The Borstal 7 (Part 2 of 2)

The second scene from

The Borstal Part 7

The lad Ward was threatening, Bromley (Allesandro Katz) had now got himself in to trouble.

He too now finds himself knocking on the Governor’s door, this time carrying a note. The note contains a list of all the misbehaving he has been getting in to just lately. He’s a very cheeky lad, younger than Ward, so the Governor decides to deal with him there and then.

It’ll be a taste of the Governor’s leather strap for Bromley



This much used implement is well known for burning and reddening many a badly behaved boy’s bare bottom.


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Reformatory Spanking in “The Borstal 7” (Part 1 of 2)

Video preview

The Borstal Part 7

The Governor and his assistant Officer Sharpe have been aware for sometime that an increase of bullying has been going on. Their suspicions fall on a a well built young inmate, Ward (Luke Adams)

When he is caught threatening another boy their suspicions are confirmed.


After a dressing down the Governor sends Ward to his house officer, Mr Sharpe. Ward will bend over in his tight brown shorts for a caning.

Unfortunately for Ward after the punishment he uses some foul language back chat to the Officer. This is something Mr Sharpe can’t abide in a young man, supposedly inside for re-training.


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Spanking, Strapping, Caning and figging in “The Borstal Part 5”

These pictures from the September 2016 release The Borstal 5 were first posted to the old Feel the Sting Site


Discipline at Rainsford Borstal is strictly maintained, with a zero-tolerance approach to bullying of any sort. There are always some young inmates who need to be reminded of that, however, and it’s not long before Granger (Darren) joins their ranks. In a bad mood after being put on cleaning duties, he decides to take it out on another inmate doing craft work in the workshop.


His senior officer, Mr Sharpe, has never been one to tolerate bullies, and sends Granger off to fetch the willow birch. As the victim of the assault looks on, Mr Sharpe orders Granger to strip off his shorts and pants and bend over the workshop stool. He is going to get a good stinging whipping and for added humiliation, it will be in full view of his victim.
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The Reformatory

Discipline at Pine Valley Reformatory is well maintained. Workshops have to be attend on time and fooling around soon gets jumped on. The Warden knows its his job to put these wayward juveniles back on the straight and narrow. The old wooden discipline paddles are kept busy often colliding harshly on the bare backsides of the more badly behaved inmates!


One would be trouble maker is Mitchell (Robbie Kasl) He’s been acting like a gangster and the Warden is going to make example of him. He’s sent for a visit to Officer Sharpe, this no nonsense man knows how to get results and its usually with his right arm!





Taken across the knee for a spanking is a good start to Mitchell’s return to common sense. His bare bottom is going to be burned and burned well. He bucks and yelps as the spanking gets more intense but no resistance will dissuade Mr Sharpe from delivering an exemplary punishment. 







Finally he’s let up but can see that his fate is really painfully sealed.


The officer has grabbed a nicely honed wooden paddle of the shelf and is ordering him over the frame. As with Garcia the time honoured sound of wood on bare skin echoes round the room. 







The boy’s butt is red raw truly on fire, he’s been taken down a peg or two and knows it. Time to behave has been well imprinted on to this insolent young man’s bare bottom!



Robbie Kasl


The second scene from The Reformatory



For Garcia (Johnny Hayward), the workshop is not a place he likes to spend a lot of time in. For him a smoke outside is far better. Well, it is until he’s caught red handed by the Warden!
Taken to be dealt with by his Senior Officer, the Warden intends this time he will learn a sharp lesson.



Mr Clinton starts with a good hard over the knee spanking something this older lad is not used to getting. He reddened butt of course has not seen the last of this punishment, the finale is yet to come. 










Officer Clinton’s holed paddle has some history having been brought to this Reformatory from another in Alabama. It’s blistered many an arrogant boys butt and now its lining up to do its painful job yet again. 





The cracks ring round the room and Garcia’s bare backside is severely scorched. His firm buttocks are burning now and attending workshop on time in future seems a much better idea from now on!




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Borstal Boys On Governor’s Report

 Borstal Boys On Governor’s Report

The monthly reports are in at Rainsford Borstal and its not looking good
for two young inmates. The governor prefers not to have black marks
all over the lads long term report sheet so often settles the matter
with corporal punishment. For the boys too is often a preferred
method as no time will be added to their sentence for misbehaviour.


One particular entry that stands out on young Fishers report (Jerome
Fisher) is fighting with other lads. 



This is enough to get him punished by his senior officer, Mr Volny. A
cheeky boy like Fisher will find himself hauled up high over the
muscular officers knee and soundly spanked on his bare bottom.











The punishment is usually carried out in the gym store. The boy later
discovers that Mr Volny will be following up the spanking using his
old brown leather strap.



Over an already spanked backside this is going to really sting! Bent right
over the gym horse Fisher’s smooth well rounded bare bottom juts out
perfectly to receive the burning licks that the wicked strap can








The other rule breaker up before the Governor is Collier (New StingLad
Mickey Rush) His report too is a disaster and the feeling is the boy
needs pulling up sharply.


