Discipline Down Under – An Explosive Issue

Science can be an interesting subject and delving in to experiments is always safely encouraged. However scientific discovery is by nature very experimental and things have to be kept safe! Boundaries are set and risk taking is is very much discouraged. 


Two senior students left to get on by themselves are more than willing to push the boundaries. One of them Kevin Gregg (Oscar Hart) is a very inquisitive type and quite ready to get a little more brave on his path of discovery. He should know better! His classmate Ronnie Donaldson (new StingLad Chase Anderson is much more cautious but in the end goes along with Kevin’s mad scheme.

Trying to get a hot air balloon to rise using propane gas instead of natural heat results in an explosion that blows out the classroom windows. Thankfully both lads had the sense to run for it before disaster struck but now face a new disaster standing together in the Headmasters office.

Fearing it will end the boys education the parents have allowed the school to deal with the situation as they see fit. No Police will be involved but the two lads are sent to the Deputy Head Mr Sharpe to be severely dealt with.

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Kiwi College 4

A new term and new problems from those Kiwi college lads. This term its two newly made up prefects who think they can get away with anything. Well you can only have so many chances and these lads have used them all up. Now an exasperated Headmaster is going to take firm action!



On the carpet are Charlie Wilkins (Oscar Hart) and Johnny Rayner (Robbie Kasl) this brazen pair having pushed their luck too far are going to get six of the best each.


This is the traditional answer to bad behaviour and the swishy rattan will bite its stinging message to start to behave






After, unluckily for them, they will be sent to their own House Master who has his own ideas about how good discipline should be administered!



Mr Sharpe is in no mood to compromise, he too has given this pair enough chances. If they want to stay in their positions as prefects they must learn what discipline means. No better way than to put the two cheeky brats across his knee for a sound spanking.




Each lad will feel the full force of Mr Sharpe’s unrelenting and very persuasive palm.





Their firm bare bottoms quickly turning bright red. The Masters scorching palm delivers a burning sting but this is merely a precursor for what is to come.



The two young rascals have been soundly and deservedly spanked.



Mr Sharpe surveys his handiwork, but he’s not finished yet!


These badly behaved boys are not going to get away with just a spanking. As seniors they really need to learn a short sharp lesson there and then!



Both are ordered to kneel on the gym bench.



They are then ordered to push their freshly spanked bare bottoms out for a dose of the House Masters well used leather strap. This is going to sting like hell and they know it.




Time for regret will have to come later, right now they have to deal with the fiery crack of the old leather strap as it licks painfully, one after one, into their burning bare bottoms!







Afterwards, desperate
for relief, they rub their blazing bottoms against the cool surface
of the lockers
But it will take more than than to ease the sting!!










The Birching Block

Birchings were administered is various ways and positions but surely the most famous is to kneel on the heavy wooden birching block! This creative accessory has a long  history and a preserved real version of it can still be seen in the museum at Eton College.



Robinson, played by Oscar Hart just lately has been pushing his luck and breaking one rule after another. As a senior he is expected to set a good example to the juniors, this he seriously fails to do. The Headmaster has had enough and now an example really will be made but out of the boy himself.





The Sixth Formers – Blazing Encounters

The Sixth Formers – Blazing Encounters – a Special Length download starring Oscar Hart, Ariel Varga and Marco plus introducing Robbie Kasl and Glen Dale

Discipline is firmly administered in the day to day life at Coombe Hall College. The Headmaster runs a tight ship but this doesn’t stop the more confident older lads skylarking from time to time. Eventually their luck runs out and they will have to face the consequences of their often foolish actions.

One lad who finmds this out in Richard Daniels (Arial Varga)​Having any sort of weapon in college is strictly against the rules but this hasn’t deterred ​young ​Daniels. He knows he shouldn’t be in possession of such an object but chose anyway to flaunt the well-known rule.




To make sure he understands this edict his Housemaster lays on a stinging bare bottom spanking. 




This is followed by a dose of the time honoured crook handled rattan cane to be received on his now raw well spanked bare backside.




This is ​also ​certainly the case of Pete Castle (Oscar Hart) and Ralf Trueman (New Sting Lad Robbie Kasl)​
In their stupidity whilst grabbing a quick smoke in the changing rooms they nearly set the College on fire!





A very annoyed Headmaster orders them back to the changing rooms to be dealt with. They are both going to get a thoroughly good spanking and that is just the start …







If the Young rascals thought their ordeal was over, they were in for a nasty shock!!

Cop It!

Oscar Hart and Travis Mckinnon really COP IT! from police officers Johan Volny and Marco in the new modern day crime story release from Sting


Chico (Oscar Hart) thinks he’s a lil gangster but he isn’t so tough and what’s more he’s lucky he live in the same precinct as Detective Hogan. He believes in old fashioned discipline and giving some of the younger juveniles a second chance. They don’t get of lightly though and a good whuppin is often the order of the day!





He might be an insolent pup but when Chico is handed over to Officer Novak (Johan Volny) to be punished he starts to change his tune.


Sting Plus: Thick as Thieves – Down Under (Part 1)

Please note Sting Plus movies include some sexual content
An incident of theft at the college has the Headmaster up in arms.
The perpetrators are quickly bought to book. Two boys Rigby (Oscar hart) and Henson (New Stinglad Jack Barrett) have purloined the college excursion fund for their own use.


The Headmaster quickly appoints their Housemaster Mr Holden (Marco) to deal with the two miscreants. His method of punishment is simple but sure. Both boys will be put over his knee for a scorching spanking on their bare bottoms, something Rigby particularly hates.









After this it will be the old brown leather belt and rattan cane to finish the job of disciplining this wayward pair.








When they eventually rise from being bent over the Heads study desk with their red raw and painfully stripped bare bottoms exposed, sitting down will not be easy for quite a while.


