Trailer for Discipline for Joe – staring Danny

Produced shortly after Sting’s arrival in Prague and Staring the extremely handsome Danny, Discipline for Joe has become a classic Sting Download
Danny plays Joe Harrison a wayward young lad who only ever seems to learn a lesson when it is enforced with a firm hand or a stinging slipper applied with force to his tender bare bottom.  Hence it has to be applied frequently

The story starts with Joe taking a shower before retiring to bed  

Meanwhile Joe’s form master is on the phone to his uncle reporting his bad behaviour.  Uncle decides that a firm hand is required.

and he knows just where that hand should be applied

Which he does with gusto
Unfortunately, as soon as the sting in his bottom begins to fade, Joe returns to his old ways, and his backside soon requires further attention


This time his form master lays into him with a stinging, India rubber soled gym shoe on the seat of his skimpy shorts ….

…..and then on his bare bottom

When he later reports to Joe’s uncle that, despite his best efforts Joe’s behaviour is still unacceptable, it is clear that further firm action is required.

Joe is left in no doubt that he is in serious trouble …

and he is about to be the owner of a very sore bottom indeed
Uncle’s slipper is firmly aimed where it be most effective!!
The first whack takes Joe by surprise
And is swiftly followed by another stinging WHACK! and then another ….

..and a lot more!

  Poor Joe… how unlucky for a naughty boy…
  To live with an uncle with such a strong right arm …
..and, even worse, one who is so skilled with a slipper!!

Joe won’t be sitting down any time soon
and, as Uncle reminds him, that trusty slipper will be ready and waiting to spring into action the next time Joe requires discipline

Which won’t be long I’m sure

Three minute preview trailer

You can watch the trailer online, however, Blogger has compressed it a bit and slightly spoint the quality.  For the next month higher quality versions can be downloaded from Swoopshare and Sendspace at the following links:   

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Bring Back the Birch – # 2

More images from Bring Back the Birch.  Over an hour long, over two years in the making, and featuring a host of Sting lads, some familiar, and some new, this Sting documentary examinec the use of the birch as a fearsome instrument of punishment.

Sting use authentic birch and hazel branches in their scary looking birches, not easy to find in central London, so maybe they send the bad lads out to the Bohemian woods looking for the switches which will later be used on their bottom?
One thing is for certain, those things really *sting!!*
Scroll down for the video trailer

Video trailer

Direct Link to the “Bring Back the Birch” download

Bring Back the Birch – # 1

The July 2011 release Bring Back the Birch is over an hour and nineteen minutes in length, and features a cast of 10 bare (RED) bottomed Sting Lads, including favourites such as Danny, Alex, James Bruce, Brad, Louie, Robbie, Jason Kingsley, and Carlos. This download also featured the debut appearance of the handsome and popular Leonardo.
Those wielding the birch, in addition to Rich and Rob, include the formidable Dr. Barton, Rusty, Scott Heart (from the Brothers) and Dexter (when he is not getting a sore birched bottom himself)
Throughout the world there are many Instruments of Persuasion. Some nationally famous like the American paddle, Irish strap and Scottish tawse. Probably the most famous and historically important are the rattan cane and its fearsome counterpart The Birch. This movie traces the history of that fearsome implement.
For many delinquent teens being threatened with the birch instead of the cane often brought on reluctance to misbehave further! Always applied to the bare bottom its building sting after each stroke is legendary. In this red butt packed drama documentary Sting takes a very close look at some parts of its history …….

More pictures plus a video trailer to follow

Direct Link to the “Bring Back the Birch” download

DVD and Download – Banged Up! – My Borstal Days Part 2 # 1

Just released by Sting:  Banged Up! My Borstal Days 2  is a 1 hour and 40 minute epic set in a Borstal reformatory for wayward young men and staring 17 Sting Lads including Darren, Matt Mills, Danny, Robbie, Jason Shaw, Damien Drake, David, James Bruce, Barry, Justin Kinsley, David, Dale Brady, Keith, Brandon Junior and George Basten.  Available as a DVD and as a download.

