Sting Classic Focus – Approved Education (Part 2)


This week’s Sting Classic Special focus is on Approved Education (Part 2)


This classic Download was released shortly after Sting’s move to the Czech Republic Featuring five strapping Sting lads three from London and two from Prague, including Brett, Stefanel, Brad,
David and Barry the action is hot and the result is another retro







Approved Education 2 with the infamous scene featuring Dr Barton dealing with Brett. One of the three separate Spankings Brett receives in this download

















 Young Barry receives a well deserved bare bottom strapping from The Headmaster (played by Dr. Barton)



 Brett’s bare bottom is well and truly toasted by three separate spankings, one by hand, one with the strap and finally Brett is caned by Dr Barton








Brad gets a very hard taste of the strap




  David’s spectacular bare bottom is spanked as we all like to see it!





 Stefanel takes a hand spanking followed by a good whacking with the gym slipper




In  Approved Education 2, popular Sting Star Brett Stevens endures three hard bare bottom spankings

Preview trailer

Approved Education Part 9 – (part 2 of 2)

The second half of the images from Sting’s latest download “Approved Education Part 9” and the first lad in trouble is Doug
Henshaw played by Leonardo King.
Henshaw is another pepetual offender. He is struggling to explain why he has
brought a third letter about his unruly behaviour in class to the
Headmasters study. Touching his toes as ordered he can feel his
backside pushing tightly out causing the grey shorts to wrap neatly
round his dangerously exposed buttocks.


cane thwacks down! It burns but now it’s going to really sting as
the order to ‘take down your shorts’ is barked out.
unruly lad’s bare bottom will now take the full brunt of the
well-oiled swishy rattan.



scorching stripes grow as do the howls that they cause.



feels humiliated and as he stands up rubbing
his raw and painful bare backside he can’t help issuing a rude
Headmaster will have none of this and furiously pulls Henshaw across
his knee. The boy will now receive a stinging bare bottom spanking over his
burning stripes he’ll certainly remember for some time to come!







(Brad) is another fighting rebel. This coupled lately with his very
insolent behaviour has brought him to the door of the Heads study.


no time and regardless that he is a senior he is soon over the knee
and feeling the stinging slaps of the Heads palm. Now his underpants
are tugged down and the spanking goes bare. 



really does deserve this and the Head intends it to be a scorcher.
Slap after slap lands on an increasingly red bare bottom but unknown
to Harley his sore jutting out cheeks are being prepared for the



will come in the form of an old reformatory wooden handled strap,
passed to the head by a friend and especially useful to deal with
unruly seniors. Harley bends over the back of a chair his now raw
bare backside ready to receive what going to be a severe exemplary
leathering! This really is a hot one! 








The Punishment Room Part 2 (with Preview trailer)


Fresh from the Police Court two new lads arrive at the Juvenile House Of Correction. Both have been sentenced to corporal punishment alongside their custody sentence.


Arther James Bennett (Brad) was the first to appear that day and had been ordered to receive the switch. Prior to this though his continued insolence had earned him a good hard over the knee spanking, very humiliating for a strapping lad of his age.


He should have minded his manners as now, bent over the punishment frame, the wicked and painful willow switch was about to descend on his already hot, red freshly spanked bare bottom. The pliable switch lashes home biting hard in to Arther’s throbbing backside. Each swish cutting a scorching stripe of fire across the lads rounded bare arse cheeks.


The other new inmate to the House Of Correction is Neville Paul Colville (Johnny Hayward). After sentence he too had displayed a fair amount of insolence, enough to earn him a good spanking to start with.


He should have been grateful really as his sentence was lashes with the boy’s cat, also known as the boy’s pussy in the old navy. This formidable instrument has six tails of leather instead of nine. Nevertheless it can sting and burn a lad’s bare bottom like no other instrument. Even as a more senior lad getting a good spanking before receiving it can only help to endure its scorching bite!


Neville is order to lay face down on the punishment bench his arms through the holes specially cut for the purpose. The warder takes up the cat and the exemplary flogging begins. The lad’s defenceless bare backside raised high on the bench feels the first burning lash from the oil soaked leather thongs. The first of two and a half dozen!

NOTE: The pine punishment bench was specially commissioned by Sting Pictures props dept. and is a copy taken from several featured in British museums. The six tailed cat is an original antique privately purchased and we are assured it was very much used in the past for the purpose for which it was made.

