Hornet Special Price (Sex and Spanking) Download: What The Eyes Don’t See

The latest Hornet Special is “What The Eyes Don’t see” starring Johan Volny, Kurt Maddox, Jason, Shaw, Tyler Mason, David Black, Daniel Prince and Dexter.

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WARNING Hornet Movies feature spanking and gay sex


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The Brothers – The Movie (Part 1 of 3)

The Brothers The Movie


Sting Pictures presents its latest full length movie The Brothers The Movie. Packed with spanking action and hard hitting scenes of retro discipline this One hour fifty three minute film features over ten StingLads, including Joey Whyte, Robin Palmer, Travis McKinnon, Tommy Martin, Adam Black, Leonardo King and Alex Bell plus the welcome return of Dexter.


Set in Innisfail Industrial School the film also introduces two new boys, Danny Austin and Dominic Black plus the first ever on screen spanking scene with Johann Volny, this time on the receiving end.




Charting the life of the young inmates but focusing mainly on the strict discipline always maintained in these institutions, this hot action packed movie has something for every spanking enthusiast.


Given the large number of pictures they will be posted in three instalments, and the video preview will be posted tomorrow.






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Army Cadets 2 – Preview Video

Preview trailer for Army Cadets 2


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The Corporal (Dexter) gets a WHACKING


Then takes it out on two young soldiers (Damien Drake and Rowan Hunter)



Army Cadets 2 – Back in Barracks

title 2257



Sting Spanking Classic Special: Army Cadets 2 – Back in Baracks

Army Cadets 3 – Back in Barracks

The latest Special Price Sting Classic is the September 2011 Jonathan Fox directed release “Army Cadets 2”

Things are getting slack with A company of the 12th Cadet Field Cavalry Regiment and the Colonel is determined to sharpen things up.



There’s nothing like a bit of stern military discipline to liven up the lack-luster attitude of lazy military cadets. After having a word with Captain Harper it’s Colour Sergeant York who takes up the initiative and begins by dealing with Cadet Cooper (Justin Kingsley).


Using a very traditional method, firstly it’s an OTK spanking …




… followed by one of the regiment’s most popular instruments of persuasion, the riding crop! Pretty quickly this young stallion begins to buck his ideas up!


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What Goes Around


Having a quick fag in the bogs (US translation: a cigarette in the toilets)
was very common way back when. It was breaking the college rules
however and big time. The surreptitious nature of the cubicle
occupant and the tell tale smell of smoke usually gave the game away.
Retribution would surely follow…



One fateful day Tony Ashton (New StingLad Corey Law) was doing just that
and unluckily for him it was the ever vigilant Mr Heidrick (Dexter)
that was to discover this criminal act in progress.


Sent straight to the Housemaster’s study young Ashton was going to get his comeuppance.
Mr Heidrick always deals swiftly with cheeky lads who think they can
just flout the rules. The boy has certainly earned himself a good
spanking, over the knee, well laid on to his bare bottom.






After this burning experience the lads well roasted butt will get a taste
of the Housemaster’s swishy rattan cane and stinging leather strap.
No doubt these wicked instruments will scorch some sense in to young
Ashton via his already burning little bare backside!









What goes around comes around and very soon Mr Heidrick too comes face to
face with some rule breaking of his own. As a fit young teacher he’s
supposed to set an example but he can’t help liking the odd beer or
two, or three. Empty bottles left on show are really not a good
example to inquisitive pupils. 



He’s been warned before and now its a decision by the Headmaster to fire
or to flog. Heidrick is a good disciplinarian and the Head doesn’t
want to loose him, so its going to be a dose of his own medicine, a
good spanking…….








and a caning. For this muscular young man he knows that very soon his
bare bottom is going to be painfully on fire! It’ll take more than a
can of beer to put that out!






‘Having a quick fag in the bog’ could to many US viewers mean
something else too, think about it.
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Time To Repent

For the young inmates of Innesfail Industrial Institution not much passes the notice of the Brothers charged to return these young delinquents to righteousness.Two lads standing in the Principle Brother’s office are receiving a sermon about their recent bad behaviour. Murphy (Tim Law) and Conner (Milo Mills) have been caught engaging together in an inappropriate manner. The Principle ends his sanctimonious lecture by sending the two lads to Brother Mark (Dexter) to be dealt with.




Brother Mark, not known for his forgiveness soon has both boys over his knee. The lads wriggle and yelp as his firm hand descends on their defenceless bare bottoms. High over his knee the scolding slaps are preparing the boys now red and sore backsides for further absolution. Ordered to lay one on top of the other on the punishment frame the Martinet now takes over from Brother Mark’s burning left hand.


