Video Preview for “Brush Strokes”

Brush Strokes

The video Preview for Brush Strokes staring Robin Palmer and Marco


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Robin gets a Spanking to Remember in “Brush Strokes”

Brush Strokes

When you need a job doing its often best to get the right people. When one Uncle thought he was doing his nephew a favour in finding him an odd job he got a real shock!

The boy in question Derek (Robin Palmer) had been asked by his Uncle (Marco) to repaint the walls of a room at his house. The uncle had other business to deal with that day so left his nephew to get on by himself.

This was to prove a big mistake. Instead of getting on with the paining the lad decided to try his hand at some obscene artwork.

However, being even more naughty, he also helped himself to his uncles beer supply. This is not going to go down well when his Uncles returns. Perhaps he can paint out the artwork before then though.

Too late! His Uncle is back and he’s not a happy man at all. His young nephew is going to get the spanking of his life. How dare he abuse his home in such a way!

This boy needs teaching a real lesson and his bare bottom will be scorching red by the end of it!

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