In Part 2 the second House Master deals with another naughty student, Barton played by Justin Maher


Army Hotshots


Life in the 12th Field cavalry regiment goes on as does the strict discipline, imposed to mould future efficient soldiers out of the young cadets.
One or two still push their luck though, the case of Trooper Henderson (Adam Ashton) being one of them. He thought that if he was careful taking a rifle out of the barracks to show his girlfriend would go unnoticed. He couldn’t have been more wrong!



His commander was furious at such a foolish thing to do, however it was decided to deal with him off the record. Now for this reckless young cadet a hard military style spanking would take place scolding his firm rounded bare bottom to perfection. 



With his backside still burning Trooper Henderson is ordered to lie across the ammunition boxes, his bare buttocks raised.


It will be the training whips that will conclude the punishment. Used to train the finest cavalry stallions, should it not be the same with this petulant young cadet. The biting sting of the whips lash fiery stripes across Henderson’s bare bottom. Oh yes, today  lessons will be learned!







Another cadet, Trooper Hall (Oscar Hart) has finally lost the patience of his training officer (Travis McKinnon – above) His conduct of late has become most un soldierly. He’s letting the platoon down and his youthful fit muscular officer is determined to put a stop to it.
  As with Henderson he’s going to be spanked army style.
Hauled up over the young officer’s knee Hall can only squirm and yelp
as he receives a good hard stinging bare bottom spanking.



 His backside is red raw but for the training officer it’s not enough!
He reaches for his riding crop and with trooper Hall kneeling on an ammunition box, bottom raised and splayed, lays on a good lashing. The woven leather whip, more used to training the officer’s horse, now delivers a series of burning hot shots to the howling young cadets dangerously exposed bare bottom.




 Travis gets into a military mood before filming
Ready …aim …





The Sixth Formers – Imperfect Prefects (Part 2)

 The Second set of pictures from The Sixth Formers – Imperfect Prefects

In Scene three, Mark Jackson (Oscar Hart) is a youthful sixth former who always seems to be causing an upset after lights out in the dormitory. Tired of this his Housemaster, Mr Volny (Johan Volny) decides to take direct action!


This cheeky pup is going over the knee to have his bare bottom spanked raw, that way he might see some sense next time he wants to lark around.


Mr Volny’s scorching palm has made a good effect on young Mark’s backside but it’s the India rubber gym slipper that will finally burn some manners in to this badly behaved youth. Grabbing his ankles his rounded little backside thrust out all the lad can do now is yelp and the Housemasters slipper crack’s firmly home.


Mr Graves is on his late night dormitory check and unfortunately for one lad Crowley (Rudi Vallance) he is caught puffing on a cigar almost certainly purloined from the staff room. Mr Graves, a total non-smoker, is not amused and gives Crowley a hiding there and then.


Crowley is also a member of the football team, a respected sports boy and should know better. His muscular and well-rounded bare bottom is turned a scorching red by the master but now he dispatches Crowley off to bring back the cane.


Once more the lad’s backside is thrust out and the cane thwipps home! The stinging biting stripes from the wicked rattan instantly give Crowley something to think about, giving up casual smoking is certainly high on the list!


Unfortunately Robert Barclay didn’t take his cue to behave the first time after a spanking from Mr Graves. Now thoroughly tired of this senior boy’s antics the Head orders the birch to be laid on.


Straddling the gym horse like the cannon on a warship Barclay grits his teeth and the well soaked birch cuts down. Its supple twigs, like red hot wires, burning painful waves of much needed discipline in to this insolent sixth former’s defenceless bare bottom. Maybe in time these imperfect prefects will become perfect after all!

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The Sixth Formers – Imperfect Prefects (Part 1)


When you get in to the sixth form (the UK version of a senior) in many instances you become a prefect too. You’re then expected to maintain the image of of being a cut above the rest. This includes setting an example to other guys in the college below you. This is not an easy road and some fall by the wayside.

This was particularly true of the football captain Hugh Carlton (Travis McKinnon) He’d been running a neat little business on the side selling cut price goods all obtained from a very dubious source.

The Headmaster of course was furious and senior though he was dealt with Carlton with a good spanking.

The humiliation continued on with a thick leather belt being brought down hard on this fit prefects reddened, sore and burning bare bottom.

Another sixth form boy Robert Barclay (Johnny Hayward) was just not pulling his weight at all and was ordered to report to his Housemaster Mr Graves (Marco) to have some sense spanked in to him.

Again this big lad, a star in the college Rugby team, was ordered to lie over the vaulting horse. Mr Graves, sleeves rolled up, furiously slaps the boys bare backside red raw.

Not content with just a spanking Mr Graves also employs an old style ping pong bat to actively scorch the message to behave in to Barclay’s well-presented bare bottom.


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Approved Education No: 8 (Part 1)

Bishopsfield Institution an Approved Educational centre for young delinquents provides a stable on going sense of discipline in its programme of retraining. Lads are expected to make the grade and if not trouble surely lies ahead.
One lad, Collins (New StingLad Oscar Hart) has been pushing his luck and raided the tuck shop (College store) On being caught red handed ..

…he is sent to his Housemaster (Johan Volny) to be dealt with.
This young housemaster is in no mood to compromise this time and puts the young Collins over his knee for a good long old fashion bare bottom spanking.

His cheeks grows redder and redder as the Housemasters hand cracks down, the stinging palm, relentless in motion, scorching the lads shapely and well raised bare bottom!

Collins is howling but he’ll be howling more as the cane now makes an appearance. Stealing will not be tolerated! Bent over the chair the swishy rattan cuts home, the lads rounded bare bottom now striped, burning and raw!

 Collins is not alone in the line-up of offenders
Coming bext Xander Holister

In three definition levels