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Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

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Video Trailer for Borstal Correction 3 – More Bad Reports

 Borstal Correction 3 featured Travis McKinnon in his first role as a disciplinarian
Scroll Down for the Preview trailer for

View the preview trailer Online

Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

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Borstal Correction (Part 3) – More Bad Reports – #2


A second set of pictures from Sting’s latest download “BorstalCorrection 3 – More Bad reports” 
After his spanking, as Huntley positions himself over the back of a chair Huntley can feel his bottom glowing hot.


It’s sore and very red but he can see the governor now has that nasty thin swishy rattan in his hand, much more worrying! As the stripes mount up on his firm backside, burning like hot wire, Huntley is re thinking his training strategy. Next month is definitely going to be better.


Meanwhile, 2374 Russell (Adam Ashton) is one of the bigger lads and still in shorts as regulations demand.


His slacking means a visit to Mr McKinnon and even for this handsome hunky trainee a spanking is mandatory.


Mr McKinnon slaps down hard driving his message home through the curved mounds of Russell’s bare bottom.


Bigger lads almost certainly need more attention and to finish off Russell’s punishment both the riding crop and the heavy Lochgelly tawse will be brought in to action.


Russell’s raw burning backside is testament to discipline well laid on. For all these lads getting better results next month is tantamount or maybe they might just be back for some stinging discipline..
..starting at the bottom end first of course.


Borstal Correction (Part 3) – More Bad Reports – #1

The inmates at Rainsford are continually assessed on their re-training and performance. As always those failing to make the grade often opt for an off the record punishment to guarantee and early release.

2306 Trainee Thompson (Jimmy Green) was certainly not making the grade and he is quickly dispatched to see his senior officer Mr McKinnon (Travis McKinnon) Unfortunately for Thompson his officer is a stickler for discipline and soon has the lad over his knee shorts down getting a Borstal officers bare bottom spanking. Thompson bucks and winces as the stinging slaps hammer down. His rounded youthful backside starts to glow a burning red but this is just the beginning!

The rattan cane, a favourite with borstal officers, is soon cutting its scorching marks in to Thompson’s well raised and already spanked bare bottom. He can do little but kneel in the chair over the desk and take it!

2396 Huntley (Brad) has followed the same pattern and apart from some current misbehaviour has scored low marks in his assessment. The Governor is going to deal with him and the cane will be swishing down but before that a spanking. 

This time the spanking will be something the lad is going to remember.



New Sting Trailer for Tales From the Headmaster’s Study Episode 12

Video Trailer for “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – Episode 12 – End of Term Tearaways”

A video trailer for Sting’s latest download “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – Episode 12 – End of Term Tearaways” staring Xander Hollister, Rudi Vallance, Brad and Jaxon Radoc is now available.  I am unable to upload the video to Blogger right now, however, the 2.45 min video can be downloaded from SendSpace at the link below: 


(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)

As soon as the uploading problem is resolved, a copy of the trailer will be posted here 

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways – Part One

In college again and not much has changed discipline wise with the student body continuing to flaunt the rule book.


Prefect Brian Harper (Toby Haines) is hot on the trail of Watson (Xander Hollister) who he suspects has crept in to the storeroom for a quick smoke. He’s right of course and catches him red handed.


Now Watson’s bottom will be red handed too as Harpers stinging palm descends on Watson’s bare bottom!


This quickly followed up with a whacking on Watson re positioned and well raised backside with a wooden rule.


Sixth former Beaumont (Brad) has been swinging his fists again and sits waiting outside the Headmasters study. 
Called in to explain himself he knows he’s going to get that promised spanking and severe caning spoken of the last time he was caught fighting.

 The spanking is scorching enough but now Beaumont waits for the first cut of the Heads well-oiled rattan punishment cane.


The burning stripes are laid and one sixth former, his backside on fire, now wishes he hadn’t been so reckless.

Tomorrow two more boys get the Sting treatment


Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in 1080p Extra High Definition

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in 720p High Definition

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in Standard Definition

A 1900 Birching in the Sting Members area

 Another update to the Sting Member’s area Featuring Brad and Dexter
The administration of physical discipline at the turn of the century was seen as the best answer to turn around a lad who had deviated from the straight and narrow. ​In the many intuitions set up to deal with young offenders​ the birch was a particular favourite tool .

In this video a young inmate (Brad) has not been performing his allotted task as expected. His report is very below average so the governor orders him to the punishment room.
On arrival he is ordered to strip by the warder in charge (Dexter) then given a hard over the knee spanking on his bare bottom.

This is just a warm up for the real punishment where he will be ordered to mount the birching pony and receive a long dose of the birch. This he does and the growing pain from each lash of this instrument burns and scorches his already spanked tender backside. 

The effect of salt water soaked birch twigs biting in to the lad’s bare bottom is scorching! This really is a 1900s Birching.