been
acting in a most childish way this term, like a junior in fact and the
headmaster sends him to his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, to be punished
like one.


Mr Sharpe (Marco) is a no nonsense
master. Senior or not this muscular boy is still going over the knee for
a good spanking. Williams and spanking however just don’t go together
and once over the Housemasters knee, bare bottom raised high, the air
turns red! Well at least Williams’s backside does and so does the air
with his constant expletives as Mr Sharpe’s merciless hand slaps down.
The lad’s firm rounded buttocks are defenceless and no match for a
skilled master. Now with his bare bottom raw and burning the Housemaster
soon has the boy screaming for him to stop.




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