Home Rules

Taking a look at domestic discipline Home Rules follows the fate of two lads who have turned their back on the founding principle of my house my rules. 


First up is party boy Kurt (Kurt Maddox) Taking advantage of his Uncles absence the lad decides to have a party. The end result in the kitchen is total devastation. The boy is later found hungover and sitting on the floor with the kitchen looking more like a rubbish dump. 


His Uncle (played by Marco) is none too pleased and takes this insolent mess maker over his knee for some home grown discipline. The resulting spanking is well laid on leaving the lads bare bottom a burning red.





Now he can’t sit down but he  can start on the washing up! Well yes but now his uncle is pulling out the chopping table! 


The boy is going over this to complete his punishment. The kitchen has got to be the place to find a suitable implement and nothing works quite so well as a holed wooden spatula! The lads poor red and scolded backside has really taken a whacking but now the finale is going to include some burning swats with a stout wooded ladle. 







This lad is certainly learning not to stir up trouble again in more ways then one!


Elsewhere another boy (Adam Black) has crept in to his older brothers room and purloined his porn magazines. Thinking he won’t be back for ages the young lad begins to really enjoy the contents. This is no time for anybody to walk in! Too late, his older brother (Travis McKinnon) has come home early. 


Bursting in to the room he is met with a very unwelcome sight. Furious, there and then, he takes the young porn thief across his knee. His magazine, his bitches, means he’s going to set fire to his younger brother’s bare bottom with a good spanking! 





The stinging smacks ring out and the boy’s well rounded butt cheeks change colour fast. His older brother is fit and muscular and intends to teach this young villain some manners. 
Its not over yet, that oriental bamboo shoe horn in the corner looks like it could be put to some good use. Now bending over and touching his toes the magazine thief is feeling the biting and scorching crack of smooth bamboo on his already well spanking bare buttocks. 








There’s nothing erotic about this, it burns like fury!

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