Another Medicinal Spanking in “A Doctor Calls” (Part 2 of 2)

 Who’s next for a spanking?


The second visit takes the doctor to the home of young Terry (Robin Palmer). This boy should be in school but is playing a dangerous game of trying to fool both his parents and now the doctor. His lazy attitude is about to meet it’s match!


The doctor soon discovers what he’s up too and decides to lay on some treatment this boy really deserves.


After confirming his diagnosis with a suitably, and embarrassingly,  placed thermometer, the Doctor knows exactly what to do with young Terry.



Terry is put across the doctors knee, pyjamas down, for a good hard bare bottom spanking.






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Spanking Prescriptions in “A Doctor Calls” (Part 1 of 2)

A Spanking Cure for two naughty boys in

A Doctor Calls

The video preview will also be posted to Spanking Tube shortly


A Doctor Calls

Story and pictures:


Busy on his rounds the last thing the local doctor needs is for his valuable time to be wasted by naughty boys who want to take advantage of his good nature.


His first visit is to see James (Jirka Mendez) His mother called to say her son seems to be very under the weather and has not gone to College as usual. Actually James in not feeling bad at all and is shirking.


During the doctors visit James unfortunately gets tempted and tries to steal some money from his wallet. Of course he gets caught .


This boy is going to have to be dealt with! Some stronger medicine is needed.

Perhaps a good spanking on his bare bottom with be therapeutic.


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Trailer for Tales from the HeadMaster’s Study II “Wheals of Misfortune”

 Scroll down to view the preview video trailer for Trailer for Tales from the HeadMaster’s Study II “Wheals of Fortune” staring Toby Haines, Xander Holister and Jonathon


You can either view the trailer online or alternatively,the full sized trailer can be downloaded from Sendspace at the following link:   

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)


Running Time: 00:30:32

Video Trailer for The Clinic (Episode 1) Temperature Rising

What happens to a naughty boy who tries to fool the doctor?

He ends up with a very sore bottom indeed!!

Scroll down to view the Preview trailer for 


Staring Xander Holister with Tom Eisenburg as the Doctor

The full length video is available from Sting in High definition and standard definition from the following links

The Clinic Part 1 : Temperatures rising


Introducing a new series set in the Clinic and featuring the highly popular Xander Hollister to kick it off. Robin (Xander) is a lazy schoolboy who wants to arrange a day off. He decides to try to get a sick note from the doctor. Turning up at the clinic he’s not quite sure how to go about the ruse. However he gets the perfect chance when the doctor is distracted.



The doctor (Tom Eisenburg) isn’t so foolish and cottons on quickly to the lads plan. He decides the boy is not sick after all but he’s certainly sick of the boy. 
Treatment is definitely needed; a vitamin shot perhaps, yes the perfect start to regain full health. Especially if applied at a suitable target, namely Robin’s pert and tender bare bottom.
If the sight (and sting) of the giant needle isn’t enough to put Robin straight then the sudden positioning of him over the doctor’s knee just might be. 


The sharp stinging slaps of a good bare bottom spanking is certainly a good start. Robins well rounded cheeks begin to glow warmly! 


Complaining is no good and besides he’d be in real trouble if anyone else found out what he’s been up to.


Finally and as part of his disciplinary treatment Robin is face down on the couch his backside nicely raised with towels and the doctors black leather belt scorching his already very sore bottom even redder. 
 Unlucky Robin discovers a visit to the doctor can have a sting in the tail
 Especially when you try to be cleverer than the doctor!!
Biting the pillow won’t take the sting out of his bottom !!

Now for a final check with the thermometer and yes, Robins cured and his trip to the Clinic has really got his temperature rising!


Xander Holister plays Robin, who’s visit to the Clinic does not go as planned!!

Damien Drake and Sebastian in “Doctor Doctor!”

Stings October 2011 release in Doctor Doctor featured Damien Drake and Sebastian as two sporty young lads who visit the doctor with sporting injuries in the “lumbar” area and get more than they expected. 
Doctor Rouse runs a clinic. It’s mainly attended by students from the local college who have strained an sustained an injury while engaged on one sporting activity or another.

The first patient of the week is Carl Jennings (Damien Drake) who has twisted his lower back in rugby training. During the examination Dr Rouse is called away leaving the student to await his return. Looking around the empty surgery Carl’s eyes fall on the Doctors wallet. Temptation taking the better of him he quickly slips a wad of fivers in to his jockstrap.

Unfortunately luck is not with him and on discovering the theft Dr Rouse provides Carl with some preventative disciplinary treatment. After a good spanking and a couple of Vitamin jabs from a cruel looking hypodermic, it’s out with the wooden medical ferula to finish the job.


Poor Carl has to take his medicine and suddenly the back pain is gone only to be replaced by a greater burning sensation in his athletic rounded backside!

The next session in the surgery brings in Rory Parker (Sebastian) who’s suffering from a muscular complaint. After stripping off his clothes the Doctor takes a look at the problem.

A rectal examination is needed but during this he is again called away. Like Carl, Rory takes the opportunity to see what treasures the clinic holds. This time it’s the pills on the shelf that get raided.

On his return Dr Rouse is more that displeased with the lads antics. Preventive disciplinary medicine is clearly needed and Rory soon finds himself across the good doctor’s knee, bottom high in the air, being slapped hard and getting redder by the second. Now its face down on the couch for a stinging session with the lads own PT shoe.

