Sting Lads – A focus on Tigger


One of the cutest, and certainly one of the most frequently spanked of all the Sting lads is Tigger. Certainly only Brett, and possibly David, have spent longer upended over and authority figures knee or bending over a gym horse, punishment frame or school desk. Tigger has an eminently spankable little bottom, which has been well and truly spanked on many occasions.
Tigger started modeling for Clublads at the tender age of 18 and appeared in a number of their early spanking shoots. He quickly graduated to to becoming one of Sting’s most regular and popular actors, and has so far appeared in six Sting movies, and at least one download:
Hopefully he will appear in many more, as who among us will ever get tired of seeing Tigger getting his little bottom warmed by a firm hand, slipper, cane, strap or birch?

Over the next couple of days I plan to post a couple of sets of pictures showing Tigger in some of his memorable appearances for Sting and Clublads. However, meanwhile here are a series of images featuring just a few of Tigger’s many sting appearances, and others just showing the irrepressible Tigger, surely one of the most delightful of Sting’s actors.

Tigger often appears together with his real life best buddy David, this mischievous pair have received many a spanking on film


Shooting the messenger – Spanking Matt Mills (Part 1)

“Shooting the Messenger” is just one of the four stories included in the Delivered by Hand” download from Sting Pictures, all of which feature handsome young men such as Vex, Ginge abd, as seen here, Matt Mills, receiving bare butt, over the knee, spanking. “Delivered by hand “is available both as a download and as one of the six downloads which are included on a DVD entitled “Downloads on DVD

“Shooting the Messenger” stars the ever popular, and very Naughty Matt Mills who not only receives a firm hand spanking from his uncle, but he gets it on a recently caned bare behind, right after a hot bath!.

Having misbehaved at school, for which he has received a painful caning, Matt has to bring a letter home, informing his uncle, played by the indescribably fortunate Richard O’shea of what has happened. Uncle decides that, even though the school has already punished Matt, he is in need of a firm hand at home, and that firm hand will be delivered right where it will do the most good, …

.. on Matt’s bare, bad boy, bottom.

Delivered by hand is a treat for all OTK Fans, and those who believe that Matt Mills is permanently of a good hard spanking will certainly enjoy it. Direct links to both the download and the DVD are at the bottom of this post. Here are some images:

Bad boy Matt arrives home from school

He has brought home a letter addressed to his uncle

Informing him that Matt has misbehaved at school, and has been punished

Reluctantly Matt leaves the letter for his uncle to read when he gets home, it sits there like an unexploded bomb.

Matt runs a bath

He drops the towel revealing the marks from the caning he received at school earlier that day

At that moment Matt’s uncle arrives home

Meanwhile back in the bathroom, Matt steps into the bath

The headmaster had really let Matt have it this time, and the angry welts still stung like hell

He carefully lowers his sore backside into the bath

Matt reacts with shock as his bare behind makes contact with the hot water.

his well punished bottom stings like its on fire

Downstairs Uncle reads the letter

It is clearly time to take a firm hand with that young rascal, and he knows exactly where that firm hand will do the most good!

His bottom still as sore as ever, Matt eventually gets out of the bath

A perfect target which will soon be glowing even redder!

“Get into your pajamas and get back down here .. I am going to teach you a lesson young man!!”

To be continued……..


Shooting the messenger – Spanking Matt Mills (Part 2)

Here is the rest of the scene from the excellent “Shooting the Messenger”, one of the OTK Spanking scenes from the sting download “Delivered by hand“, featuring a very unfortunate and sore bottomed Matt Mills
After a lecture ..

Matt is Ordered to drop his pajama pants ..

Uncle rolls up his sleeves – he means business

Uncle’s firm hand delivers the first of a series of stinging SMACKS onto the unhappy Matt’s bare, cane marked and still smarting bottom

Matt is really feeling it now

..but the relentless spanking continues

The bad boy whimpers in pain ….

but the well deserved punishment isn’t over yet….

A very sore and sorry Matt rubs his burning behind as he heads for his bedroom, he won’t forget that spanking in a while.

“Shooting the Messenger” is a realistic, well acted and very hot scene from a very hot compilation, I highly recommend “Delivered by Hand” which can be either downloaded, or obtained as part of Sting’s “Downloads on DVD” disc – see the links below.


