Spanking Past and Present in “Angry Dads – Now & Then”

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From the present day then going back in time, this episode follows the fortunes of two wayward lads. Getting into trouble is one thing but seldom are the consequence’s of getting caught properly thought out. That’s when it all comes home to roost and inevitably harsh punishment will follow. This is Dad’s way of taking care and making sure real lessons are well learned for the future.
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Kiwi College 5

The latest Release from Sting Kiwi College 5 includes a free 48 picture HQ gallery,

It takes a while for troublesome sixth formers to realise they have to knuckle down for final exams. The future is important but playing
rugby and making mayhem seem much more enjoyable alternatives. The Headmaster of course has other ideas and is keeping a close check on his aspiring seniors.




Knocking on the Heads study door is Jody Greenwood (Leonardo King) this senior has been misbehaving in class and not studying hard for his exams. 


He’ll get a regulation caning for this and as a warning told that his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) will deal with him more firmly next time should he continue with his disrupting of the class.


Next to visit the Heads study is Patrick Kelly (Karl Frazer) a sixth former who has been given yet another bad monthly report. 



He too needs a lesson and out comes the whippy rattan again to deliver its biting sting. Bent over and across tight grey shorts this caning, a message to behave, is just the start. At the end Kelly is ordered to report to the gym later.






In the gym the Head takes off his jacket to prepare to deliver a good backside scorching spanking to this idle senior. As he goes over the knee young Kelly knows his bare bottom is going to be burned. He’s a fit lad, keen on sports and has started to develop a strong body, his bare bottom, rounded and raised, makes the perfect target! 








Next he is ordered to bend over the end of the leather pommel horse. A good strapping is in order to follow the spanking and is laid on with vigour. The painful fiery lick of this well used leather devil rings round the gym store.












The warning given to Jody Greenwood hadn’t sunk in and he finds himself back before Mr Sharpe. A very bad move as this Housemaster is known to be not the most tolerant of men! The
boy needs teaching a lesson and so it will be. Firstly, after stripping naked, Greenwood gets a good hard spanking.


This lad is a valued member of the Rugby team and to say the least has a chiselled body. His bare bottom is firm and rounded, but he hates to get spanked especially on the bare bottom!









If the spanking is not bad enough the caning to follow is even more testing. Mr Sharpes thin whippy rattan cane really hits the mark and leave them as well.






An exemplary thrashing is laid on as a warning to others given in two different positions that leave young Jody striped and yelping!







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The Birching Block -Part 2

In public schools the birch once featured as a major instrument of
correction. We continue our series with another look at its
administration. One memorable feature was the type of support used to
carry out the punishments. There were several but in this story Sting
again feature the birching block, constructed to match the same size
as the original.
One of the senior boys, Daniels (Karl Frazer) has been taking too many
liberties. His continual skylarking had exasperated the Headmaster
and he is sent to his House Master Mr Sharpe to be severely spanked
as a junior might be.




Its just before lights out as Daniels is taken across the knee. He’ll be
going to bed with a very sore and well reddened bare bottom,
certainly sleeping face down this night.




Another senior boy, Rhodes (Toby Haines) has also got himself in to a lot of
trouble. His acts of misbehaviour have earned him a visit to the
birching room. His House Master will lay on the punishment and he is
ordered to strip before kneeling on the birching block.


The birch is drawn from the bucket and carefully measured again the lads
bare bottom before the first stinging stroke is brought down. As the
biching proceeds and the burning twigs swish down the boy can feel
that each stroke now seem to sting more than the last!








If Rhodes though his punishment was over when Mr, Sharpe finally put
down the birch, and made him stand in the corner, he was very wrong.


Perhaps the fiery spanking on his already well birched bare bottom, given by
his infuriated House Master, will have more than a lasting effect.






Meanwhile, Daniels has now pushed his luck too far! He too will be dealt with by
Mr. Sharpe.


