Sting Plus: Oh Brother – Epilogue: The Sex Files

 Following on from the popular Borstal Days 2: The Sex Files, Sting now present The Brothers Epilogue: The Sex Files. (Available with or without the sexual content) 

It’s all action back at Innesfial Industrial School with fire and brimstone discipline still being handed out.

Sting actors Jimmy Evans and Mike Cross, who plays the pious Brother Linus, are well paired again when Jimmy playing Aiden Conley is caught drinking alcohol with his pal Patrick (Dale Brady) 

Dale Brady as Patrick Rourke is given a good hard spanking by the Principle Brother and later a butt burning hard flogging with the martinet from the Principle Brothers deputy Brother Michael

For fans of Jason Shaw he’s back too coupled with new Sting lad Jason Roberts. They play two lads who are caught in the bathhouse doing things that perhaps they shouldn’t be doing.

And pay for it with two very sore bottoms …

Kyle Wilkinson is ordered to report for a spanking to young Brother Martin played by Nick Carter
In what may be an all-time first in the spanking fetish film genre Sting actors Lloyd Adams and Riley Smith are caught engaged in some sinful dormitory romping and reported to the Principle Brother. During their punishment session a young inmate played by Riley smith succumbs to the situation leaving a messy calling card on the parquet floor of the main office.
Needless the say the Principle Brother in none too pleased! As with The Brothers movie this epilogue has a storyline full of stinging raw butt burning action.

Dale Brady’s further punishment

The detail and costumes set in the dark dank surrounding of the Industrial School make this another hot film for your Sting collection.
As usual with Sting Plus, there are two versions of this movie, a 36 minute all spanking version or a 50:33 minute epic featuring sex and spanking. You chose which you prefer!

Preview trailer to follow:


Sting Raw – “Hetherington, the ink ball incident”

This Sting Raw release stars Nick in “Hetherington, the ink ball incident”

The Head Boy’s job is to set an example and maintain discipline amongst the other students. He is supposed to be the standing example of what the others should be able to attain.

Young Hetherington’s case he is not always successful at living up to that standard and flicking blue ink paint balls with a ruler on to the clean white shirts of fellow sixth formers is not a good example………..

 The Head is understandably furious. Hetherington is summoned to his office and given a good caning for his misdemeanour! He’ll now have some stinging bright red stripes to show off in the showers. 
 The Head though is not too sure the message is getting through to his most senior pupil or indeed the rest of the college. So to make sure everyone is aware that the Head Boy is being firmly disciplined he arranges that Hetherington to return at nine o’clock for further treatment!
Just before lights out the Head Boy waits outside the Headmasters study again. This time, although he is one of the older boys, he’s going to get a long hard humiliating spanking and will return to his dorm with a burning red backside to remind him he is the Head Boy and therefore an example to the rest. 

The Headmaster through his exemplary punishment will make sure that it stays that way for Hetherington. 


Sting – Sixth Formers (the new term) Part 1

Another 2010 download from Sting is “Sixth Formers – the New Term”, following on from the popular “Sixth Formers and Mr Sorrenson” It’s back to historic Coombe Hall College where the Headmaster has a special mandate from the governors to keep discipline in the old way. The old way means that lots of young miscreants “end up” with very red and sore bottoms.

Sixth Formers – the new term is a special length download just over I hour and 10 minutes long with a host of handsome young man being kept in line by regular canings, spankings and birching (frequently one right after the other!!)

This download features Rusty who, in the role of Mr. Klaus, has graduated from a one time bad boy in movies such as “TS Morsus – Before the Mast” and “Woodland Vandals” into a very effective disciplinarian.

For the benefit of North American users, in the UK the term “Sixth Formers” relates to the equivalents of “Seniors” that is to say young men aged eighteen or nineteen in their final school year

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow


Sting – Sixth Formers (the new term) Part 3

Rich from Sting has sent me a huge batch of additional pictures from Sting’s new extra length download
“Sixth Formers – the New Term”

I shall post them in two batches first set today and the rest tomorrow.

Sixth Formers – the new term includes scenes from previously unreleased footage of Margusta and Nathan

Some images from wonderful scene featuring a drunken Darren and Robbie being caned by Rob and then birched by Rusty (Mr. Klaus) immediately afterward. The moment where Darren walks. naked, across the room with his cherry red globes juggling as he does so is quite unforgettable!

New disciplinarian Rusty punishes Nick a bully who gets his comeuppance (twice)

In one scene Nick receives a firm hand spanking on top of an already well caned behind! OUCH!!

To be continued ……..


The Trials of Truancy

 “The Trials of Truancy” starring Nick and Charlie in their first Sting Movie was released in 2009.

The Description of the Trials of Truancy:

The Headmaster of Connaught School is not a happy man, neither is the housemaster of Leighton House Gerry Richardson. Two unruly students, Greg Miller (Charlie) and Guy Harvey (Nick) have yet again decided to take time out but of course without any form of permission. All would have been well and no one would have been the wiser except for one fact.

During his return to the college the lad’s housemaster Gerry Richardson often cuts through the park. On this occasion during his stroll the game would soon be up for Greg and Guy. Caught this time red handed and out of bounds, out of class, out of school and out of luck. Mr Sturgeon the headmaster decides enough is enough and an example must be made. Marched in to the heads study by Mr Richardson and following a stern lecture a dose of discipline is quickly prescribed.

For Greg and Guy the afternoon will now be taken up with a painful session of punishment from both the head and their own housemaster. All designed to refresh in the minds of these senior students that rules are rule and to be obeyed! OTK spankings and a dose of the gym slipper are the order of the day. These lads won’t sit down for a while but they’ll certainly learn what beating the bounds means. Hot and stinging school boy action, all part of the trials of truancy for the pupils of Connaught School.

And here are some scenes from the movie: