The Birching Table 2 (Part 1 of 2)

The Birching Table Part 2

The old birching table has been dusted down and fresh new birches soaked in brine have been made up. The duty officer, who’s job is it is to administer the discipline, is standing by note book in hand ready to carry out the sentence of the police court.

First on his list is Albert Higgins (Adam Black) This young offender has just caused a lot of trouble while serving his sentence. He is back in front of the Justice who is less than happy with his latest conduct. The Magistrate sentences Albert to a birching and to quell his childish behaviour a good spanking on his bare posterior to follow! He will return to prison with a very sore backside indeed.

If that isn’t humiliating enough, the punishment includes a ginger feaging



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“Take ‘Em Down”

 This March 2017 Historical Spanking Update was first posted to the old Feel The Sting site

Back at the turn of the century the Police Courts had a few more disciplinary measures they could hand out than perhaps is available today. Prominent among them were the birch and cat of nine tails. Convicted young felons could often expect a dose of these judicial stingers!


First before the justice’s that day is a fit you lad known as George Green (Leonardo King) He had been up before the court in the past and this time the judge was in no mood to compromise. For his crime he would receive one month in custody for correctional training and twenty five strokes of the birch.



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Spanking Past and Present in “Angry Dads – Now & Then”

This April 2017 update was initially posted to the old Feel The Sting blog

From the present day then going back in time, this episode follows the fortunes of two wayward lads. Getting into trouble is one thing but seldom are the consequence’s of getting caught properly thought out. That’s when it all comes home to roost and inevitably harsh punishment will follow. This is Dad’s way of taking care and making sure real lessons are well learned for the future.
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The Birching Table (part 1 of 2)

The Birching Table


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube


The Birching table

This device for securing young delinquents for punishment originated in Scotland. Mainly used for birching, the tawse was also used as a punishment on this table. It is said by some who received it to be more dreaded. The last recorded judicial birching on the British mainland* was in Fort William in 1948.



Up before the Magistrate is George Andrews (Joshua Clark) His law breaking has finally earned him a dose of the birch.




To encourage him to keep his bottom raised, a ginger feague, inserted into Andrews’ most intimate area, intensifies the humiliation of the punishment





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Return to the Punishment Room

It’s the turn of the century and Colonel
Lee’s famous Juvenile House of Corrections has received two new cocky
felons straight from the County Court and Police Court


Charles Russell (Joey Whyte) has not
heeded the good advice given to him when entering the House of
He soon earns himself a Governor’s spanking for not acting in
a satisfactory manner.
 This ritual reserved only for senior lads who
can’t behave themselves involves cleansing








  and the application of Chilli
extract …
 Applied first to an especially sensitive part of his anatomy ….
  And them more widely, to definitely gain the attention of the miscreant
This punishment also involves the spanking birch and leaves the boys well
rounded bare bottom red raw, stinging and deeply sore. He certainly
deserved it!



 Another young rogue Arthur Blake (Darren) is sentenced to
the House of Correction from the Country Court.
 He too was given good advice on how to serve his sentence but soon he’s in trouble with the
Senior Warder (Marco) not a man to trifle with. A spanking from the
Senior Warder leaves a boy in no doubt he’s been punished.







Blake’s muscular and protruding bare backside is soon turned a burning red.
However if Blake and young Charles Russell think they have endured the worst of their punishment they are very wrong!! ……


Travis 1900



from the Police court is young tearaway Joseph Carter (Travis
McKinnon) He had committed a number of felonies and now found himself
sentenced to time served in the House Of Correction. Not a good move
as this boy has an attitude that’s not going to go down well with
the no nonsense Governor there.




was only a matter of time before his insolent behaviour earned him a
trip to the punishment room. There to his surprise he is ordered to
strip of his beeches and go over the knee of the Governor.




was all too reminiscent of his younger days when his father would do
the same but now much older it seemed more painful and frankly quite
embarrassing. As the slaps rained down on his raised and rounded
muscular bare bottom he was already thinking perhaps in future he’d
better start to behave!







this was just the start, a few days later he was summoned again to
the punishment room where the sentence, as laid down by the judge in
the police court, was read out. Young Carter was to receive both the
leather strap and willow switch one after the other. The judge had
not been at all impressed by his attitude during his appearance at
the court.





wicked strap cracks across the young offender’s bare bottom making
him wince and yelp but it was the follow up with the willow switch
that really had him howling.



well raised and perfectly shaped bare buttocks were receiving a
punishment at last that they really deserved. Carters burning and
scorched bottom would now for some time act as a constant reminder
should he think of transgressing again!







The Punishment Room 3

The Punishment Room three stars Rudi Vallance and new Sting lad  Ariel Varga


The police courts have been busy again and two new inmates have joined the other young miscreants sentenced to time at the infamous House Of Correction!