Banged Up! Borstal days 2
It’s back inside for some for hot institutional action. Rainsford Borstal has a new governor, a Scotsman whose favourite instrument of correction is the tawse.
In this feature length movie the young trainees come face to face with real discipline. These boys are just plain bad lads in need of strict discipline! And they get it, as the crack of the cane rings round the walls and hard over the knee spankings are frequently handed out. Break the rules under this Governor and a stinging red raw backside will surely be the end result.

One boy, who discovers this to his cost is insolent trainee called Wilson (Matt Mills) when he swings his fists in the direction of another trainee and ends up receiving a bare bottom caning from the Deputy Governor. He is soon made to see reason and the stinging red stripes on his bare backside are going to be a reminder for some time to come.

Trainee Smith (Keith) has to report for an over the vaulting horse dose of the cane from the senior officer, this after previously getting a long hard and intense spanking from Mr Labowski.

Trainee Dean Crosby (Robbie Estivez)  also ends up on the wrong side of Officer Labowski’s (Margusta) heavy hand not to mention the butt burning caning he gets when desperately touching his toes later in the story.

For absconding Trainee John Appleby (Justin Kingsley) receives a very hard tawsing from the Governor using his genuine Lochgelly ‘XH’ heavy leather tawse. This is one of the hardest beatings Sting have ever filmed!

New Sting Lad Jason Shaw feels a pain in the ear, before he feels one in the rear

Preview trailer

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………….


Available as a DVD or as a download

Banged Up!  – My Borstal Days Part 2 – DVD

Danny in “Discipline for Joe”


Handsome Sting model Danny plays Joe Harrison a final year student whose mind is on other things rather than preparing for Exams.

As is often the case the best way to reach a wayward youth’s brain is via a hard and painful message delivered with some vigour to the other end, and in Discipline for Joe that message is delivered in triplicate.
 Firstly his Uncle tries to get the message over that this final year is very important especially with important exams coming up. With everything falling on deaf ears a bedtime spanking is given shortly after a hot shower, first to the seat of his pyjamas and then to his bare bottom

Next exasperated by Joe’s unwilling attitude to exams his form master, Mr McGinn, decides to take up the problem with Joes Uncle. The result is a slippering with a stinging plimsoll over the vaulting horse in the gym .

Hopes that the last punishment has done the trick are dashed and to reinforce the gravity of the situation Joe’s uncle ends up swinging his carpet slipper with the lad kneeling across two chairs.

This was Danny’s début Performance for sting, and he has since appeared in a number of videos, including Three for the Gym, See No Evil, BorstalCorrection 2 – Back Inside, Bring Back the Birch and Banged Up My Borstal Days 2

Discipline for Joe, together with three other Downloads and a bonus scene is also available on DVD in 
Sting DVDs are available from Mans Hand Films for US customers

Downloads on DVD 2 – The Discipline Chronicles

The second batch of downloads available on DVD are all on
“The Discipline Chronicles”

A 1 hour 45 minute disc in DVD quality format

The downloads now available on this DVD are:

African Academy Stars Barry as African schoolboy Zachariah who with his friend Ezekiel learn the price of disobedience at a strict place of education one of the far flung corners of the old Empire

More images from African Academy will be posted here shortly 


Approved Education Part 2 is a smoking hot mixture of British and Czech Sting Lads stars Brett, Barry David, Brad and Stefanal who go back to the days when discipline meant a sore bottom and get an inside view of life at Court Leamington where the sound of slipper, strap, tawes, cane and hand spanking echo round the walls

(Fans of Brett should note that he is on the sore bottomed receiving end of three of the above options in this one story)

More images from Approved Education 2 can be viewed here 

In Three For the Gym, Clifton Heath College students Wheeler, Sanderson and Bailey soon learn how to behave after facing the deputy head Mr Hewitson.