This then is quickly followed by a whippy oriental massage birch laid on for good measure.

Rory’s butt is raw and burning from this on onslaught of medical justice! Without a doubt Rouse has got the condition licked! With these young miscreants he certainly administers the treatment to initiate an immediate cure! Now they have a real reason to cry Doctor Doctor!

Doctor Doctor – 25 minute Download

Tales Down Under

Tales Down Under is set down under in Australia and directed by the increasingly impressive Jonathan Fox . This download features the sore bottomed misfortunes of a number of Sting lads including Sebastian, Danny Walsh, Ryan Phillips (pictured above) and Ed Williams at the hands of Rich O’Shea, Dexter and Rusty.
You can be sure there will be some very red and sore tails Down Under

Description: Jason Ripley (Dany Walsh) and Terry Richards (Ed Williams) are two mates who tend to get themselves in to a lot of trouble. Like many of their friends they often, without realising it, take things too far. One afternoon Giles Cook their Headmaster is concerned about the whereabouts of student Jason Ripley and makes a casual enquiry with Terry Richard before administering a long overdue spanking. Unbeknown to anyone young Ripley had bunked off college and was illegally partaking of his Uncle Jacks wine reserve. 
Meanwhile back at the college Mr Cook finds Joey Miller (Sebastian) waiting for him. Having no time to deal with this unruly student the Head sent him to be dealt with by Mr Woods (Rusty) in the Gym. Young Joey is going to wish he hadn’t got himself in to so much bother as Mr Woods is known for his harsh treatment of offenders! Jason meanwhile is under the influence of Uncle Jacks wine and is about to be discovered. 
He’ll soon regret his unwanted visit to his Uncle’s flat. Back in college another student Jimmy Crawford (Ryan Philips) has an appointment with the Head. He’s in for his first ever spanking and to make sure he understands the error of his ways he is introduced to the strap for future reference. Medicals are taking place in the college and with Jason’s escapades events are now unfolding like an Aussie soap opera. After consulting Mr Cook, the Headmaster, Jason’s uncle takes matters in to his own hands and has his errant nephew dealt with. Spanking the belt and strap all feature in this story and leaves all the lads concerned in no doubt that after their disciplinary sessions are over there will be plenty of red Tales Down Under.

“Discipline Down Under Part 3” # 1

Over an hour long and staring nine different different Sting lads, all upended and red bottomed, Sting’s 2010  download “Discipline DownUnder Part 3” is another Sting masterpiece and a really enjoyable romp, as well as being really sexy!!

Set in an Australian school, where cigarette trading, illicit drinking and general misbehaviour by the handsome young lads are rewarded with nine well, spanked, strapped, caned, slippered and belted bare behinds presented in the unique and excellent Sting style.

The cast includes popular Czech and Estonian lads, such as Darren, Robbie, Sebastian, Stephenal, James B, and Rowan Hunter, together with newcomers such as Joshua Black , Sean Ronson and Alex Granger playing playing strict disciplinarian Mr Williams the Hunky PE teacher. (Links are at the bottom of this post)

To be continued: ………………………!!

The New Prefect’s revenge

This is a really superb production, over 50 minutes long with six Sting Lads, and I lost count of how many spankings. This has something for everyone to enjoy, cute boys being spanked on already punished bottoms, bullies getting their well deserved comeuppance and Matt Mills playing a prefect (don’t worry, despite his promotion Matt’s eminently spankable bottom doesn’t avoid a good spanking either). The action includes spankings, slipperings, canings, birchings, and an uncomfortable medical exam, I highly recommend it.
There is also some great performances, especially from Matt, and a very tall new actor playing Head Boy Nicky Hornby. As seen below unlucky Sebastian gets spanked shortly after receiving a painful injection in the butt.

See below for the full storyline

NOTE: A Prefect is a student who has been granted a supervisory powers over other students, usually in an English private school 


There comes a time in every lads life when he makes it to the sixth form and the high office of Prefect, House Captain or even Head Boy. As another term starts at famous St Datchets Academy Joe Templeton make it to House Captain. However because he wears this shinning accolade doesnt mean he escapes punishment but now instead of just receiving it he can at last give it out too. 
He’s not alone and among this years honours list the position of Head Boy goes to Nicky Hornby. Known to be a tough nut he soon gets to grip with his new position of power. One unlucky recipient is Danny Herbert who one his way back from a routine visit to the clinic is waylaid by Horby and given a good spanking for his trouble, seemingly a little unfair having just had his vitamin shots from the doctor. 
Templeton isn’t short of victims either and has to deal with two lads for over excesses in an illegal wine tasting session, This is followed by another caning laid on to a lad who decided to go AWOL for some fun and games. One job reserved for the head boy is to be the horse when a junior is given the birch. A position that Horby takes up with relish. All good things come to end and it’s not long before Hornby’s own misdemeanours catch up with him. 
The Head is furious the the position of Head boy is brought so low and decides to make a real example. As Hornby is the Head Boy the example certainly comes to the attention of the rest of the Academy and he is severely dealt with according to his age and position. This spectacle is not to be forgotten or missed as two of his early victims are able to see for themselves. The new prefects get some revenge but it’s the students of St Datchets who have the last laugh.

The New Prefects Revenge – Direct link