“Discipline Down Under Part 3” # 1

Over an hour long and staring nine different different Sting lads, all upended and red bottomed, Sting’s 2010  download “Discipline DownUnder Part 3” is another Sting masterpiece and a really enjoyable romp, as well as being really sexy!!

Set in an Australian school, where cigarette trading, illicit drinking and general misbehaviour by the handsome young lads are rewarded with nine well, spanked, strapped, caned, slippered and belted bare behinds presented in the unique and excellent Sting style.

The cast includes popular Czech and Estonian lads, such as Darren, Robbie, Sebastian, Stephenal, James B, and Rowan Hunter, together with newcomers such as Joshua Black , Sean Ronson and Alex Granger playing playing strict disciplinarian Mr Williams the Hunky PE teacher. (Links are at the bottom of this post)

To be continued: ………………………!!

The New Prefect’s revenge

This is a really superb production, over 50 minutes long with six Sting Lads, and I lost count of how many spankings. This has something for everyone to enjoy, cute boys being spanked on already punished bottoms, bullies getting their well deserved comeuppance and Matt Mills playing a prefect (don’t worry, despite his promotion Matt’s eminently spankable bottom doesn’t avoid a good spanking either). The action includes spankings, slipperings, canings, birchings, and an uncomfortable medical exam, I highly recommend it.
There is also some great performances, especially from Matt, and a very tall new actor playing Head Boy Nicky Hornby. As seen below unlucky Sebastian gets spanked shortly after receiving a painful injection in the butt.

See below for the full storyline

NOTE: A Prefect is a student who has been granted a supervisory powers over other students, usually in an English private school 


There comes a time in every lads life when he makes it to the sixth form and the high office of Prefect, House Captain or even Head Boy. As another term starts at famous St Datchets Academy Joe Templeton make it to House Captain. However because he wears this shinning accolade doesnt mean he escapes punishment but now instead of just receiving it he can at last give it out too. 
He’s not alone and among this years honours list the position of Head Boy goes to Nicky Hornby. Known to be a tough nut he soon gets to grip with his new position of power. One unlucky recipient is Danny Herbert who one his way back from a routine visit to the clinic is waylaid by Horby and given a good spanking for his trouble, seemingly a little unfair having just had his vitamin shots from the doctor. 
Templeton isn’t short of victims either and has to deal with two lads for over excesses in an illegal wine tasting session, This is followed by another caning laid on to a lad who decided to go AWOL for some fun and games. One job reserved for the head boy is to be the horse when a junior is given the birch. A position that Horby takes up with relish. All good things come to end and it’s not long before Hornby’s own misdemeanours catch up with him. 
The Head is furious the the position of Head boy is brought so low and decides to make a real example. As Hornby is the Head Boy the example certainly comes to the attention of the rest of the Academy and he is severely dealt with according to his age and position. This spectacle is not to be forgotten or missed as two of his early victims are able to see for themselves. The new prefects get some revenge but it’s the students of St Datchets who have the last laugh.

The New Prefects Revenge – Direct link