Trailer for Discipline for Joe – staring Danny

Produced shortly after Sting’s arrival in Prague and Staring the extremely handsome Danny, Discipline for Joe has become a classic Sting Download
Danny plays Joe Harrison a wayward young lad who only ever seems to learn a lesson when it is enforced with a firm hand or a stinging slipper applied with force to his tender bare bottom.  Hence it has to be applied frequently

The story starts with Joe taking a shower before retiring to bed  

Meanwhile Joe’s form master is on the phone to his uncle reporting his bad behaviour.  Uncle decides that a firm hand is required.

and he knows just where that hand should be applied

Which he does with gusto
Unfortunately, as soon as the sting in his bottom begins to fade, Joe returns to his old ways, and his backside soon requires further attention


This time his form master lays into him with a stinging, India rubber soled gym shoe on the seat of his skimpy shorts ….

…..and then on his bare bottom

When he later reports to Joe’s uncle that, despite his best efforts Joe’s behaviour is still unacceptable, it is clear that further firm action is required.

Joe is left in no doubt that he is in serious trouble …

and he is about to be the owner of a very sore bottom indeed
Uncle’s slipper is firmly aimed where it be most effective!!
The first whack takes Joe by surprise
And is swiftly followed by another stinging WHACK! and then another ….

..and a lot more!

  Poor Joe… how unlucky for a naughty boy…
  To live with an uncle with such a strong right arm …
..and, even worse, one who is so skilled with a slipper!!

Joe won’t be sitting down any time soon
and, as Uncle reminds him, that trusty slipper will be ready and waiting to spring into action the next time Joe requires discipline

Which won’t be long I’m sure

Three minute preview trailer

You can watch the trailer online, however, Blogger has compressed it a bit and slightly spoint the quality.  For the next month higher quality versions can be downloaded from Swoopshare and Sendspace at the following links:   

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Diary Down Under – Preview Trailer

Some additional pictures and a preview trailer from Sting’s new download 

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Diary Down Under

The latest Sting download is Diary Down Under – staring a cast of new Sting lads


The disciplinary affairs at St Justin’s are busy like any other antipodean college. In this diary of events we start by eaves dropping in the Headmasters office where the deputy Head Mr Haddkiss is tearing a strip off Michael Bishop (New Sting lad Lloyd Adams) He’s been up to no good in the boys changing rooms and now faces a stinging over the knee spanking followed by a searing dose of the gym slipper.

Next to face some summary justice are Millhouse (New Sting lad Patrick Ahern) and Kelly (New Sting lad Toby Haines) caught with illicit drugs in their room.

 The Headmaster firstly admisters a caning over their tight grey shorts then defenceless bare bottoms. They both yelp, growl and hiss with each stroke. It’s plain to see by the sore and reddening stripes that perhaps this transgression of the rule book was not quite worth it. 

One student, Baxter (new Sting lad Randal Pittman) has been shop lifting. 
He was supposed to be doing a sports work out with Mr Smith (Dexter) the muscular sports master. Thoroughly annoyed at his poor conduct the Head decides to send him back to Mr Smith to be pushined. The young sports master undertakes this duty with relish. Soon his swishy senior boy’s cane is descending across the hapless Baxter’s rounded bare bottom, nicely positioned across the vaulting horse. After laying on a good set of painful stripes Baxter is then ordered across Mr Smith’s knee and receives a hard spanking straight on top of the already scorching stripes of the cane. Mr Smith believes in punishment well taken and after it’s over sends the boy to the locker for some soothing cream. At the end of the day it seems that neither Millhouse nor Kelly have learned their lessons.

Now after upsetting their Head of House an angry Headmaster storms off to the bathroom to deal with the pair of them. Without wasting any time the boys are ordered one after another from the bath. Each with a dripping wet backside receive a good firm hand spanking. The rapid connection of hard palm and hot bathwater causes a very painful friction. The lads curved and protruding backsides soon turn a bright shade of red!

Video trailer to follow…

Danny in “Discipline for Joe”


Handsome Sting model Danny plays Joe Harrison a final year student whose mind is on other things rather than preparing for Exams.

As is often the case the best way to reach a wayward youth’s brain is via a hard and painful message delivered with some vigour to the other end, and in Discipline for Joe that message is delivered in triplicate.
 Firstly his Uncle tries to get the message over that this final year is very important especially with important exams coming up. With everything falling on deaf ears a bedtime spanking is given shortly after a hot shower, first to the seat of his pyjamas and then to his bare bottom

Next exasperated by Joe’s unwilling attitude to exams his form master, Mr McGinn, decides to take up the problem with Joes Uncle. The result is a slippering with a stinging plimsoll over the vaulting horse in the gym .

Hopes that the last punishment has done the trick are dashed and to reinforce the gravity of the situation Joe’s uncle ends up swinging his carpet slipper with the lad kneeling across two chairs.

This was Danny’s début Performance for sting, and he has since appeared in a number of videos, including Three for the Gym, See No Evil, BorstalCorrection 2 – Back Inside, Bring Back the Birch and Banged Up My Borstal Days 2

Discipline for Joe, together with three other Downloads and a bonus scene is also available on DVD in 
Sting DVDs are available from Mans Hand Films for US customers