The Housemaster’s Study 7 (Part 1 of 2)

The Housemaster’s Study Part 7

We’re back at School and the lads always think they can get the better of the Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, and they are always proved wrong!

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Johnny Douglass (Paul Wolfe) is charged with making the Tea for his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) Today though he’s going to add a little extra ingredient, namely salt! It’ll be something funny to tell his mates later!

However, his plans are scuppered when Mr Sharpe senses something is not quite right and makes Johnny drink it himself!

A prank like this is going to see young Douglass on the wrong end of Mr Sharpe’s gym slipper ..


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Angry Fathers Spanking Naughty Sons in “Angry Dads 14”

There will be a brand new Angry Dads heading this way very soon, however, before that, here is a February 2017 Angry Dads Spanking Update which was originally posted to the old Feel the Sting Blog.



Two more wayward sons have be testing the water again, just to see how much they can get away with. There’s a limit though, there always is, and that’s when Dad’s had quite enough thank you! Time to take steps and add a taste of stinging discipline to quickly remedy the situation.  And that means some well aimed bare bottom spanking – (and, in this case, not forgetting a rubber soled gym shoe)


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Hornet; (sex and Spanking) – “Because I Can!”


When Johnny Wright (Adam Black) was caught up to no good in the locker room by a senior boy (Luke Adams) the prefect in question couldn’t have been more happy.



Young Wright will have to be punished, and as if he doesn’t want the incident to be known he will have to submit himself for discipline, in anyway this demon prefect deemed fit!






Firstly and in the old school tradition he is sent to fetch the swishy rattan punishment cane. This will burn though his tight PE shorts before they are taken down of course.






will be a perfect start to a session of discipline where the older boy will dominate this naughty young miscreant. It’ll include some fiery swats of the gym slipper and a stinging spanking……





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WARNING Hornet videos include graphic sexual content


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Sports Report 6

 Sports Report 6

The sports reports are not looking good for several important members of the team. Too much slacking and not enough proper training has seriously taken its toll. Its become anything but a winning team combination and the Manager needs to take urgent action. He has his ways of course, all slightly off the record but it certainly works and in the past has brought the team back on track!


On his return from a cold and snowy run and workout Kenny Benson (Joey Whyte) decides to take a quick nip from a bottle of vodka he has secreted away. 



He is caught red handed by Luke Taylor (Travis McKinnon) the junior Coach. 

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Housemaster’s Study – Episode Two

Back at St Morsus Academy Housemaster Mr Gordon Sharpe has popped out for the afternoon. A couple of students have already noticed his old Morris Minor is not standing in its usual spot in the car park. This is the perfect time to make some unofficial phone calls!
Johnny Murray (Paul Wolfe) and Tim Kidson (Adam Black) both sixth formers have sneaked in to the Housemasters study and are busy making a phone call.



Unfortunately for them their Housemaster (Marco) has forgotten a book he intended to take with him and returns. He open his study door to find both boys using his phone, caught red handed!
Their carpe diem moment is of course going to end with punishment. The quarterly phone bills have been higher than expected and perhaps now the reason why has been found. It goes without saying that for this a good spanking is the best place to start.






boys are taken high over the knee. The first stinging slaps are given
over their crisp white underwear which are then swiftly pulled down
to expose their rounded bare bottoms.


Now back over Mr Sharpe’s knee the lads receive a scorcher of a spanking, their well reddened backsides raised high. 


Now back over Mr Sharpe’s knee the lads receive a scorcher of a spanking, their well reddened backsides raised high. 

The boys can only yelp and take it it hoping that this will be an end to it but no such luck their Housemaster has other plans. He wants to make sure they both firmly realise his study is not a public phone box and strictly out of bounds.
Now young Murray is kneeling in the old red leather char with Kidson bent over beside him. Mr Sharpe has he well used white gym slipper in hand. The boys bare bottoms are already burning but now he intends to set them on fire! India rubber applied with vigour is the best way to do this. 






The crack of the slipper echo’s round the study wall making sure these two young scallywags get their comeuppance.






Their firm little backslides are  really burning now so it with dread that they notice the Housemaster is swapping the slipper for his whippy rattan cane. Over a spanking
and a dose of the slipper this biting little demon is going to sting like hell.
Its not possible to reverse the charge now the only lines that matter with be the red raw impressions left by the cane on their burning bare bottoms. 