Arther Falconer (Rudi Vallance) and John Butler (New Sting lad Ariel Varga) have not settled in well. Both have been extremely insolent badly behaved in the first few weeks. The governor will stand none of this and both lads are ordered to be given hard spankings to demonstrate to them this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. … and that’s just the start

 Introducing Ariel Varga as John Butler a tender fair skinned lad, who’s little white 18 year old bottom really shows the redness of a spanking


 Young Butler soon finds himself bare bottomed over the chief Warder’s knee





As an older and more muscular lad Arther Falconer (Rudi Vallance) finds a stinging bare bottomed spanking, across Warder Volny’s knee, as embarrassing and humiliating as it is painful!







Both lads may have found the spankings painful – but their punishment has only just begun



John Butler (played by Ariel Varga)has infuriated the Chief Warder to such an extent that an in house punishment order has been made. He is to report to the punishment room for a good dose of the strap. Butler is told to position himself over the strapping fame and the flogging begins. His pale vulnerable bare bottom quickly begins to turn red as the old leather strap sears down on to its defenceless target.





 Butler is a tough young man and takes his punishment well but his very sore backside will keep the memory of discipline laid on for some time to come.


​Meanwhile ​Arther Falconer​ (Rudi)​, has been handed down a court sentence of the Birch​, and now the time has come for this to be carried out. 
In the punishment room he is order to strip naked and take position on the birching table. The leather strap is placed and secured across the small of his back and Warder Volny takes up the Birch.




This instrument is well prepared and has been soaked in brine to make the twigs as pliable as possible. The first few strokes although stinging like fury make Falconer think this is going to be easy but as the birching progresses he soon realises why this instrument is so feared among the other lads. 


By the time the last stroke falls his bare backside is scorching as if his bottom has been exposed to the sun all day
Preview trailer





The Punishment Room Part 2 (with Preview trailer)


Fresh from the Police Court two new lads arrive at the Juvenile House Of Correction. Both have been sentenced to corporal punishment alongside their custody sentence.


Arther James Bennett (Brad) was the first to appear that day and had been ordered to receive the switch. Prior to this though his continued insolence had earned him a good hard over the knee spanking, very humiliating for a strapping lad of his age.


He should have minded his manners as now, bent over the punishment frame, the wicked and painful willow switch was about to descend on his already hot, red freshly spanked bare bottom. The pliable switch lashes home biting hard in to Arther’s throbbing backside. Each swish cutting a scorching stripe of fire across the lads rounded bare arse cheeks.


The other new inmate to the House Of Correction is Neville Paul Colville (Johnny Hayward). After sentence he too had displayed a fair amount of insolence, enough to earn him a good spanking to start with.


He should have been grateful really as his sentence was lashes with the boy’s cat, also known as the boy’s pussy in the old navy. This formidable instrument has six tails of leather instead of nine. Nevertheless it can sting and burn a lad’s bare bottom like no other instrument. Even as a more senior lad getting a good spanking before receiving it can only help to endure its scorching bite!


Neville is order to lay face down on the punishment bench his arms through the holes specially cut for the purpose. The warder takes up the cat and the exemplary flogging begins. The lad’s defenceless bare backside raised high on the bench feels the first burning lash from the oil soaked leather thongs. The first of two and a half dozen!

NOTE: The pine punishment bench was specially commissioned by Sting Pictures props dept. and is a copy taken from several featured in British museums. The six tailed cat is an original antique privately purchased and we are assured it was very much used in the past for the purpose for which it was made.

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Preview Trailer For Sting Raw – Darren 1900 Story

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Darren 1900 Story

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In three definition levels

Sting Pictures

Sting Raw – Darren 1900 (Part 2)

The second set of images from Sting Raw – Darren 1900 Story

With his bottom already burning and red raw the boy must mount the birching frame and receive his punishment as ordered. Bradshaw’s bare bottom is rounded and raised making the perfect target, the whippy and painful birch twigs swish down biting mercilessly in to the defenceless bare buttocks. Bradshaw yelps and does all he can to receive this scorching punishment in a manly way.

However it’s not over, the Colonel intends to address the question of the lads continued insolence and cocking a snook at authority……

Freshly cut switches are always available for discipline at the House Of Correction and the Colonel intents to use one now to good effect! First though, being a military man, the boy will be figged with ginger to make sure he keeps he is backside high and well splayed to receive the intuitions answer to bad behaviour. The switch lashes down leaving red burning stripes on the boy’s now very sore bare bottom

The fig is eventually forced out by the stinging strokes but its inner burning effect is lasting making sure the boy’s bare bottom is raised throughout till the end.

In three definition levels

Sting Pictures

The Return of Darren

I am sure Darren’s fans will agree it’s great to see him back where he should be, after quite a long break.  He’s been away too long!