Hornet Special Price (Sex and Spanking) Download: What The Eyes Don’t See

The latest Hornet Special is “What The Eyes Don’t see” starring Johan Volny, Kurt Maddox, Jason, Shaw, Tyler Mason, David Black, Daniel Prince and Dexter.

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WARNING Hornet Movies feature spanking and gay sex


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Hornet Pictures: The Brothers – the Movie – ADD ON (Sex and Spanking)

Hornet Pictures – The Brothers Add On


This special edition short is taken from the recently released film The Brothers, The Movie by Sting Pictures. In this section, more suited to Hornet, viewers can now choose to see exactly what happened when Brother Peter (Johann Volny) over stepped the mark when punishing the cheeky and very naughty young inmate Connor, played by Dominik Black. Its hot, red raw and horny action with bad boy Connor deserving nothing less.









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WARNING – Hornet Videos feature equal quantities of gay sex and Spanking



The Brothers – The Movie (Part 3 of 3)


The Brothers – The Movie

Part 3 of 3


The strict disciplinary regime at Innisfail Industrial School continues to have a stinging impact on the youthful inmates and trainees, as three more of the young brothers experience the firm hand of this unsparing institution.



As a trainee teacher, Brother Brendan (Travis McKinnon) is used to providing both spiritual and physical guidance to his young charges. However, when he also steps out of line he finds himself being treated no differently than one of the younger boys.


This means going over one of the senior brother’s knees for a hard bare bottom spanking. Before bending to receive a stinging dose of the cane.


Brother Brendan will be giving lessons standing up for the rest of the day!




Collection money has been disappearing, and handsome Brother Joshua (Joey Whyte) is is soon identified as the culprit.


As penance for his sins the hunky young priest is strapped naked to the punishment bench and soundly whipped by both Brother Marco and the senior Brother, who take turns in punishing the youthful thief.



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The Brothers – The Movie (Part 1 of 3)

The Brothers The Movie


Sting Pictures presents its latest full length movie The Brothers The Movie. Packed with spanking action and hard hitting scenes of retro discipline this One hour fifty three minute film features over ten StingLads, including Joey Whyte, Robin Palmer, Travis McKinnon, Tommy Martin, Adam Black, Leonardo King and Alex Bell plus the welcome return of Dexter.


Set in Innisfail Industrial School the film also introduces two new boys, Danny Austin and Dominic Black plus the first ever on screen spanking scene with Johann Volny, this time on the receiving end.




Charting the life of the young inmates but focusing mainly on the strict discipline always maintained in these institutions, this hot action packed movie has something for every spanking enthusiast.


Given the large number of pictures they will be posted in three instalments, and the video preview will be posted tomorrow.






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More in The Family Spanking in “Angry Dads 12”


These pictures from this November 2016 release Starring Chris Jansen and Johannes Lars were originally posted to the old feel the Sting blog.



Another episode following some of those wayward lads intent on testing the good patience of their guardians. Two more boys are caught out, up to no good but the firm hand of discipline is waiting, poised to to put an end to their misbehaviour.


Firstly Michael (new StingLad Chris Jansen) who can’t be bother to go to College, even though his Dad is paying a lot to make sure he re takes the exams he failed so miserably to pass the first time round. He is caught out on a routine visit to the hardware store. Being there is not where he should be and he knows it! Taken by the scruff of the neck he is marched home.



His luck has run out, warnings have gone unheeded, this time he know its going to be a good spanking, nothingness and almost certainly on the bare bottom


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Two Naughty Brother both get a sound Spanking in “Bad Lads Part 2”

The Pictures and preview video for this October 2016 release were originally posted to the old Feel the Sting


Bad Lads Part 2

The Denisa brothers are to say the least a handful. Their long suffering Dad (Johann Volny) has his work cut out to maintain some sort of discipline in the household. However, when enough is enough he certainly knows how to put his foot down!


Jamie (New StingLad Eric Franke) decides it would be great fun to pelt the next door neighbour with water bombs. The neighbour thinks it is Ross, Jamie’s brother (Robin Palmer) 



Furious that one of the boys is blackening the family name Dad decides to put Ross over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking, never mind he is protesting his innocence! Mr Denisa has heard it all before!


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Two would be thieves learn a painful lesson in “Retribution”



Stepping on to the wrong side of the law can have it consequences. For two young lads their brief crime spree turned out in a way that was not quite what they expected!! (these pictures from this October 2016 release were first posted to the old Feel the Sting).



Car theft otherwise known as the offence of take and drive is a popular first for the would be young tearaway. One lad (Alex Bell) was not so lucky in his first attempt and got caught. The burly owner of the vehicle (Phil Stone) knew the lads father but was persuaded not to call him if a different arrangement of punishment could be reached.


That arrangement would consist if a very hard spanking on the boys bare bottom …

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Cop It! 2


Law enforcement is always looking for new ways to deal with Juvenile crime. The Police Captain at the local precinct has decided to try the old methods to see they’ll work on the current cocky generation!


One local boy, Robbie Benitez (New StingLad Jason Ward) has been dealing in drugs and now faces a choice given him by the Captain. End up in juvenile hall or take a good whuppin from Officer Foley (Johann Volny) He’s lucky to get a choice at all but decides to to take a hiding and get it over with.


Officer Foley, knows how to take down a kid like this, gives him what he deserves a good spanking across his knee, pants off and bare arsed.


Robbie soon feels the burning sting of the officers pounding palm but that’s not all! 



The old paddle kept for years in a back cupboard has been dusted down and made ready again to burn some arrogant teenage butt. With his spanked bare backside still throbbing Robbie assumes the position for another dose of scolding discipline. The paddle cracks down! 


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