The Birching Block 8 (Part 1 of 2)

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The Birching Block 8

At Seaton Grange the old wooden birching block has been placed in position. Yet again two unruly gentleman are to be taught some manners whilst kneeling, bare bottoms raised high, on its well worn step. The birches, freshly soaked, are ready to use. The condemned boys will soon be stripped and waiting for the ominous command Go down sir!*

Two senior boys both carrying the name of James have been carpeted in front of the Headmaster for various offences. Both lads do not want their parents informed of their antics whilst boarding away so will settle for the punishment of birching, an age old custom of this particular college.



The first, Hilton (Bob Stone) for indulging in too much alcohol when he should know better


He will pay for his indulgence with a very sore bottom

The master who duty it is to lay on the punishment is Mr Sharpe.





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Sting CFNM: All About Trust

CFNM All About Trust

Moving house is always a difficult and sometimes painful experience, especially if you are careless about where you pack your porn.



When the young boyfriend’s stash of porn mags are found in a box marked “Power Tools” his girlfriend decides it is time he got soundly punished. First with a bare bottom spanking, and then with a suitably shaped kitchen implement!




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WARNING: Sting CFNM features young men being punished by strict woman


Sting CFNM

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Naval Story 5 (Part 2 of 2)

Naval Story 5

The second boy on a charge is Cadet Jackson (Bob Stone) This particular Boy seaman had been breaking one rule after another, with one foolish incident nearly causing loss of life during a boat drill.


He needed bringing up sharply if he was to ever make the grade He too is sentenced to kiss the gunners daughter and soon found himself bent over the end of the vaulting horse.


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Naval Story 5 (Part 1 of 2)

Naval Story 5

Discipline is always well maintained at T.S Morsus with the view of preparing and training boy Seamen for future service. After sea trials two lads had got themselves in to deep trouble. In both their cases the Captain was going to have to take some direct and severe action.


The first lad, Boy Seaman Verney (Leonardo King) had seen fit to stab one of his shipmates with a work knife. He had not been able to control his temper but luckily for him the other cadet was not to seriously injured. The Captain had allowed the incident to be kept off record but cited a similar case from 1813 when a certain Boy Seaman Woods had be ordered 60 lashes ‘on his bare posteriors’ for stabbing another boy seaman.



In this case the gym horse would suffice as the gun and Boy Seaman Verney would kiss the gunners daughter to receive his punishment.


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Two inmates in big trouble in “The Borstal Part 6”

The Borstal Part 6

Discipline is being steadily maintained as it always has at Rainsford Borstal. The Assistant Governor and his warders always know when it time not to spare the rod. Today two lads have got themselves on the wrong side of their superiors and they’re going to feel the firm hand of authority, right where it hurts most.



Trainee Chase (new StingLad Clyde Walton) is reporting to his section officer (James Holt) This muscular young officer can be pushed just so far but young Chase has crossed the line



 He is firmly ordered to drop his shorts down, the boy is then taken up high on the offers leg. The stinging spanking begins and will continue through to the boys bottom being bared and then finally taken over the knee.


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