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Angry Dads lil’ Bast’rds

Angry Dads, Lil Bast’rds

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Two bad lads left to their own devices can soon get in to a lot of mischief. Sometimes it can get well out of hand as it did in the case of two brothers ( Corey Law & new StingLad David Hines)


Seeing a neighbour tending his garden they decided he needed a little more water and were glad to oblige. The golden shower however brought another reaction that put the boys in direct conflict with their Dad! They should have remembered he is not the best person to upset! Not only that the act had been caught on a mobile too and shared on social media. These lads were now really in trouble.


There was some luck in their story in that the neighbour had reluctantly agreed ‘if those two rascals get a good hiding I’ll take it no further!’ The deal was done. When they got in Dad was waiting! It started with the usually cheeky smiling and dismissal of what they’d done but that soon changed as Dads hand cracked down hard on the insolent boys firm, smooth, little bare bottoms.


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What Goes Around


Having a quick fag in the bogs (US translation: a cigarette in the toilets)
was very common way back when. It was breaking the college rules
however and big time. The surreptitious nature of the cubicle
occupant and the tell tale smell of smoke usually gave the game away.
Retribution would surely follow…



One fateful day Tony Ashton (New StingLad Corey Law) was doing just that
and unluckily for him it was the ever vigilant Mr Heidrick (Dexter)
that was to discover this criminal act in progress.


Sent straight to the Housemaster’s study young Ashton was going to get his comeuppance.
Mr Heidrick always deals swiftly with cheeky lads who think they can
just flout the rules. The boy has certainly earned himself a good
spanking, over the knee, well laid on to his bare bottom.






After this burning experience the lads well roasted butt will get a taste
of the Housemaster’s swishy rattan cane and stinging leather strap.
No doubt these wicked instruments will scorch some sense in to young
Ashton via his already burning little bare backside!









What goes around comes around and very soon Mr Heidrick too comes face to
face with some rule breaking of his own. As a fit young teacher he’s
supposed to set an example but he can’t help liking the odd beer or
two, or three. Empty bottles left on show are really not a good
example to inquisitive pupils. 



He’s been warned before and now its a decision by the Headmaster to fire
or to flog. Heidrick is a good disciplinarian and the Head doesn’t
want to loose him, so its going to be a dose of his own medicine, a
good spanking…….








and a caning. For this muscular young man he knows that very soon his
bare bottom is going to be painfully on fire! It’ll take more than a
can of beer to put that out!






‘Having a quick fag in the bog’ could to many US viewers mean
something else too, think about it.
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