The Brothers – The Movie (Part 3 of 3)


The Brothers – The Movie

Part 3 of 3


The strict disciplinary regime at Innisfail Industrial School continues to have a stinging impact on the youthful inmates and trainees, as three more of the young brothers experience the firm hand of this unsparing institution.



As a trainee teacher, Brother Brendan (Travis McKinnon) is used to providing both spiritual and physical guidance to his young charges. However, when he also steps out of line he finds himself being treated no differently than one of the younger boys.


This means going over one of the senior brother’s knees for a hard bare bottom spanking. Before bending to receive a stinging dose of the cane.


Brother Brendan will be giving lessons standing up for the rest of the day!




Collection money has been disappearing, and handsome Brother Joshua (Joey Whyte) is is soon identified as the culprit.


As penance for his sins the hunky young priest is strapped naked to the punishment bench and soundly whipped by both Brother Marco and the senior Brother, who take turns in punishing the youthful thief.



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The Brothers – The Movie (Part 2 of 3)

The Brothers – The Movie

Part 2 of 3

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The Story Continues ….


We continue to follow the events at Innisfail Industrial School, overseen by a firm handed Religious Order, and more young male inmates and Probationary Brothers are experiencing painful interactions with the strict disciplinary code.

Many at the fearsome hands of strict Brother Marco


Young Kevin Blay (Robin Palmer) has foolishly antagonised Brother Marco with his cheekiness. The unlucky lad soon discovers that was a very foolish move.


A hard, bare bottom spanking, followed by a taste of the strap leave the necessary impression on they young rascal.





Applied just where it has the best effect.


Novice Probationer Brother Simon (Leonardo King) has not found it easy conforming with the rules of the order, and when he is caught smoking and stealing sacramental wine he is sent to Brother Marco to be taught the error of his ways.


As is his habit, Brother Marco gives the young pup a sharp lesson in behaviour, starting at the bottom, with the palm of his hand, before moving on to the stinging five tailed whip.



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The Brothers – The Movie (Part 1 of 3)

The Brothers The Movie


Sting Pictures presents its latest full length movie The Brothers The Movie. Packed with spanking action and hard hitting scenes of retro discipline this One hour fifty three minute film features over ten StingLads, including Joey Whyte, Robin Palmer, Travis McKinnon, Tommy Martin, Adam Black, Leonardo King and Alex Bell plus the welcome return of Dexter.


Set in Innisfail Industrial School the film also introduces two new boys, Danny Austin and Dominic Black plus the first ever on screen spanking scene with Johann Volny, this time on the receiving end.




Charting the life of the young inmates but focusing mainly on the strict discipline always maintained in these institutions, this hot action packed movie has something for every spanking enthusiast.


Given the large number of pictures they will be posted in three instalments, and the video preview will be posted tomorrow.






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The Industrial School 2

Two young trainees have got themselves in to trouble both fooling around in the workshops.
Keeping order in an Industrial School is a full time job for the Brothers charged with running a smooth operation. Discipline of course is very important and it is maintained rigorously.
The Principle Brother tends to use his Deputy, Brother Marco (Marco) to administer the required penance.
The first Michael Devlin (Joey Whyte) is already on the carpet in the Principle Brother’s office. He’s been given many chances so now its a dose of the swishy rattan cane, trousers and pants down!


After he will have to report to Brother Marco who’s in charge of workshops. Never one to hold back it will be a good stinging bare bottom spanking followed by the whip, five tails of burning whipcord. Hell hath no fury like Brother Marco scorned!  






The second lad, Patrick Donoghue (Darren) has also tempted fate and follows his friend Michael in to the Brother Principles office. He too is now in line for a stinging whacking on the bare bottom, then as with Michael before him its off to meet with the institutions very own own devil, Brother Marco





Patrick too will be given a stiff and scolding over the knee spanking. After and to thoroughly cleanse his wicked ways, his poor bare backside will meet with the old brown leather riding whip, a known and effect training instrument favoured by the pious Brother. Spare the rod and spoil the trainee!







The rod is seldom spared and the hand of guidance is certainly brought down firmly.

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Time To Repent

For the young inmates of Innesfail Industrial Institution not much passes the notice of the Brothers charged to return these young delinquents to righteousness.Two lads standing in the Principle Brother’s office are receiving a sermon about their recent bad behaviour. Murphy (Tim Law) and Conner (Milo Mills) have been caught engaging together in an inappropriate manner. The Principle ends his sanctimonious lecture by sending the two lads to Brother Mark (Dexter) to be dealt with.




Brother Mark, not known for his forgiveness soon has both boys over his knee. The lads wriggle and yelp as his firm hand descends on their defenceless bare bottoms. High over his knee the scolding slaps are preparing the boys now red and sore backsides for further absolution. Ordered to lay one on top of the other on the punishment frame the Martinet now takes over from Brother Mark’s burning left hand.


