While Dad’s Away (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

While Dad’s Away

Pictures from scene two, plus the video preview

Video Preview



In another case two flatmates are also experiencing problems. One lad (Kamyk Walker) had noticed his credit card was being used without his authority. He soon finds its his friend (Adam Black) who is the unauthorised user.



He doesn’t want it to go any further but this boy needs to be punished. What would Dad do?



Give him a good bare bottom spanking that’s what Dad would do …..



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While Dad’s Away (Part 1 of 2)

While Dads Away

This short film takes a look at discipline between the younger crowd, those left behind while Dad’s away. Taking a leaf out of Dad’s book they know what to do when they catch there mates misbehaving!


One boy (Paul Wolfe) finds his cousin (David Hines) yet again going through his phone. This time he decides to take action. His cheeky friend needs dealing with! Perhaps if he put him over his knee he might remember to behave himself when tempted to interfere with other people’s property.




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Video Trailer for Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 9) – Report to Mr Hiedrick

 Tim Law receives his first ever bare bottom spanking in the role of Brown

Now he knows why they call themselves “Sting”
 Kamyk Walker and Kurt Maddix are in line for sore bottoms as Willoughby and Foster

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Tales From the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 9) – Report to Mr Hiedrick

Introducing Tim Law in his debut performance

The latest Episode of Tales from the Headmaster’s Study is Report to Mr Hiedrick, staring Kamyk Walker, Kurt Maddix, Tim Law and Dexter in a 22 minute school days adventure.



The action starts again in the Headmasters study as Brown (new Sting lad Tim Law) reports to the Head after being caught smoking. 


His very first ever spanking is a long stinging experience, this after being threatened with the cane. Maybe now rubbing his sore reddened backside he’s dissuaded from breaking the rules again. Next time he knows the cane waits if he doesn’t toe the line! 

Kamyk and Kurt

Two other roughish characters from the student body, Willoughby (Kamyk Walker) and Foster (Kurt Maddix) have finally exhausted the Headmaster’s patience.

He sends them both to to be dealt with by Mr Hiedrick (Dexter) the toned young PE master. The place of execution is the Gym store where both lads received a good hand spanking on their upturned bare bottoms. The young Mark Willougy high over the masters knee..

..and the senior lad Foster, the ringleader in fact, stretched out on the vaulting horse his bare bottom raised. 

Mr Hierick has a reputation for leaving his mark and both boys are next ordered over the horse for a good caning. 


The well-oiled thin crook handled rattan cane bites hard, both lads yelping and growling as it leaves stinging highly visual welts across the lads burning bare backsides. It’s unlikely they are going to rush to report to Mr Heidrick again soon.

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Angry Dads 2 – Video trailer

Scroll down to view the trailer for Angry Dads 2 
Staring Kamyk Walker
and Xander Hollister


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Angry Dads – Part 2

Angry Dads 2: Those Dads are angry again and you can’t wonder at it with the young tearaways they have to deal with! This time it’s back to the past with naughty boy Oliver Bryce (Xander Hollister) a young print shop apprentice. Whilst in the present young wayward Robert Smith (Kamyk Walker) is fresh from the juvenile court


Oliver’s Dad is in no mood to compromise after learning his son has become tardy and insolent in his hard won apprenticeship. Annoyed that shame is being brought on the family he takes action! This is the 1900s and lads who misbehave can expect the flat of their Dads hand coming down hard on their bare bottoms.

With Oliver’s night shirt lifted across his back the hand slaps are coming down hard but this spanking is just the prelude to a time honoured instrument of correction. Kept for the purpose and now soaked in brine the birch whistles down. Face down on a scrub top table with his buttocks raised high Oliver hisses and growls as the freshly cut birch twigs bite in to his rounded bare bottom. The swishing has a real effect but the salt water filled sponge used as an antiseptic and applied to his birched raw backside really has the boy yelling!

Back in the present day, and now back home from the court room young Robert has to face his displeased Dad who also happens to be a policeman. Having arranged a compromise with the local magistrate Robert won’t after all be sent to a juvenile correction centre. However this comes at a price and the lad will have to accept Dads discipline to avoid further action.

Sent to shower then returning to the lounge he is taken naked over his dads lap and given a sound spanking.

To make sure Robert doesn’t forget this episode in his life his Dads now takes out the strap used by his own father also a policeman and puts it again to good use. His own offspring will also feel the old policeman’s thick leather belt cracking down across his bare backside, well reddened and jutting out from the chair.

Video trailer – For Days of Discipline

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Video trailer

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Tales From the Head Master’s Study (Episode 8) Days of Discipline

 Days of Discipline is Episode Eight of Tales from the HeadMaster’s Study, available in standard definition and High Definition
The old saying ‘when the cats away’ (the mice will play) certainly applies to some college pupils. In his absence the Headmaster has given permission for his study to be used by the Prefects for disciplinary reasons. The atmosphere within certainly calls for that. 

So it is that Turner (Connor Levi) a house prefect marches young Michael Wilson (new Sting Lad Kamyk Walker) in to that room of doom to explain why he’s raided the tuck shop! He can’t of course and soon finds his way across Turners knee. Angry that he’s let the house down Turner lays on a long hard spanking both on the boy’s tight white pants and bare bottom. Turner is pretty new to this but soon has Wilson yelping while he reddens his poor little bottom to perfection.

Soon back from his conference the Head finds himself almost immediately dealing with another wayward lad, Henderson a senior (Rudi Vallance – in what was his first ever shoot for Sting) Unwisely he had seen fit to shoplift at a local store.  Ordered to report to the gym Henderson is going to be dealt with in no uncertain terms. First off, although he might be an older boy, he is going over the Headmaster’s knee for a good spanking.

After this humiliating experience out comes the rattan cane and swish ‘crack’ across the lads well rounded bare bottom it goes

Now to finish off and as the venue is the Gym a stingy rubber soled sports shoe is brought to bear. As the slipper cracks off Henderson’s well rounded, muscular and protruding backside is raw and burning!

Prefects might be expected to maintain discipline but being youngsters they have their moments of bad behaviour too. Now standing in front of the Headmaster are two of them. Turner who had earlier dealt with young Michael Wilson and his accomplice in crime Magowen (Jesse Magowen) Accused of stealing acohol from the private staff room they now have to be dealt with. Again, although seniors, both of them get a good hard ‘over the knee’ spanking

This is rapidly followed by a sharp taste of the gym shoe with both lads across the headmaster’s desk. One after another their bare bottoms are seared red by the stinging flat sole of the gym shoe.

The lads burning buttocks soon become a glowing testament to what will happen if you don’t behave, especially if you are a prefect! For all these lads these really are Days Of Discipline