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Kiwi College (Part 2)

Kiwi College 2, Starring Darren, Adam Ashton and introducing new Sting Lad Ray Cutler continues Sting’s look at Down Under discipline this episode features three
more hunky lads who all need some firm help to keep on the straight and narrow.

One particular lad has not had a good start to the term. Drake (Darren) as a sixth form boy likes to take a sneaky visit out AWOL to grab a few beers from time to time. Unfortunately on the last trip he got himself completely snozzled and was finally discovered passed out by his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe (Marco)

The Headmaster of course was none too pleased and passed him back to his Housemaster to be dealt with.

The hard over the knee spanking was just a precursor.



Soon after Drake’s burning, well rounded, red raw bare bottom was receiving a cracking dose of swats from Mr Sharpe’s black leather strap!





McKenzie (New StingLad Ray Cutler) is another rugby playing senior who like to fool around. His final exams are due and his constant skylarking is not going to help him achieve good results. The Headmaster decides to catch this early and discipline the lad firmly for his own good!


Of course a stinging spanking is a good start and having never been spanked before like a junior McKenzie is painfully more than a bit humiliated by the experience. 






However, now bent over the gym horse it’s the white regulation gym shoe that will scorch some common sense in to this muscular lad’s throbbing 

red bare bottom.



Another sixth former, Jefferson (Adam Ashton) has been very cheeky to the English mistress, Miss King. His use of bad language is most unbecoming of a senior boy and the Head views this as very childish act. 
 To nip it in the bud Jefferson is ordered to the gym. This hunky senior really is getting above himself and now he must face discipline from both his Housemaster Mr Sharpe and the Headmaster for past misdeeds.






The strong spanking from Mr Sharpe felt like an angry wasp has settled in his bare bottom but the old leather strap afterwards, lain out on a gym bench, left his backside on fire.




Now though the Headmaster had a few other issues of discipline to discuss! Twelve burning strokes of the swishy crook handled rattan cane later Jefferson was certainly learning that its best perhaps to behave in future!








Kiwi College

 Starting a fresh look at ‘down under’ discipline the new Kiwi College series kicks off featuring the more hunky rugby looking types. Known for its strict discipline these lads all attend a no nonsense college and when it comes to dishing out punishments they know what to expect!
 Danny Anderson (New StingLad James Holt) has been caught cheating in exams. 
  It’s suspension from college or a painful meeting with his housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) Danny chooses the latter and big lad or not soon finds himself over the knee for a good stinging spanking on his bare bottom.





Penalty (Part 1)

Penalty Part 1 – The first of a new series from Sting
Running a successful team is always a stressful job. The Team Manger needs winners but at the moment all he’s got is fighters. Two of the senior players keep falling out about tactics and it’s having a detrimental effect on the whole team. 


The two main troublemakers are Johnny (Rudi Vallance) and Tim (Joey Whyte) Their squabbles have led to fisticuffs in the changing rooms and now the Manager is hopping mad!



He’s needs to sort them both out and asks the fit muscular Junior Coach (Travis McKinnon) to take a hand. He of course does this with relish!


Sting Classic Focus – Approved Education (Part 2)


This week’s Sting Classic Special focus is on Approved Education (Part 2)


This classic Download was released shortly after Sting’s move to the Czech Republic Featuring five strapping Sting lads three from London and two from Prague, including Brett, Stefanel, Brad,
David and Barry the action is hot and the result is another retro







Approved Education 2 with the infamous scene featuring Dr Barton dealing with Brett. One of the three separate Spankings Brett receives in this download

















 Young Barry receives a well deserved bare bottom strapping from The Headmaster (played by Dr. Barton)



 Brett’s bare bottom is well and truly toasted by three separate spankings, one by hand, one with the strap and finally Brett is caned by Dr Barton








Brad gets a very hard taste of the strap




  David’s spectacular bare bottom is spanked as we all like to see it!





 Stefanel takes a hand spanking followed by a good whacking with the gym slipper




In  Approved Education 2, popular Sting Star Brett Stevens endures three hard bare bottom spankings

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