Bring Back the Birch – # 2

More images from Bring Back the Birch.  Over an hour long, over two years in the making, and featuring a host of Sting lads, some familiar, and some new, this Sting documentary examinec the use of the birch as a fearsome instrument of punishment.

Sting use authentic birch and hazel branches in their scary looking birches, not easy to find in central London, so maybe they send the bad lads out to the Bohemian woods looking for the switches which will later be used on their bottom?
One thing is for certain, those things really *sting!!*
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Bring Back the Birch – # 1

The July 2011 release Bring Back the Birch is over an hour and nineteen minutes in length, and features a cast of 10 bare (RED) bottomed Sting Lads, including favourites such as Danny, Alex, James Bruce, Brad, Louie, Robbie, Jason Kingsley, and Carlos. This download also featured the debut appearance of the handsome and popular Leonardo.
Those wielding the birch, in addition to Rich and Rob, include the formidable Dr. Barton, Rusty, Scott Heart (from the Brothers) and Dexter (when he is not getting a sore birched bottom himself)
Throughout the world there are many Instruments of Persuasion. Some nationally famous like the American paddle, Irish strap and Scottish tawse. Probably the most famous and historically important are the rattan cane and its fearsome counterpart The Birch. This movie traces the history of that fearsome implement.
For many delinquent teens being threatened with the birch instead of the cane often brought on reluctance to misbehave further! Always applied to the bare bottom its building sting after each stroke is legendary. In this red butt packed drama documentary Sting takes a very close look at some parts of its history …….

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Direct Link to the “Bring Back the Birch” download

DVD and Download – Banged Up! – My Borstal Days Part 2 # 1

Just released by Sting:  Banged Up! My Borstal Days 2  is a 1 hour and 40 minute epic set in a Borstal reformatory for wayward young men and staring 17 Sting Lads including Darren, Matt Mills, Danny, Robbie, Jason Shaw, Damien Drake, David, James Bruce, Barry, Justin Kinsley, David, Dale Brady, Keith, Brandon Junior and George Basten.  Available as a DVD and as a download.

Banged Up! Borstal days 2
It’s back inside for some for hot institutional action. Rainsford Borstal has a new governor, a Scotsman whose favourite instrument of correction is the tawse.
In this feature length movie the young trainees come face to face with real discipline. These boys are just plain bad lads in need of strict discipline! And they get it, as the crack of the cane rings round the walls and hard over the knee spankings are frequently handed out. Break the rules under this Governor and a stinging red raw backside will surely be the end result.

One boy, who discovers this to his cost is insolent trainee called Wilson (Matt Mills) when he swings his fists in the direction of another trainee and ends up receiving a bare bottom caning from the Deputy Governor. He is soon made to see reason and the stinging red stripes on his bare backside are going to be a reminder for some time to come.

Trainee Smith (Keith) has to report for an over the vaulting horse dose of the cane from the senior officer, this after previously getting a long hard and intense spanking from Mr Labowski.

Trainee Dean Crosby (Robbie Estivez)  also ends up on the wrong side of Officer Labowski’s (Margusta) heavy hand not to mention the butt burning caning he gets when desperately touching his toes later in the story.

For absconding Trainee John Appleby (Justin Kingsley) receives a very hard tawsing from the Governor using his genuine Lochgelly ‘XH’ heavy leather tawse. This is one of the hardest beatings Sting have ever filmed!

New Sting Lad Jason Shaw feels a pain in the ear, before he feels one in the rear

Preview trailer

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………….


Available as a DVD or as a download

Banged Up!  – My Borstal Days Part 2 – DVD

Sting Raw – Fraser’s Short Sharp Shock

In 2010 Sting introduced a new option – Sting Raw, short intense video clips available in addition to the usual Sting full length productions.

The first Sting Raw production was Fraser’s Short Sharp Shock staring James Bruce
In Fraser’s Short Sharp Shock James Bruce plays Borstal trainee Fraser. This petulant teenager is in trouble with his House Officer and now faces the prospect of some harsh discipline. With no time to waste the officer sets about delivering a firm hand spanking with young Frazer stretched well over his knee. After this and to enforce the message that rule braking will be met with stern measures Frazer is ordered to bend right over the vaulting horse. The determined officer takes out a heavy strap and proceeds to deliver a long harsh stinging strapping to the boy’s defenceless bare bottom. As the cracks from the seasoned leather burn bands of fire in to Frazer’s backside he knows that it will be sometime before he gets himself put on report again.


