Kiwi College 11 (Part 2 of 2)

Kiwi College 11:

The story continues with the turning of tables ..

Unfortunately for the young master his training methods are out of step with the college regime.


He soon finds himself in front of the Deputy Head to explain himself.


Given the chance of taking a punishment instead of dismissal he too is now bending over for a hard caning, just like his hunky team lads, except that althought the caning starts on the seat of his shorts ..




It ends up on his bare bottom.


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Kiwi College 11 (Part 1 of 2)

Kiwi College 11

The new junior PE master (James Holt) is trying to make an impression in his first job. He is in charge of the college’s rugby team and determined that they should keep their place at the top of the league. He’s certainly looking after discipline but some of his training methods are a bit suspect.


Two of his top lads (Ryan Conway and Joel Vargas) are getting just a bit out of hand and the junior PE master decides to deal with them.


Taken to the main office they are ordered to bend over for a caning.






After this a belting, side by side, on their bare bottoms ..


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The Down Under Spanking Continues: “Kiwi College 10” (Part 2 of 2)

 Kiwi College Part 10

(part 2)

Second in line for a spanking (and more)is Tommy Edmonds (new StingLad Jason Smith) a well built Maori boy and the college teams main asset on the rugby pitch. However, he’s prone to using bad language and has been warned many times. This time the Headmaster has had enough. He’s been given many chances and now must be disciplined as threatened.



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Spanking Down Under in “Kiwi College 10”

Video Preview



Kiwi College Part 10

It doesn’t take long before a few examples have to be made again, especially in the case of two lads who have fallen foul of the rules. One, a very cheeky fifth former and the other a prized member of the college rugby team. In both cases a spanking is in order.




The first to get caught out is Noah Miller (Adam Black) He’d seen fit to raid the college tuck shop and was now having to answer for his crimes to his Housemaster. Sent back to the aforementioned Masters office, young Miller was certainly in for a stinging caning over his tight grey shorts but with out doubt the belt on the bare bottom will surely follow.






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Kiwi College – Part 7

The pictures from this October 2016 release were originally posted to the old Feel the Sting blog


Back down under, the college lads are still rather foolishly infringing the rules of discipline that are always rigorously adhered to. 



One incident had been referred to the Headmaster concerning the young Rugby captain, Robson (New StingLad Luke Adams) He had seen fit to loose his temper, swear at the visiting team captain and threaten to beat him up! 



The Headmaster, privately fond of his colleges Rugby successes, wants to keep his punishment a low profile, so sends him to change in to his PT kit and report to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe. 



Mr Sharpe is known for delivering strict discipline and has a particular dislike for lads who can’t behave like gentlemen on the sports field. He orders Robson to strip of his sports kit completely and puts him across his knee.

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Kiwi College 9


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Title 2257

Two Naughty Lads are Spanked Down Under in “Kiwi College 9”

Kiwi College 9

The knocking on the Headmaster’s door is becoming more frequent this term. Behavioural standards are being challenged, particularly by the senior lads. Its time to root out the cause and administer a cure.


k (0)b


First in line is Ramsay (Don Diego) who now stands on the study carpet for a dressing down! He’s been causing a lot of problems this term and now his time is up. He can take a detention or visit his Housemaster Mr Sharpe. He perhaps unwisely chooses the latter.



Mr Sharpe had been keeping a watchful eye on Ramsay and knew it was only a matter of time before he’d be knocking on his door too. This senior boy is ordered to bend over and take a caning over his tight grey shorts.



After that they can come down and the Master’s old brown leather belt will re awaken the cane stripes on the lads now bared bottom.






No punishment with Mr Sharps is complete unless the unruly boy goes over his knee. Ramsay protests, he’s sixth form now. Not good enough, childish acts demand disciplinary measures to suite.




The lads raised and well rounded bare bottom will receive a scorching delivery from the unforgiving hand of his dominant Housemaster!



Giving Ramsey just what he deserves!!


The Headmaster has a new visitor, a cheeky prefect who also happen to be the rugby captain. McKenzie (Victor Creedon) has, like Ramsay, taken his postilion for granted and not been setting a good example to the other boys. They naturally look up to him so its a vital part of being a prefect and senior lad. McKenzie receives detention but unluckily the Master is charge that day is going to be Mr Sharpe!


k (14)a

In detention he’s given work to do by the Master but quickly decides this is boring and starts misbehaving. This is not a good thing to do in the presence of Mr Sharpe who in turn quickly decides this boy needs a much firmer lesson.

k (14)b

McKenzie is called out to the front and bends over for a traditional caning on his shorts.


After this he’s told to strip off for a good stinging spanking!





