Two sides of Dexter

Those of you who have been paying attention will recognise Czech (Sting) actor Dexter in the pictures above, showing off his muscular physique

Dexter is fact becoming a regular spanking top for Sting Pictures. In the first set of pictures below, Dexter puts new Sting actor David White through his paces in the soon to be released Sting Download, Bad Education.

David White – not just a pretty face

In the pictures below however, we see a different and bare bottomed side of Dexter, when he found himself on the stinging end of Rich O’Shea’s firm hand and cane, when he underwent the traditional Sting audition.

A Sign of Our Times – Stings first Modern Day movie

Following a number of requests from their fans, Sting cames right up to date in August 2009 with their first venture into the modern day, “A sign of the times” staring the Czech actors Hayden and Keith and long term Brit boy favourite David together with Dexter, who keeps the naughty trio in line.

Description: Stepping briefly out of our retro film making role ‘A Sign of The Times’ catches up with the antics of three typical ‘yoof’s of today. Convinced they can get away with anything and if caught just a telling off which will bounce of their brains like a badly served tennis ball.

Firstly, Hayden decides to borrow his Uncles pride and joy namely his new car without his permission of course! For this he is hauled to account and given a good hiding by his ever watchful Uncle Dexter. Hayden’s uncle is intent on making sure that he doesn’t forget the incident and follows though with his slipper for full effect.

Next to make some easy cash Keith decides its time for a spot of house breaking. Unfortunately for him the owner returns unexpectedly with his friend and caught red handed they deal with the lad in no uncertain terms. It’s a choice of the police or a good spanking and the strap. Keith really didn’t have any choice in the matter.

Lastly, rugby captain David at his private school where if needed sensible discipline is still sometimes employed, all with the parent’s agreement. After yet another fiery encounter with the opposition on the ruby field fists start to fly. The exasperated headmaster leaves it in the hands of Mr Johnson the young PT master to firmly implant the message of discipline in to 6th former David’s stubborn head. This latest and not so PC story of corporal punishment is a portrayal of how it ought to be used in today’s cotton wool society. So let the imagination run wild or rather let’s see how it could be if today’s lacklustre leaders could get their act together.

A sign of the times download
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A Sign of Our Times – Scene 1

Here are a few images from the first scene of Sting’s modern day download “A Sign of the Times”. In this scene Hayden pays a painful penalty for attempting to “borrow” his Uncle Dexter’s car.
In my view Hayden has a beautiful bottom, eminently spankable!

A Sign of Our times – Scenes 2 and 3

Here are some more images from Sting’s first modern day download “A Sign of our times”

I scene two young Keith is caught burgling an apartment, the occupants sit him down and present him of either being handed over to the police or taking a severe spanking, followed by a strapping. He takes option 2, as a result it is the last time he sits down comfortably for quite a while.

The final scene involves the ever popular David, who’s plays Rugby Captain Gregory. Punished for violence on the rugby field, David/Gregory receives a sound, and very long, over the knee hand spanking, followed by a stinging caning while bent over the gym horse. The punishment is administered with skill and obvious confidence by Coach’s assistant Dexter.

A sign of our times is classic Sting, but in a modern day setting as with all Sting productions it combines professional high quality camera work and editing. sexy and believable storylines, good acting together with very cute and spankable actors, and, as always is highly recommended by JockSpank

A sign of the times download
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Three for the Gym

Three for the Gym was released in August 2008 shortly after Sting Pictures relocated to Prague, and has a cast of Czech born bad boys including  Danny and Brett

This download is described on the sting site as follows:

When Wheeler and Sanderson decide to take some unofficial recreation they hadn’t bargained to be caught by the ever watchful Mr Hewitson. As Deputy Headmaster at Clifton Heath College checking the senior dormitories every now and again is often worth the effort of climbing the stairs. The later appointment at the back of the gym will mean some stiff punishment for Wheeler and an introduction to a good spanking for Sanderson, caught for the first time!

As the sound of the cane and firm spanking echo round the sports hall another miscreant in the form of Bradley Bailey arrives for his appointment with Mr Hewitson. Bailey another senior student is in trouble yet again for his third truancy offence and is due to be dealt with. This time however the hard spanking will be administered after a session over the horse with the cane.

Three for the Gym features some new faces on the Sting Pictures download area with more to come.

Three for the Gym together with three other downloads and a bonus scene is now available on DVD as part of the

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TS Morsus – Before the Mast

TS Morsus – Before the Mast” takes us into life on the the Naval training ship “TS Morsus” with a crew of naughty young sailors, including Darren, Andreas, Stefanal, Rusty and Toby, put through their paces by senior crew members Dexter, Rich, Rob and Margusta.
Story Line: It’s all at sea with this nautical download story set in the naval training ship T.S Morsus (any students of Latin might like to look that up) Captain Harcourt runs a tight ship and has lately been very pleased with the disciplinary methods employed by newly posted Petty officer Svenson of 16 mess.
All the Boy Seaman at TS Morsus were drafted knowing that bare bottom discipline was part of the routine and the Divisional Officer of Connaught Division, Lieutenant James, was to over see several punishment parades. In this story we take a look at five defaulters who are charged with offences that will warrant some form of ‘gunner’s daughter’ discipline. First up are Boy Seaman Davidson and Harris having fallen foul of the rule book. On the spot and unofficial is how PO Svenson likes to work and both Davidson, Harris and later Signal Boy Osborne will feel the hot sting of his open palm. Official punishments too follow a defaulter’s parade where both Boy Seaman Davison and Harris are to receive the birch counted out over the horse with the Captain in attendance.
Later Boy Seaman Carling and Adams receive the wrath of PO Svenson after breaking Rule Three continually larking about after lights out. Cuts offences 4A or caning is one punishment most of the lads try to avoid but Signal Boy Osbourne is out of luck and is sentenced to a caning at defaulter parade for gross infringement of the rules. TS Morsus… Before The Mast is Stings first longer look back at the lives of British Boy Seaman and the legendary harsh regime under which they were trained. Stand by your beds!


Images from Approved Education 2 – Brett gets it in triplicate – Part 1

Approved Education Part 2 is a mini epic with an all star cast including Brad, David, Barry and Stefanel together with the popular Brett . In this download, Brett appears in three heavy discipline sessions during which he receives a spanking, a strapping and finally the cane.
For his first punishment, following an unsuccessful attempt to escape from Approved School (a type or reformatory for young miscreants) Brett is ordered to humiliatingly remove his pajama bottoms and go over the knee for a firm bare bottom spanking, affording the audience what must certainly be many people’s favourite view of our young hero.


Many firm smacks later the chastised Brett is sent to bed to nurse his smarting pride and stinging behind.

Following a further attempt to abscond Brett finds himself on the sore bottomed end of a severe strapping from the head warden (played by Rich O’Shea)


Click here for Part 2


Approved Education 2 together with three other downloads and a bonus scene is now available on DVD as part of the