Downloads on DVD 1

In 2009 Sting produced the first Downloads on DVD – tHe Discipline Chronicles – Vol 1featuring the first six of their internet downloads all on one 104 minute disc in high quality DVD format.  These include:
Paul’s Bad Report featuring Sting superstar Paul, who appeared in many of the original Sting films including ‘Grey Shorts’. In this short story he plays Davies,  a young miscreant recalls his scrapes with discipline both at college and afterwards having been sentenced to a spell in a reformatory. As he sits once again in police custody the arresting officer reads through his past records and the punishments received for continually breaking the rules. This short story has been put together with much unseen material never brought to the screen due to irreparable damage of a master tape. Now restored by the editor for viewing this is some of the last footage available of Paul in action. (images from on of the scenes in  Paul’s Bad Report can be viewed here)
Borstal Correction takes us back several decades in time to see Brett, Tigger and other Borstal reformatory inmates feel the sting of the cane, strap and of course a good spanking.
Delivered By Hand lives up to its title with a hot session of spanking punishments laid on to both handsome model Matt Mills and the rest of the cast. For those who love hot OTK sessions and hand delivered spankings this is a must. (Images from one of the scenes in Delivered by hand “Shooting the Messenger” staring Matt Mills can be viewed here) This is followed by…
The Bully. Student David runs foul of the college bully played with vigour here by Sting model Nasher. After getting young David in to trouble and a hard spanking Nasher himself is discovered and given a stinging caning with the heavy senior cane across his firm bare backside.
Approved Education takes a look at the now famous Approved Schools. Sentenced to time inside Harry and Ginger come face to face with the harsh realities of correctional discipline. Spanking, tough caning and strapping are just some of the methods used at this harsh institution. Inflamed action from beginning to end. (Images from Approved Education 1 can be viewed here)
Stick And Stones follows the fortunes of students Anderson and Ginger two college lads on the look out for trouble. After a window smashing debacle both lads have to face Dr Barton the college’s intolerant principle. He and the deputy head waste no time to instil some much needed disciple in to the lads. The crack of the cane and slipper not to mention the firm spankings are all featured here.
In addition this DVD includes a previously unreleased  bonus scenes featuring James B, Damon, David and a rather scary looking birch in a scene set in the 1900 House of Correction

Here are some images from the bonus scene

Sting Returns to the House of Correction in “Discipline Diary 1900”

In Discipline Diary 1900 Sting paid another visit to the 1900 House of Correction for wayward young men, where the strict disciplinarian Colonel Templeton Lee is experimenting with various inspired means of inflicting heightened degrees of discomfort to the young male behind. This involves various potions and ointments designed to intensify the “Sting” of any bottom related punishment, and in case you are interested those birches are soaking in in sea salt, as would have been the case on the original naval training ships.

Sting certainly added an extra *STING* to the tail in this download! I doubt any of the young lads involved could sit down comfortably for some time to come!

Set in the first decade of the last century, Discipline Diary 1900 is a medium length (37.12 min) download staring James Bruce, Sebastian, Dexter, Andreas and new Sting Lad Jared as various wayward young men, all sent to the strict Carnfield Institute. The unfortunate young rascals discover that the consequences of misbehavior can be very painful. Especially when it is doled out by the strict Colonel Templeton Lee and the firm handed Mr. Steerforth

In this scene James and Sebastian are punished which certainly must have made their behinds STING, first essence of ginger is inserted into their tight young rectums, after which they are soundly spanked before their bare behinds are washed with a saline solution and then birched! A punishment they will not forget for some time!!


Discipline Diary 1900 download

More images from Discipline Diary 1900 (Part2)

Some screen grabs from Sting’s latest download set in Edwardian England at the Carnfield Institute for wayward youths
Discipline Diary 1900“.

First Andreas goes over the Colonel’s knee for a good hand spanking followed by a taste of the bath brush!

Adding a bit of spice to warm things up!  First Sebastian and James B are subjected to a humiliating “figging” with some essence or ginger, before a good hand spanking followed by a sponging down and then the birch!! OUCH!


A Stinging Taste of Leather!!!!

This 2010 drama documentary features several instruments with one thing in common; they are all made of leather. Each Chapter sees our wayward lads firstly on the end of a spanking, long and hard. (The best place to start when warming up for the main implement.) With their bare bottoms red and raw the real action begins.

Young Jason Kelly (Kevin) is on the receiving end of his uncle’s belt after cheating in the midterm college exams. It’s a first time for this modern age lad but there’s a good chance now, as he nurses his burning backside of course, it will make him see sense.

Now back in time to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Hawkins (Marc Russell) an inmate of Carnfield Institute the infamous house of correction for unruly young gentlemen is taken to task for insolence and slacking. Col. Templeton Lee decides to crack down and with the help of Warder Mr Squears brings his trusty hunting whip to bare.

Next we move to the Scottish highlands and probably the most famous of all leather instruments, the Tawse. In this chapter MacMillan (Rusty) a senior academy scholar is in trouble and faces a good licking from Housemaster Mr Carmichael, with three different tawses no less!
With his backside now an angry glowing red he rushes to find the younger lad (Richie Sachs) who has got him in to so much trouble. Getting a thrashing from the older lad and his supply of tawses is no mean matter, he’ll not sit down for a week!!

Finally it’s off the France and a look at the Martinet. James Bruce plays a young army cadet who has to report to the senior officer for being drunk and disorderly.
As all the cadets know this sort of discipline is off the record and after a good spanking the fiery tales of the martinet will fly. Grasping the punch bag in the Gym and gasping as each stoke lashes across his saw bare backside; this young soldier will stay sober for some time to come. If he doesn’t he knows what’s waiting…another ‘Taste of Leather’.

I have just watched this download, and take my word for it, it is one of the hottest I have seen in a long while!

The following Teaser pictures were released in advance of A Taste of Leather in August 2010