Discipline Down Under – Smoke Signals

 Discipline Down under -Smoke Signals

The pupils are pushing their luck again and its time to instil some much needed discipline in to these rowdy pupils. Truanting and cheating in exams are just two of the offences that have taken place this term.
One such lad, Thompson (Mark Lewis) has been continually absent from college.






The Headmaster has had enough and sends the boy to the PE Master, Mr Volny (Johann Volny) Its not going to be one of Thompson’s best days as Mr Volny sets to work. Fisrtly its high up over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking. 





Thompson’s smooth rounded backside is quickly turned a scorching red as the PE Masters hard palm cracks down.



The The Master however won’t be convinced the boy’s learned his lesson until he feels the old brown leather strap licking its painful message in to his bare bottom.




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In the exam room another boy has been sent to the Headmaster. Davis (Tony Masters) has been caught cheating and now has some explaining to do. 
However,he comes clean with the Head and is ordered to bend over for a caning. The swishy rattan cane bites in to the boys tight grey shorts but that is just for starters.



Now they are ordered to be taken down and the main part begins, a series of burning stripes well laid on to the boys bare bottom.








The offence of cheating is considered serious so to follow the caning Davis is taken over the knee for a sound spanking. This is going to sting like hell especially over the already painful and raw cane stripes. Not cheating in the future is definitely going through this lads mind!








Sting CFNM: Don’t Mess with Miss!


Introducing Sting Pictures first venture in to CFNM discipline stories. We had to start
somewhere even in a small way but this college days episode with M.
Cassidy and young Mark Lewis seemed a good place to start.
 WARNING: Sting CFNM features naked and semi naked young men being disciplined by fully clothed women 

Naval Story – Part 2

Naval Story Part 2


At the cadet training ship T.S Morsus
sea trials for final year cadets have finished and the lads are back in
their land base. The Captain however has had some bad reports about two
particular cadets.


Boy Seaman Morrison (Mark Lewis) is up
on a charge, his record of service while at sea has been far less than
needed to make the grade. 


Not wanting to spoil a young cadet’s report
the Captain sends him to receive corporal punishment from his Chief
Petty Officer. 



And it gets worse!!

The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits (part 1)

 The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits stars Adam Ashton. Mark Lewis and Simon Lee with Marco and Dexter


The latest batch of senior boys and prefects at Coombe Hall College have been up to no good again. The Headmaster though is having none of it and steps in when things start to get out of hand.

The first to get his collar felt is prefect Mark Harfield ( Adam Ashton) His pranks and behaviour have got him referred to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) Young Harfield, dressed in his pyjamas, finds himself over the knee for a good long stinging spanking. 




Senior boy or not he’s getting into bed at lights out with a very sore bottom indeed!


Fifth former Colin Miller (Mark Lewis) is getting far too keen on sneaking away for a quick smoke. This time however he’s caught in the changing room by a prefect, Tom Ward (Simon Lee) Not happy with his excuses the prefect takes him over his knee for a spanking. 







His smooth blemish free bare bottom quickly turns a burning bright red! It’s the strap though that will finish the job and Miller is ordered to lay across the vaulting horse for a scorching session with this biting leather instrument.









Video Trailer for Angry Dads 5 “Bad Letter Day”

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Staring Aaron Alton and introducing Mark Lewis

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Angry Dads 5 “Bad Letter Day” is available in three quality levels

Angry Dads 5 – Bad Letter Day (Part 2)

 Following young Aaron’s bottom scorching in part one, now in the second instalment of Angry Dads 5 – Bad Letter Day in another part of town a second young lad get’s his seat toasted by his angry parent
 Technical college student Luke (New Stinglad Mark Lewis) is arriving home and having to face the arrival of another letter. He too has been skipping classes and not attending to his studies. Time to take action, he’s been warned before and now must take the consequences.
First off he’s told to strip, then quickly taken over Dads knee for a good hard spanking! Luke’s rounded and youthful backside quickly turns a scorched red.

Now like all Dads of the time for the full impact off comes his carpet slipper and across the hapless youths firm bare backside it goes!

Lying over the coffee table with his already raw bare bottom raised high Luke can only yelp as his backside glows and burns to the rhythmic collision of the stinging slipper. Its painful rubber sole burning a message in to both lads red raw bare bottoms , no more Bad Letter Days!