McKenzie’s muscular fuzzy bare backside is throbbing now but such well shaped buttocks like this really deserve a taste of the Housemaster’s strap. Its stinging bands of fire will soon teach this petulant youth who’s is really in charge and it isn’t him!








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Kiwi College 5

The latest Release from Sting Kiwi College 5 includes a free 48 picture HQ gallery,

It takes a while for troublesome sixth formers to realise they have to knuckle down for final exams. The future is important but playing
rugby and making mayhem seem much more enjoyable alternatives. The Headmaster of course has other ideas and is keeping a close check on his aspiring seniors.




Knocking on the Heads study door is Jody Greenwood (Leonardo King) this senior has been misbehaving in class and not studying hard for his exams. 


He’ll get a regulation caning for this and as a warning told that his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) will deal with him more firmly next time should he continue with his disrupting of the class.


Next to visit the Heads study is Patrick Kelly (Karl Frazer) a sixth former who has been given yet another bad monthly report. 



He too needs a lesson and out comes the whippy rattan again to deliver its biting sting. Bent over and across tight grey shorts this caning, a message to behave, is just the start. At the end Kelly is ordered to report to the gym later.






In the gym the Head takes off his jacket to prepare to deliver a good backside scorching spanking to this idle senior. As he goes over the knee young Kelly knows his bare bottom is going to be burned. He’s a fit lad, keen on sports and has started to develop a strong body, his bare bottom, rounded and raised, makes the perfect target! 








Next he is ordered to bend over the end of the leather pommel horse. A good strapping is in order to follow the spanking and is laid on with vigour. The painful fiery lick of this well used leather devil rings round the gym store.












The warning given to Jody Greenwood hadn’t sunk in and he finds himself back before Mr Sharpe. A very bad move as this Housemaster is known to be not the most tolerant of men! The
boy needs teaching a lesson and so it will be. Firstly, after stripping naked, Greenwood gets a good hard spanking.


This lad is a valued member of the Rugby team and to say the least has a chiselled body. His bare bottom is firm and rounded, but he hates to get spanked especially on the bare bottom!









If the spanking is not bad enough the caning to follow is even more testing. Mr Sharpes thin whippy rattan cane really hits the mark and leave them as well.






An exemplary thrashing is laid on as a warning to others given in two different positions that leave young Jody striped and yelping!







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Kiwi College 4

A new term and new problems from those Kiwi college lads. This term its two newly made up prefects who think they can get away with anything. Well you can only have so many chances and these lads have used them all up. Now an exasperated Headmaster is going to take firm action!



On the carpet are Charlie Wilkins (Oscar Hart) and Johnny Rayner (Robbie Kasl) this brazen pair having pushed their luck too far are going to get six of the best each.


This is the traditional answer to bad behaviour and the swishy rattan will bite its stinging message to start to behave






After, unluckily for them, they will be sent to their own House Master who has his own ideas about how good discipline should be administered!



Mr Sharpe is in no mood to compromise, he too has given this pair enough chances. If they want to stay in their positions as prefects they must learn what discipline means. No better way than to put the two cheeky brats across his knee for a sound spanking.




Each lad will feel the full force of Mr Sharpe’s unrelenting and very persuasive palm.





Their firm bare bottoms quickly turning bright red. The Masters scorching palm delivers a burning sting but this is merely a precursor for what is to come.



The two young rascals have been soundly and deservedly spanked.



Mr Sharpe surveys his handiwork, but he’s not finished yet!


These badly behaved boys are not going to get away with just a spanking. As seniors they really need to learn a short sharp lesson there and then!



Both are ordered to kneel on the gym bench.



They are then ordered to push their freshly spanked bare bottoms out for a dose of the House Masters well used leather strap. This is going to sting like hell and they know it.




Time for regret will have to come later, right now they have to deal with the fiery crack of the old leather strap as it licks painfully, one after one, into their burning bare bottoms!







Afterwards, desperate
for relief, they rub their blazing bottoms against the cool surface
of the lockers
But it will take more than than to ease the sting!!










Kiwi College 3


It’s the summer term and three more lads have got themselves in to trouble. For the Headmaster and his staff maintaining discipline is always very much ongoing!



One of the juniors Cougan (Elijah Young) has been stealing merchandise mfrom the tuck shop. 


The Headmaster orders a prefect, Henson (Phil Stone) to deal with him. This begins with a traditional caning over Cougan’s tightly spread grey shorts.
However he doesn’t get of that lightly as immediately after he is ordered to remove his shorts for a bare bottom spanking.



The muscular Henson perches Cougan over his knee then after a good session of stinging slaps changes to a more OTK position.



This is a spanking he won’t forget in a hurry!
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