The Birching Block 8 (Part 2 of 2)

The Birch Block 8

The Seaton Grange birching sessions continue, and the second senior boy to be punished is Hunter (Rudi Vallance). Hunter is rather too found of the local girls and had repeatedly been out after hours to pursue his lust. Now he will pay the price for his pleasures.


Once again, the master who’s duty it is to lay on the punishment is Mr Sharpe, who orders Hunter to strip naked, then kneel on the birching block, with his bare bottom raised for punishment.



Mr Sharpe then lays on the requisite strokes of the cruel birch, leaving a mass of agonising, burning welts on Hunter’s tender bottom.


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The Birching Block 8 (Part 1 of 2)

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The Birching Block 8

At Seaton Grange the old wooden birching block has been placed in position. Yet again two unruly gentleman are to be taught some manners whilst kneeling, bare bottoms raised high, on its well worn step. The birches, freshly soaked, are ready to use. The condemned boys will soon be stripped and waiting for the ominous command Go down sir!*

Two senior boys both carrying the name of James have been carpeted in front of the Headmaster for various offences. Both lads do not want their parents informed of their antics whilst boarding away so will settle for the punishment of birching, an age old custom of this particular college.



The first, Hilton (Bob Stone) for indulging in too much alcohol when he should know better


He will pay for his indulgence with a very sore bottom

The master who duty it is to lay on the punishment is Mr Sharpe.





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“Take ‘Em Down”

 This March 2017 Historical Spanking Update was first posted to the old Feel The Sting site

Back at the turn of the century the Police Courts had a few more disciplinary measures they could hand out than perhaps is available today. Prominent among them were the birch and cat of nine tails. Convicted young felons could often expect a dose of these judicial stingers!


First before the justice’s that day is a fit you lad known as George Green (Leonardo King) He had been up before the court in the past and this time the judge was in no mood to compromise. For his crime he would receive one month in custody for correctional training and twenty five strokes of the birch.



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The Governor’s Choice 6

 The Governor’s Choice 6  

Taking the Governor’s choice is the best option to avoid getting an
unsatisfactory monthly report or worse still lose of remission. This
month two young inmates have chosen that option.


The first is Radcliff (new StingLad Andrew Kitt) he was found searching
through the lockers in the staff area. 


The senior officer Mr Sharpe (Marco) made sure he remembered where he is
supposed to be by administering a good spanking there and then! 






Radcliff, not spanked before by the officer, found himself in three different
positions as Mr Sharpe’s hard hand slapped his tender bare bottom a
burning bright red!


A Quick Lesson

Rudi gets “A Quick Lesson
Bishopsfield Institution an Approved Educational centre for young delinquents provides a stable on going sense of discipline in its programme of retraining. Lads are expected to make the grade and if not trouble surely lies ahead.


In this short story one lad, Williams (Rudi Vallance) has been pushing his luck with his bad behaviour he is sent to his Housemaster (Marco) who is tired of his behaviour to be dealt with.






This young Housemaster is in no mood to compromise this time and puts the young Williams over his knee for a good long old fashion bare bottom spanking.



 His cheeks grows redder and redder as the Housemasters hand cracks down, the stinging palm, relentless in motion, scorching the lads shapely and well raised bare bottom.





  Perfectly suffering Williams is then turned round into the wheel barrow position where the Housemaster continues his spanking , the lads rounded bare bottom now burning and raw.






A quick lesson he wont forget!







The Borstal 3

The Borstal 3 – stars Adam Ashton, Rudi Vallance and Marco

In this third part of the series we revisit Rainsford, an institution for young offenders. The Borstals came about as a way to re-train, educate and provide wayward youths with a trade and purpose in life. In such places strict discipline was always the norm.


Keeping good behavior and maintaining satisfactory monthly reports was expected of all trainees. Fall foul of this and you are in deep trouble. This is certainly the case for Harding (Adam Ashton)


Not a man to mess with Mr Sharp wastes no time in administering a good stinging spanking !




 Trainee Chandler (Rudi Vallance) has been summoned by the Governor for his unacceptable behaviour.

