Approved School Spanking in “Approved Education 17” (Part 1 of 2)

Approved Education 17

The on going daily routine at Bishopsfield Approved Educational Institution finds the usual suspects up to no good. It sometimes takes a firm dose if discipline to bring them back in to line and the Headmaster is certainly not afraid to use it when necessary.


The first delinquent of the day to be dealt with is Dawson (Robin Palmer) He’s be making thorough nuisance of himself and causing problems between the other boys, which led to as fight in the common room. Its gone on long enough and now the Head is going to take firm action. He sends Dawson to his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, to be severely punished.



Now the Master’s old riding whip to be followed by a good spanking on the bare bottom will almost certainly be the order of the day.







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Sting CFNM: The Right Dose (Part 1 of 2)

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The Staff Nurse (Naomi Bennett) has her hands full as two young sportsmen check in to have their maladies looked over. She’s normally patient with the patients but these young lads can often test it to its limits. They soon find out however she’s not a lady to be messed with!
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Army Cadets 6


The 12th field Cavalry Regiment is busy training its newest recruits. Some of them have already run in to the strict discipline used to train these junior soldiers! As a cavalry regiment its not unusual for the traditional riding whip or a leather halter to be used to good effect.


Trooper Harkness (Adam Black) has been up on a change with the C.O. He is given a punishment off the record and dispatched to his senior NCO Sargent Sharpe for execution.


Soon the young trooper is over the Officer’s knee, legs spread wide. A good bare bottom spanking will just be the start of his punishment! 


Scouting For Trouble


Be prepared to discipline unruly scouts has to be the motto of Leader Mr. Sharpe. He has his hands full to keep the lads in order but knows how to effective treat bad behaviour and reset the moral compass of his charges.



The first of these naughty young scouts is Gerry Franks

played by Tim Law

On a recent camping trip the young rascal decides a self planned hiking trip backed up by a bottle of vodka, to keep out the cold of course!


Inevitably he is soon missed and a search of the local area is made. Eventually the now very drunk the lad is soon discovered by Mr Sharp. Time for some corrective action.


There and then in the forest Franks is taken over the leaders knee and a sound time honoured spanking laid on.







This has a very sobering effect but its the scorching strap that will finish off the discipline.






Bending over, sore bottom thrust out, the wildlife can secretly watch as the crack of the stinging strap echoes round the trees.



Back at the centre another eagle eyed lad Nick Andrews (Tom Nuttall) is also up to no good!


He creeps silently in to the Leaders office. His objective is to ‘borrow’ some funds from the cash tin.



He is soon caught out and taken to the craft area to be shown the error of his ways. The brown shorts and white Y fronts are soon down and Andrews is feeling the heavy hand of his Leader. Smack after smack on his raised smooth rounded bare bottom leave a reddening array of pain.







However Mr Sharpe’s short brown whippy riding crop is very capable of livening up an already spanked backside. With Andrews face down on a bench its burning stripes will set the young would be thief on the right path!




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Angry Dads – The Delinquents



Two more Lads have fallen foul of agreed domestic living arrangements. The time honoured phrase “My house, My rules” kicks in and two rebellious delinquents find themselves on the wrong end of the stick.
Far too laid back skate boarding fanatic Terry (Joey Whyte) had decided work isn’t on his agenda anymore.
The previous nights drinking bout has made sure of that! That’s not the view of the man charged with his guardianship however and something has to be done.


 The worse for wear Terry is sent to shower after which he’s going to get a damn good hiding.

Terry’s behaviour will be dealt with in a traditional but humiliating manner


If he’s sore now, just wait until he finds what Dad has in store


He may think he’s to old for a spanking but Dad knows best and soon his
bare bottom is sore and burning from the rhythmic pounding.




When the rapid fire scolds his fast reddening cheeks Terry’s arm shoots back trying to protect his vulnerable bare backside! To no avail, today he’s getting a good stinging spanking! However this is just for starters




Next up for young Terry is a painful reminder to behave courtesy of the old rattan cane not seen (or felt) by him for sometime.


This is bad enough but Dad has also found the riding crop! For Terry its his worst nightmare, getting these two stingers on the bare bottom is one painful ending to a bad day.


Terry will certainly be sleeping on his front tonight!!


 Finally Terry’s punishment is over




He lies on the bed rubbing his burning and well spanked bottom


Has he learned his lesson or will he revert to his bad behaviour as soon as the sting fades? – only time will tell


Meanwhile, another boy, Luke (New StingLad Paul Wolfe) has also shirked his duties and stayed away from school. His final years of education are being paid for in
hard cash and missing out like this is seen as a complete waste of hard earned funds. He needs a lesson at home that will make him want to attend lessons at school!


He too is going to get a good over the knee spanking!




He might think he can get away with this sort of mischief but as the intense slaps gather momentum Luke can feel the fire. His youthful smooth little backside is beginning to burn





Worse is to come, now he gets the chance to choose the instrument for the second part of his punishment. 