More images from Three for the Gym can be viewed here


The fourth feature on The Discipline Chronicles is “The Making of a Gentleman” which stars Darren as the son of an Edwardian family who is sent to the Carnfield Institute run by the venerable Colonel James Templeton Lee. He has a legendary reputation for putting the wayward sons of gentlefolk back on to the straight and narrow. The movie also features James B.

More images from The Making of a Gentleman can be viewed here


In “Discipline for Joe” it is handsome young Danny’s bare behind which is in the firing line. Danny plays Joe Harrison a final year student whose mind is set on other things rather than preparing for Exams. Mr McGinn, decides to take up the problem with Joes strict Uncle. As a result Danny gets his tail tanned in three separate session and (as we see in the scene below) learns that slippers can have other functions in addition to keeping your toes warm. In other scenes Danny finds himself over the vaulting horse in the gym, and, of course over uncle’s knee

More images from Discipline for Joe will be posted here shortly 

Bonus scene: As with the earlier Downloads on DVD – Discipline Chronicles – Vol 1 disc, The Discipline Chronicles” also includes a bonus 1900 scene “Whipped into Shape”

Sting DVDs are available from Mans Hand Films for US customers

See No Evil

Danny and Darren

See No Evil” stars Darren, Danny, Ed Williams and Danny Walsh.

In this story someone takes and drives the Geography Master’s car without permission, leaving it with a nasty dent. The school question two of the junior boys seeking the identity of the culprits, who will not be sitting down for a while after they are caught.

This is a brilliant Sting production, well acted, hot action and stunning looking guys. Also, “See no Evil” will dispell the myth that Danny can’t take the cane, he takes it, but he just doesn’t like, (at all!!) and you will just love his reaction to it. I highly recommend this download.


Bad Boys Don’t Get to Have Fun

While we all enjoy our lives, making the best of our freedom and liberty, doing what we want when we want and going where we please, spare a moment to think of those bad boys who, on account of their misbehaviour and antisocial actions found themselves locked in institutions where they were not able to enjoy themselves.

Remember those young men who were subject to the strict discipline of firm older men with firm hard hands. Older men who would order them to drop their pants and lay their hunky young bodies across their laps, or bend, bare bottom uppermost, over gym horses to receive punishment for any number of misdemeanors.

As you sit tucking into your festive meal, remember those young lads for whom sitting was not so easy. For them, sitting down had become most uncomfortable, on account of the fact that their firm, pert and very bare young tails were regularly toasted to a warm cherry pink glow by firm hand spankings, stinging slipperings, painful canings, severe birchings and, of course, the strap.

These bad boys did not get to enjoy their day, but when you think of them remember that they are bad boys and that they deserved every smack, whack and humiliation. Don’t feel sorry for them, they are only getting their well overdue comeuppance, right at the seat of the problem. Enjoy that thought, and have a great day.

To help you enjoy the thought, here are some scenes from “Borstal Correction 2 (Back inside)” 

Three for the Gym

Three for the Gym was released in August 2008 shortly after Sting Pictures relocated to Prague, and has a cast of Czech born bad boys including  Danny and Brett

This download is described on the sting site as follows:

When Wheeler and Sanderson decide to take some unofficial recreation they hadn’t bargained to be caught by the ever watchful Mr Hewitson. As Deputy Headmaster at Clifton Heath College checking the senior dormitories every now and again is often worth the effort of climbing the stairs. The later appointment at the back of the gym will mean some stiff punishment for Wheeler and an introduction to a good spanking for Sanderson, caught for the first time!

As the sound of the cane and firm spanking echo round the sports hall another miscreant in the form of Bradley Bailey arrives for his appointment with Mr Hewitson. Bailey another senior student is in trouble yet again for his third truancy offence and is due to be dealt with. This time however the hard spanking will be administered after a session over the horse with the cane.

Three for the Gym features some new faces on the Sting Pictures download area with more to come.

Three for the Gym together with three other downloads and a bonus scene is now available on DVD as part of the

Sting for USA users from