Without delay he is taken off by his senior officer Mr Sharpe for some
disciplinary enforcement. Collier thinks he’s a little toughy but the
spanking he receives from Mr Sharpe quickly begins to change his mind. 




Mr Sharpe has a talent for turning a naughty lad’s bare bottom a
scorching bright red and he doesn’t disappoint, well apart from young
Collier that is.



Next he’s up on the desk feeling the fiery lick of the belt and biting
sting of the leather riding whip, a firm favourite of the officer to
get results from insolent boys and it surely does!












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The Borstal 3

The Borstal 3 – stars Adam Ashton, Rudi Vallance and Marco

In this third part of the series we revisit Rainsford, an institution for young offenders. The Borstals came about as a way to re-train, educate and provide wayward youths with a trade and purpose in life. In such places strict discipline was always the norm.


Keeping good behavior and maintaining satisfactory monthly reports was expected of all trainees. Fall foul of this and you are in deep trouble. This is certainly the case for Harding (Adam Ashton)


Not a man to mess with Mr Sharp wastes no time in administering a good stinging spanking !




 Trainee Chandler (Rudi Vallance) has been summoned by the Governor for his unacceptable behaviour.

 The governor is of course very unhappy and agrees to an off the record punishment administered by Mr Sharpe and is given a very hard spanking which he richly deserves.






However to really get the message across Mr ​Sharpe intends to teach this young man a good lesson.




The Borstal Part 2

At Rainsford institution discipline continues to be administered the
traditional way. Falling foul of the rules or misbehaving can get you on
report and in deep trouble with the governor.


In this episode two lads have already incurred his wrath. Chandler
played by Rudi Vallance and Murray played by Milo Mills are sent
straight to Officer Sharpe for some severe discipline to be


This officer is strict and soon has both of the boys well placed over
his knee one after the other. The spanking is hard and the boys bare
bottoms are quickly turned deep red and burning raw!









Known to turn around cocky young trainees the old thick punishment strap
is introduced in to the session. Now they really are yelping as this
leather tongue of fire gets to work. The two lads bent over the
punishment frame, bare backsides raised high, can do little but receive
these painful bands of fire the best way that they can!

The Governor’s Choice 5

The Governor’s Choice 5: Yet again two young inmates in
prison have a real decision to make. Take the Governor’s choice of
getting their punishment over with or having the whole thing on record
to extensively lengthen their sentences.
Ward (Karl Frazer) and Fox (Phil Stone)
reluctantly agree to off the record bare bottom corporal punishment 
are sent to Officer Hardcastle (Travis McKinnon) to receive their just



Officer Hardcastle likes to make sure
the job is done properly and that a return for more will be unlikely.
These two might think they are cocky hunks but very soon their backsides
are going to be burning, red and raw! The spanking though is just the
start as the young lads well know.




The Borstal (Part1) #1

The first set of pictures, and preview video for The Borstal (Part 1)


In this series we visit Rainsford an institution for young offenders. The Borstals came about as a way to retrain, educate and provide wayward youths with a trade and purpose in life. In such places strict discipline was always the norm.


Keeping good behavior and mainta​i​ning satisfactory monthly reports was expected of all trainees. Fall foul of this and you are in deep trouble. This is certainly the case of Crawley (Justin Maher) and Thompson (Ariel Varga). Both boys are dispatched to their Housemaster Mr Volny to be punished.




Not a man to mess with he wastes no time in administering a good stinging bare bottom spanking to both of them.








If this weren’t enough both lads are afterwards are ordered to bend over the vaulting horse for a dose of his wicked leather strap. Their red scorched bare backsides are going to provide good reason ​to behave in future!










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Nowhere 2 Run Reformatory Boy

Discipline in a reformatory is always strict. The boys are there to redirect their previous criminal life style, however some reform quicker than others depending, of course, on how they react to retraining. In some circumstances tougher measures need to be taken as was the case with inmate Jerry Estevez (Adam Ashton)


 As a well built more stubborn lad he had been summoned to the punishment room to be dealt with more firmly. The Warden had become tired of his constant bad reports and insolent behaviour and he hadn’t reacted properly either to all the warnings he had been given. Corporal punishment was now to be well laid on.



 First off he was to receive a long hard bare bottom spanking just like the junior boys got. Face down across the end of the punishment table Warder Swartz (Marco) stinging palm cracked down on to Estevez’s well rounded bottom, the burning effect just getting worse with each scolding slap! Unfortunately for the boy this humiliating spanking is
just the warm up.







Now ordered to lay face down on the table his bare bottom well raised with a blanket beneath, the instrument of choice is the well-known US wooden handled leather strap.  
The thick leather tongues on these formidable punishment accessories are known to burn like hell fire. 
 The boy can only gasp and yelp as the warden and his assistant skelp the lad’s freshly spanked bare bottom with the heavy straps.




 These fiery licks should quickly imprint a message of ‘it’s time to start behaving son’ on young Estevez now raw and aching bare backside!
Adam Ashton