He does so but Dad chooses the other one instead, a hard soled slipper. Poor Luke would have really preferred the strap! 






As the slipper collides painfully with his exposed and now raw bare bottom, from now on Luke is definitely thinking of attending school more often!



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Cop It!

Oscar Hart and Travis Mckinnon really COP IT! from police officers Johan Volny and Marco in the new modern day crime story release from Sting


Chico (Oscar Hart) thinks he’s a lil gangster but he isn’t so tough and what’s more he’s lucky he live in the same precinct as Detective Hogan. He believes in old fashioned discipline and giving some of the younger juveniles a second chance. They don’t get of lightly though and a good whuppin is often the order of the day!





He might be an insolent pup but when Chico is handed over to Officer Novak (Johan Volny) to be punished he starts to change his tune.


Off the Record

Here are the HQ pictures and Storyline for “Off the Record
At the 12th Field Cavalry regimental barracks the strict military
discipline continues. When the young cadets fail to meet the exacting
standards of army training or find themselves on a charge for
insubordination they often opt for an alternative punishment. Being off
any service records means a blemish free career start. Unfortunately the
alternative punishment will not leave the young troopers blemish free!



 First in front of the CO is cadet trooper LeClerc (Adams Ashton) His
tests of elementary training are again not up to scratch. The commanding
officer dispatches him off to his training NCO, Sergeant Dubois (Travis
The sergeant un amused at the young cadets failures decides to
administer an encouraging spanking to the lads bare bottom.
The cadet
reluctantly strips of his army shorts and gets over the knee but after
this Sergeant Dubois favourite instrument, the martinet, will be used.
Its leather thongs cutting a biting and fiery message in to the cadet
hunks already soundly spanked bare bottom. This well known French
instrument is a scorcher and no friend to many of the cadets in the old
Armée française! Finally the whippy switch makes an end to this cadet’s







Back in the training room its now cadet trooper Clarke (Rudi
Vallance) who’s waiting for a burning appointment with the CO. 


His insolence and general bad behaviour have earned him a good spanking across the knee of his CO.


Starting on his tight combat briefs it’s not long before the lad’s perfect round muscular bare cheeks are bared for further attention.



The COs hand cracks down and Cadet Clarkes
jutting out bare bottom is burning and raw. It’s only the arrival of
Sergeant Chambers (Marco) bearing a message for The CO that interrupts
the painful proceedings.


Not wanting the young trooper to get off that easily he leaves him is the hands of his training sergeant. Sergeant Chambers wastes no time in continuing the cadets punishment and orders him up on the table to do push ups while he encourages the boy with intermittent and stinging cuts of the cavalry riding whip. 


Well. Cadet Trooper Clarke’s bottom is certainly on fire but at least it’s still Off the Record!







Darren in Nowhere to Run – Army Discipline

Sting’s latest download features Darren in Nowhere to Run – Army Discipline

a tale of off the record punishment.

Off the service record punishments were common in the old cadets regiments, and the boys would ​usually opt for it in many situations.



Trooper Gordon (Darren) has made a habit of being absent without leave. The Commanding Officer is not happy at all but relents and grants the young trooper an off the record puni​shment as long as its laid on hard so he will remember. He is ordered to report to the gym.


To be fair the punishment is carried out anonymously by one of the training sergeants this will make sure Trooper Gordon can’t be certain who has delivered the sentence.


Sargeant Z (Zorro) firstly orders the young cadet to go over his knee. 
Quite humilating for a fit young solider but Gordon has to do as he is told and a stiff stinging hot spanking is laid on both over shorts…


…and the lad’s muscular and nicely rounded bare bottom.









Next comes a session of army caning whilst kneeling on an ammunition case.



The boys smooth bare bottom burns as the well oiled rattan delivers its scorching stripes.


Now ordered over the gym horse its the traditional cavalry riding crop (whip) that delivers the last part of this badly behaved young troopers punishment.





When he is finally ordered to stand his red raw bare bottom is testament that when its off the record, for a young trooper like Gordon, the is just Nowhere To Run.


Approved Education 10 – “Senior Boys Suffering” (Part 1)

 Approved Education 10 – Senior Boys SufferingStarring Rudi Vallance, Travis McKinnon and New Sting Lad Dan DickinsonIt’s the senior boys who lately have been causing a problem at Bishopsfield
Approved Institution. They are expected as older lads to set an example.
Unfortunately they have been taking advantage of their privileged
position and the Headmaster is now determined to put a stop to it.

 First port of call is Williams (Rudi Vallance) who had taken to
blackmailing some of the more vulnerable younger lads in to carrying out
illegal activities on his and other senior’s behalf.
 He is sent to his Housemaster Mr Volny or some corrective treatment! Not
remotely amused by this seniors conduct he decides to dish out that
which he would normally do to a junior






It’s a hard and scorching over the knee spanking to start with followed up with a stinging session of the old leather strap.



 and finally the riding crop!!