The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits (part 2)

The second set of pictures from The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits
After punishing Miller, it turns out that T​om ​Ward himself though is no angel when it comes to the rule book and eventually he is caught cheating in a mock exam.


It’s his Housemaster Mr Heidrick (Dexter) who has the duty of disciplining the boy. Unimpressed that this is a prefect Mr Heidrick lays on a hard bare bottom spanking but it’s the caning after that really has the boy yelping.



As he b​ends over the thin rattan cuts in to the lads bare backside leaving raised burning welts. This punishment will remind him in future that cheating gets you nowhere except bent over again for another stinging caning.





Back before the Headmaster again is Mark Harfield. This time he’s’ been and got himself drunk then has sneaked a local girl back in to his room. The Head knows that he must be punished severely and that a message must be sent to other seniors who think they can follow this boy’s lead. A Heads study caning will be laid on! Harfield is ordered to remove his grey trousers and bend over.
The punishment begins firstly over his white underwear then on to the bare bottom. The first cane, a crooked handled whippy senior starts the session but for absolute effect and more importantly for the lad to remember a thicker but still very flexible former reformatory cane is used.


This formidable instrument kept for senior boys soon has Harfield moaning as it cuts in to his defenceless bare butt cheeks

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The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits (part 1)

 The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits stars Adam Ashton. Mark Lewis and Simon Lee with Marco and Dexter


The latest batch of senior boys and prefects at Coombe Hall College have been up to no good again. The Headmaster though is having none of it and steps in when things start to get out of hand.

The first to get his collar felt is prefect Mark Harfield ( Adam Ashton) His pranks and behaviour have got him referred to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) Young Harfield, dressed in his pyjamas, finds himself over the knee for a good long stinging spanking. 




Senior boy or not he’s getting into bed at lights out with a very sore bottom indeed!


Fifth former Colin Miller (Mark Lewis) is getting far too keen on sneaking away for a quick smoke. This time however he’s caught in the changing room by a prefect, Tom Ward (Simon Lee) Not happy with his excuses the prefect takes him over his knee for a spanking. 







His smooth blemish free bare bottom quickly turns a burning bright red! It’s the strap though that will finish the job and Miller is ordered to lay across the vaulting horse for a scorching session with this biting leather instrument.









Doubled Up Down Under


Two senior students, Walker (Rudi Vallance) and Harper (Adam Ashton) have been caught yet again with booze in their dormitory. Undeterred by their last warning this hapless pair decided rather foolishly to challenge the college rules a second time.
This is something the Headmaster cannot possibly continue to allow and has called on their Housemaster Mr Heidrick (Dexter) to offer some assistance in a session of much needed discipline.
Called to their classroom the Headmaster asks Mr Heidrick to lay on a spanking these boys will not forget, this to be followed by a good canning on their bare bottoms. He is of course very pleased to comply with the request.


First to receive his spanking is Walker. This athletic and muscular young Ruby player is not too happy at having to go across the knee of the youthful Mr Heidrick


 He’s even less happy when his backside is bared and the Housemaster’s firm hand is continues cracking down on to his rounded and reddening cheeks.




 Walker is ordered to stand up and Harper takes his place
 He too receives a sound spanking. Both boys think they are too old for this but it won’t deter Mr Heidrick from making sure they both go to bed later with scorched and burning bottoms!



As the​ boys take their punishment or stand facing the wall their thoughts are trained to the question of is that it? Are they going to escape with just a spanking? 


 They couldn’t be more wrong! Mr Heidrick is already swishing a crook handled rattan cane through the air to test its pliability! Both boys are ordered to bend over side by side. 
The painful bare bottom caning to come will leave both lads with very sore raised red welts as the wicked rattan cuts its raw message home.You can buck the system some of the time but in the end its wins!











Preview trailer

Dexter and Travis in “Police Story” (Part 2) – with Preview trailer

In Part 2 of Police Story, following the sound spanking and belting he gave Johnny (Travis), Constable Catchpole (played by Dexter) is also in trouble
Scroll down to view the preview trailer

The evidence of Johnny Britten’s crime, being the drugs, should have been disposed of by the junior Constable using proper procedure, but he failed to do this. The packages were found later in his possession. Now the tables are turned and it’s the young constable who must go over the knee.

Young Catchpole’s has a particularly inviting bare bottom where spanking is concerned and the investigating officer for the case soon has the junior constables butt cheeks turning bright red. 

However, now as the old Sergeant would have done, the young copper is to receive the strap still left nice and pliant from its outing with Johnny Britten.

Catchpole’s burning red cheeks are in for even more punishment now as the old brown belt cracks home.
The bands of fire from the raw leather drawing a deep red on the once blemish free bare bottom. Constable Catchpole is being given lasting message for the future.

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