Colonial College 7 (Part 1 of 2)

Colonial College 7

The staff are still hot on the heels, and a certain other body part, of those young scallywags who want to bend the rules too far! The Heads study has been busy with visitors all There for various misdemeanour’s and always an excuse in hand that doesn’t wash.

The first boy is Gerry Waters (Robin Palmer) he’s played a practical joke that’s really backfired for him and is sent packing to his Housemaster to be dealt with.

A stiff caning on the shorts is an almost certainty,


…then of course the bare bottom.


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Kiwi College 11 (Part 2 of 2)

Kiwi College 11:

The story continues with the turning of tables ..

Unfortunately for the young master his training methods are out of step with the college regime.


He soon finds himself in front of the Deputy Head to explain himself.


Given the chance of taking a punishment instead of dismissal he too is now bending over for a hard caning, just like his hunky team lads, except that althought the caning starts on the seat of his shorts ..




It ends up on his bare bottom.


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Kiwi College 11 (Part 1 of 2)

Kiwi College 11

The new junior PE master (James Holt) is trying to make an impression in his first job. He is in charge of the college’s rugby team and determined that they should keep their place at the top of the league. He’s certainly looking after discipline but some of his training methods are a bit suspect.


Two of his top lads (Ryan Conway and Joel Vargas) are getting just a bit out of hand and the junior PE master decides to deal with them.


Taken to the main office they are ordered to bend over for a caning.






After this a belting, side by side, on their bare bottoms ..


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Skool Daze Detention (Part 2 of 2)

Skool Daze Detention.

Part 2

Now four more naughty school boys, first Adam Black, then Robin Palmer and Ryan Conway and finally Paul Wolfe receive their well deserved punishments.

Adam Black as Harry Robson who is caught cheating




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Skool Daze Detention (Part 1 of 2)

Video preview of

Skool Daze Detention.

It’s back to college for this feature length film (1 hour 6 min). Plenty of misbehaviour to deal with and the diligent staff won’t be shirking from their duty of firmly discipling these unruly boys!

The seniors are always pushing their luck and the end of term is in view. They might think they are going to get away with it but the cane, strap and a good over the knee spanking says otherwise! Detentions rates have gone up and there is some mischievous skulduggery afoot concerning the final exam papers. Never to be outflanked the Headmaster, his Deputy and Mr Sharpe the Housemaster have got their ears to the ground. The culprits are soon rounded up to be dealt with and their sharply scolded bare backsides quickly become a burning testament to order restored!

Packed with action Skool Daze Detention stars Paul Wolfe as Simon Harvey, Robin Palmer as Gregg Jameson, Ryan Conway as Paul Grey, Adam Black as Harry Robson, Allessandro Katz as Kenny Wilson and introducing Martin Dvorak as Gary Miller.

New Sting Lad Martin Dvorak plays Gary Miller.


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Discipline Down Under “All Mouth and No …!” (Part 2 of 2)

The second Aussie Spanking Scene from:

Discipline Down Under – All Mouth and No …. !!


 The second boy, Louis Morgan (Ryan Conway) is a senior. He’s a sports captain and prone to overly bad language. His profanities got him in to trouble before and now, having sworn at another teacher, is sent to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe to be reminded of his manners.


He’ll get a good caning for sure, on shorts first …



…..then his bare bottom.

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Aussie Spanking in “Discipline Down Under : All Mouth And ……..” (Part 1 of 2)

Video trailer

Discipline Down Under: All Mouth And…

The Headmaster has his hands full again with a couple of lads who have managed to get themselves in to trouble. He’s pretty busy with other issues so sends them to their own Housemaster’s to be dealt with.

First is Jack Royce (Jay Sheen) he has produced the most unsatisfactory mid report again and it doesn’t look good for his chances to past the final exams he needs. The Headmaster should report the matter to his parents but instead sends him to his Housemaster (James Holt) Hopefully a short sharp shock might focus him more in the coming months.

The Housemaster is aware of Jack’s attitude to work and decides to lay on some firm discipline. Firstly a spanking on his grey shorts and then on the bare bottom …..


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More Workplace Spanking in “Office Hand” (Part 2 of 2)

Office Hand

The spanking second scene from Office Hand features another lad, Colin (Tyler Fox)

Also new to the job, Colin is left to carry out another equally import task. He has a junior manager (James Holt) as his boss but he doesn’t suffer fools easily especially young trainees. It’s he who gets it in the neck if the job isn’t done properly. The junior manger leaves Colin to complete the job. However the boy decides watching on line porn is much more interesting than working. Caught in the act by the returning junior manger Coin pleads not to lose his job.


This is agreed but he’s going to have to take a rigid session of burning bare bottom discipline from his manager if he wants to stay on!


Starting with a good spanking


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The Demon Prefect (Part 2 of 2)

The second scene from:

Demon Prefect.


Next to be caught out is Danny Green (Adam Black) he likes a smoke too but not necessarily cigarettes. Birch is pretty sure he’s in possession of some illegal substances and orders him to turn out his pockets.


Of course he finds what he’s looking for and the contents of a certain small tin also condemn Green to a good stinging caning and an over the knee bare bottom spanking.



This new Prefect is quickly getting a reputation, no wonder the other boys are starting to call him the demon!


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The Demon Prefect (Part 1 of 2)

Demon Prefect.


Newly made up Prefect Guy Birch (Luke Adams) realises he has the power now to indulge in some bare bottom discipline that he himself lays on, rather than the other way round. From now on he’s really keeping his eyes open for any would be trouble makers or subservient boys who break the rules. It doesn’t take him long to find some culprits.


First in the line of fire is Johnny Bailey (Jay Sheen) Birch, now the hunter, knows where to start, the boys toilets is a favourite haunt for the smoking brigade. Caught red handed the new Prefect marches young Johnny off to the common room.


The boy really doesn’t have much choice, he’ll have to do as he is told! He’s going to receive a burning caning and bare bottom spanking from Birch, unexpectedly now his new master.





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