A choice between his parents being informed about his insolent
behaviour or a birching sees the lad also reporting to kneel on the


After having striped for the punishment the lad can only watch as Mr Sharpe
draws the freshly soaked birch from the bucket. He feels the cold
tips of the rod gently touch his bare backside then a swish and a
searing sting! That hurt but no so bad he thinks!





However as the rod continues to descend Daniel too realises that this cruel
instrument can build to a scorching climax, his poor bottom is now on
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Army Discipline – The Barracks

 Phil Stone is Trooper Marshall in

Training continues at the 12th Field Calvary regiment enforced by the usual system of strict discipline. The young cadets know that rule violations will be followed by a charge that can lead to corporal punishment. This however is often preferred to having a black mark entered on their training records, these being very important for their on-going military careers.
Trooper Marshall (Phil Stone) is up on a charge for breaches of discipline and waits now in the training room for the squad sergeant (Marco) He’s up for punishment, off the record of course and can expect it to start with a good spanking.
For a big muscular lad this is humiliating and when the quick fire slaps rain down his well-rounded bare bottom is truly on fire!


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The Governor’s Choice 5

The Governor’s Choice 5: Yet again two young inmates in
prison have a real decision to make. Take the Governor’s choice of
getting their punishment over with or having the whole thing on record
to extensively lengthen their sentences.
Ward (Karl Frazer) and Fox (Phil Stone)
reluctantly agree to off the record bare bottom corporal punishment 
are sent to Officer Hardcastle (Travis McKinnon) to receive their just



Officer Hardcastle likes to make sure
the job is done properly and that a return for more will be unlikely.
These two might think they are cocky hunks but very soon their backsides
are going to be burning, red and raw! The spanking though is just the
start as the young lads well know.




Roundabout Bedtime

 Sting’s latest download is Roundabout Bedtime starring Karl Frazer 

and introducing three new Sting Lads


Usually when its lights out at any well disciplined college the seniors should be heading straight to sleep. Not so for the past few nights in Stratford House dormitory. The boys have been pushing their luck and both their Housemaster and Headmaster have has enough. Firm action will have to be taken!


Four sixth formers Bailey (Karl Frazer) Smith (New StingLad Phil Stone) Robinson (New Stinglad Billy Gray) and Graham (New StingLad Tony Masters) are all in big trouble and quickly dispatched to the common room. An example has to be made.


Two at a time the lads are given a good over the knee bare bottom spanking while their mates look on.
















“Les Voleurs de Vin” (The Wine Thieves)


In the latest download“Les Voleurs de Vin” Sting returns to a theme they featured quite a few years ago. This new Gallic story set in the French countryside during summer follows the fortunes of Francois and his friend Nicholas. François (Damien Drake) has been pilfering from his uncle’s beloved collection of wines. Having obtained the odd bottle he often enjoyed the looted hooch with his friend Nicolas (New Sting model Karl Frazer) 

Having been quickly found out and caught red handed by the river Francois is sent home to wait for his Uncles punishment, while Nicolas is to be dealt with by his own very cross Uncle Pierre (Rusty) Nicolas is marched off in to the forest and is soon over his uncles knee getting a firm spanking.

Back at his home young François is getting the same from his own Uncle.

Pierre is a stickler for discipline and after spanking Nicholas decides to lay on a dose of the switch. This freshly cut instrument quickly produces some burning stripes on the lad’s bare bottom with him yelling in sorrow as a result.

Back with Francois and his uncle the legendary Martinet is now out of the draw and swishing down on naughty François well raised bare backside. The leather thongs cut painfully in to the boy’s bare cheeks as he bucks and twists across the end of the bed.

In the forest the stern Pierre has prepared the finale to Nicolas punishment. As the freshly cut green stinging nettles brush across his already well whipped bare backside poor Nicholas knows what to come. Thwack after thwack with the fresh bundle of nettles produces a pleading Nicolas who will do all he can in future not to encounter such a punishment again!

Here then are two country boys who will no longer be known as The Wine Thieves. 


Damien Drake

and new boy Karl Frazer, who had a really “stinging” introduction to Sting!

Stinging nettles!!