 The governor is of course very unhappy and agrees to an off the record punishment administered by Mr Sharpe and is given a very hard spanking which he richly deserves.






However to really get the message across Mr ​Sharpe intends to teach this young man a good lesson.




Naval Story – Part 2

Naval Story Part 2


At the cadet training ship T.S Morsus
sea trials for final year cadets have finished and the lads are back in
their land base. The Captain however has had some bad reports about two
particular cadets.


Boy Seaman Morrison (Mark Lewis) is up
on a charge, his record of service while at sea has been far less than
needed to make the grade. 


Not wanting to spoil a young cadet’s report
the Captain sends him to receive corporal punishment from his Chief
Petty Officer. 



And it gets worse!!

The Borstal Part 2

At Rainsford institution discipline continues to be administered the
traditional way. Falling foul of the rules or misbehaving can get you on
report and in deep trouble with the governor.


In this episode two lads have already incurred his wrath. Chandler
played by Rudi Vallance and Murray played by Milo Mills are sent
straight to Officer Sharpe for some severe discipline to be


This officer is strict and soon has both of the boys well placed over
his knee one after the other. The spanking is hard and the boys bare
bottoms are quickly turned deep red and burning raw!









Known to turn around cocky young trainees the old thick punishment strap
is introduced in to the session. Now they really are yelping as this
leather tongue of fire gets to work. The two lads bent over the
punishment frame, bare backsides raised high, can do little but receive
these painful bands of fire the best way that they can!

Penalty (Part 1)

Penalty Part 1 – The first of a new series from Sting
Running a successful team is always a stressful job. The Team Manger needs winners but at the moment all he’s got is fighters. Two of the senior players keep falling out about tactics and it’s having a detrimental effect on the whole team. 


The two main troublemakers are Johnny (Rudi Vallance) and Tim (Joey Whyte) Their squabbles have led to fisticuffs in the changing rooms and now the Manager is hopping mad!



He’s needs to sort them both out and asks the fit muscular Junior Coach (Travis McKinnon) to take a hand. He of course does this with relish!


Off the Record

Here are the HQ pictures and Storyline for “Off the Record
At the 12th Field Cavalry regimental barracks the strict military
discipline continues. When the young cadets fail to meet the exacting
standards of army training or find themselves on a charge for
insubordination they often opt for an alternative punishment. Being off
any service records means a blemish free career start. Unfortunately the
alternative punishment will not leave the young troopers blemish free!



 First in front of the CO is cadet trooper LeClerc (Adams Ashton) His
tests of elementary training are again not up to scratch. The commanding
officer dispatches him off to his training NCO, Sergeant Dubois (Travis
The sergeant un amused at the young cadets failures decides to
administer an encouraging spanking to the lads bare bottom.
The cadet
reluctantly strips of his army shorts and gets over the knee but after
this Sergeant Dubois favourite instrument, the martinet, will be used.
Its leather thongs cutting a biting and fiery message in to the cadet
hunks already soundly spanked bare bottom. This well known French
instrument is a scorcher and no friend to many of the cadets in the old
Armée française! Finally the whippy switch makes an end to this cadet’s







Back in the training room its now cadet trooper Clarke (Rudi
Vallance) who’s waiting for a burning appointment with the CO. 


His insolence and general bad behaviour have earned him a good spanking across the knee of his CO.


Starting on his tight combat briefs it’s not long before the lad’s perfect round muscular bare cheeks are bared for further attention.



The COs hand cracks down and Cadet Clarkes
jutting out bare bottom is burning and raw. It’s only the arrival of
Sergeant Chambers (Marco) bearing a message for The CO that interrupts
the painful proceedings.


Not wanting the young trooper to get off that easily he leaves him is the hands of his training sergeant. Sergeant Chambers wastes no time in continuing the cadets punishment and orders him up on the table to do push ups while he encourages the boy with intermittent and stinging cuts of the cavalry riding whip. 


Well. Cadet Trooper Clarke’s bottom is certainly on fire but at least it’s still Off the Record!