Woodland Spanking

One of the various videos which were available to download from the now closed Sting Members area was Woodland Spanking starring Margusta and to stoic Estonian lads. The scenario is as follows:

Here is What Sting say about it:

“During our first exploratory visit to the Republic of Estonia we were able to shoot some material with Margusta. We had to quickly cast some lads for the job not necessarily a normal choice for Sting but they turned out to be good lads and very hardy when it came to shooting the scenes.

On a very warm afternoon we all ended up deep in an Estonian forest to shoot the first scene which was to be a good spanking. The story line followed the two boys getting drunk and being caught out by their Uncle. These shoots in three sections depicted a spanking followed by the lads being ordered to pick their own birch switches which were then used in a second scene of birching. This was eventually followed by the strap.

These documentary style ‘from the hip’ scenes were the first ever material from a European producer to come out of Estonia via Sting Pictures.”

When Sting closed the Members area they made all the premium videos, including Woodland Spanking available as a single download available by clicking here 

The boys have to pick the switches which are then used on them


Ex-Premium site downloads

Not So PC

One of the various videos which were available to download from the now closed Sting Members area was Not So PC starring Dam0n. The scenario is as follows:
When news of Damon Watson’s bad behaviour at school reached home he was summoned to answer for his mideamors in the bedroom. Seeing this to be an important period of his education Damon’s dad decided to try some of the methods that has certainly worked with him during those similar years of needed direction.

A good spanking and a follow up session with the strap had been most successful for Mr Watson during his teen years. Remembering back and with a feeling of duty that young Damon must not be derailed from his goal he would repeat that time honoured punishment. Not so PC but all done in the sure knowledge it wouldn’t be quickly forgotten and exams would be passed!

When Sting closed the Members area they made all the premium videos, including Not So PC available as a single download available by clicking here 

The Trials of Truancy

 “The Trials of Truancy” starring Nick and Charlie in their first Sting Movie was released in 2009.

The Description of the Trials of Truancy:

The Headmaster of Connaught School is not a happy man, neither is the housemaster of Leighton House Gerry Richardson. Two unruly students, Greg Miller (Charlie) and Guy Harvey (Nick) have yet again decided to take time out but of course without any form of permission. All would have been well and no one would have been the wiser except for one fact.

During his return to the college the lad’s housemaster Gerry Richardson often cuts through the park. On this occasion during his stroll the game would soon be up for Greg and Guy. Caught this time red handed and out of bounds, out of class, out of school and out of luck. Mr Sturgeon the headmaster decides enough is enough and an example must be made. Marched in to the heads study by Mr Richardson and following a stern lecture a dose of discipline is quickly prescribed.

For Greg and Guy the afternoon will now be taken up with a painful session of punishment from both the head and their own housemaster. All designed to refresh in the minds of these senior students that rules are rule and to be obeyed! OTK spankings and a dose of the gym slipper are the order of the day. These lads won’t sit down for a while but they’ll certainly learn what beating the bounds means. Hot and stinging school boy action, all part of the trials of truancy for the pupils of Connaught School.

And here are some scenes from the movie:

Auditions – Sebastian and Martin

As all Sting fans know, Sebastian (with his spectacular bottom) has become one of Sting’s most popular stars, however, here he is in his first ever audition.

The next new boy to Audition is Martin.  Sebastian and Martin later appeared together in the first Sting Plus production The Water Boys.

Auditions – Scott and Taylor

As I think must now be obvious, Rich and Rob who run Sting Pictures were born under two of the luckiest stars ever to appear in the skies above Europe. Is there anyone reading this who would not swap jobs with them in an instant?

Here we see Rich auditioning two new candidates who are applying to become Sting actors, and I am sure that we all admire the dedicated manner in which he sets about the task.

First up is Scott, who certainly seems well qualified for the “position” and self evidently has a bottom just made for spanking.

Next meet Taylor, another more that worthy candidate: I could be wrong, but I think I have seen Taylor before, acting for William Higgins under the name of “Lucky Taylor” – if so. I guess he’s not feeling so lucky now, are you fella?

Both Scott and Taylor did appear in later Sting productions.