Video Trailer for The Brothers Epilogue

Scroll down for a choice of standard or Sting plus (added sexual content) versions of the recent Sting Download The Brothers Epilogue

Standard version trailer – without additional sexual content

Sting Plus version trailer – with additional sexual content
The full length video is available from the following links : 

Sting Plus: Oh Brother – Epilogue: The Sex Files

 Following on from the popular Borstal Days 2: The Sex Files, Sting now present The Brothers Epilogue: The Sex Files. (Available with or without the sexual content) 

It’s all action back at Innesfial Industrial School with fire and brimstone discipline still being handed out.

Sting actors Jimmy Evans and Mike Cross, who plays the pious Brother Linus, are well paired again when Jimmy playing Aiden Conley is caught drinking alcohol with his pal Patrick (Dale Brady) 

Dale Brady as Patrick Rourke is given a good hard spanking by the Principle Brother and later a butt burning hard flogging with the martinet from the Principle Brothers deputy Brother Michael

For fans of Jason Shaw he’s back too coupled with new Sting lad Jason Roberts. They play two lads who are caught in the bathhouse doing things that perhaps they shouldn’t be doing.

And pay for it with two very sore bottoms …

Kyle Wilkinson is ordered to report for a spanking to young Brother Martin played by Nick Carter
In what may be an all-time first in the spanking fetish film genre Sting actors Lloyd Adams and Riley Smith are caught engaged in some sinful dormitory romping and reported to the Principle Brother. During their punishment session a young inmate played by Riley smith succumbs to the situation leaving a messy calling card on the parquet floor of the main office.
Needless the say the Principle Brother in none too pleased! As with The Brothers movie this epilogue has a storyline full of stinging raw butt burning action.

Dale Brady’s further punishment

The detail and costumes set in the dark dank surrounding of the Industrial School make this another hot film for your Sting collection.
As usual with Sting Plus, there are two versions of this movie, a 36 minute all spanking version or a 50:33 minute epic featuring sex and spanking. You chose which you prefer!

Preview trailer to follow:


Oh Brother The Movie



Oh Brother – The Movie. This Sting mega movie follows the trials and tribulations of two lads sentenced to re training at an industrial school.

Brendan McCarthy (Damien Drake) and Jimmy McGuire (Pavel Novy) are sent to Innesfial institution which is run by a sect of strict religious Brothers. In their time there they encounter other boys sent inside for various criminal offences but all of whom now face the severe discipline dished out by the staff.

One such lad is Leroy Malone (Jay faith) who never seems to turn up to morning assembly on time. This has not gone unnoticed by Brother Matthias who takes a strap to the hapless boy’s bare backside.

 Sean Riley (Darren) another inmate steals some of the sacrificial wine and ends up being chastised in time honoured fashion by Bother Lonigan (Dexter) a spanking then a dose of the heavy black leather strap lashing down across the boys raised bare bottom as he lays face down on a bunk. Even then it’s not over as Brother Lonigan has other wishes he needs fulfilled.


Later however he too will face severe monastic discipline for breaking his vows. Brother Jacob (Mike Cross) is a stickler for keeping order but also finds himself on the wrong end of the Principle Brothers strap for not adhering to the compulsory pious way of living.


Casey MacDermott (Aaron Alton) is in trouble with Brother James (Luke Radley) for drinking alcohol and soon finds himself over the youthful Brothers knee getting his smooth white little butt spanked red raw. But as with Brother Lonigan a spanking is often not enough!


At 1 hour and 17 minutes long, the action in Oh brother is really too vast to list here but the rattan cane, strap, bath brush and spanking are just part of the butt blistering storyline not to mention the strict approach of the Brother towards their charges. Other members of the cast include, Brandon Junior, new Sting lad Daniel Friesh, Marco, Jimmy Evans and the brothers themselves.



Brother Jacob (Mike Cross)  also gets a well overdue comeuppance

In true Sting Pictures style the attention to setting, detail and costumes are superb.

A Richard O’Shea film


The Brothers – The Three Absconders

This 14 minute long scene, comes towards comes towards the end of the full length download movie The Brotherswhich is set in an Irish religious institution for wayward young men.
Discipline is so strict that it’s not long before some of the lads Darren, Robbie and Andreas decide to abscond. They are hauled back and to save them from hell fire and damnation a stiff session of discipline is imposed.


The reverend brothers assemble to administer the punishment

The three miscreants don’t know what they are facing, but they know it will hurt!

The punishment starts with a blistering bare bottom spanking

But its not over yet …..

After the spanking the inmates in the rest of the building soon begin to hear thick leathers straps descending on to the now bright red and burning bare bottoms of the three sinners.

The Brothers is 1 hour 06 minutes long and features nine hot sting lads

The Brothers – Part 3

Further images from “The Brothers” – Among a large cast Darren, who’s unmistakable and frequently spanked bottom is in the picture above, appears in three scenes in the role of Quinlan.

Estonian lad Robbie also takes his punishment from Brother Mark in the role of Coughlan

Marc Russell gives an outstanding performance as the “habitual sinner” O’Rourke

Matt Steel appears in his first sting movie in the role of Kyle Byrne

Another new sting lad is Scott Hart in the role of Brother Luke who starts out as a young disciplinarian but soon ends up of the receiving end of a painful spanking and belting himself when he is caught misbehaving.


The Brothers (Download)