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Sports Report 9


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There is another lad who works at the gym as an assistant to Tony (New StingLad Bastian Karim) He’s prone to get lazy and if not kept an eye on will take any advantage to avoid working. After Tony’s punishment he’s really on the look out for lads like his assistant who aren’t doing their jobs properly. He finds his assistant snoozing yet again when he should be cleaning up before the next session. Taking a leaf out of the managers book he decides to give the boy a good spanking too!


The boys bulging rounded bottom in shorts starts to feel the stinging slap of Tony’s hand! Very soon its his raised and reddened bare bottom that’s taking the rest of it.



Tony is pretty pissed off at having been spanked himself and is relishing getting his own back on his young assistants now burning rump.



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Gym Spanking in “Sports Report 9” (Part 1 of 2)

Sports Report 9

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The young fitness trainer in the gym, Tony (Luke Adams) is owed some money. The borrower has failed to pay it back and has not even tried. Tony is furious and throws his company phone against a wall in a fit of temper. Unfortunately its just as his boss walks in with the centre manager. Tired of Tony’s uncontrolled behaviour he threatens to ban him!


Tony wants to avoid losing his job so agrees to be punished by the centre manager Ron Sharpe (Marco)



As a fit young guy he knows its not just going to be a telling off but almost certainly a spanking, bare bottom and over the managers knee. Its the way he likes to deal with this sort of thing, senior boy or not!



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Locker Room Spanking in “Sports Report 8”

This March 2017 Spanking update was originally posted to the old Feel The Sting blog

Running the College football team has its ups and downs but the coach only has one thing in mind is the team a winning team? If its not then measures have to be taken to make sure it is. Discipline amongst the young players is essential and when that beaks down a tough line is always pursued. The players know it and can expect the worse if they step out of line.


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More Locker Room Spanking in “Sports Report 7”

Sports Report 7

This January 2017 update was first posted to the old Feel The Sting.


Throwing a ball at the passing Headmaster and dashing back in to the shower block seemed a bit of a hoot at the time, however young McAllister (Lukas Pryde) would soon live to regret it! The Headmaster was not feeling in such a jolly mood that day and sends McAllister to Mr Sharpe to be suitably dealt with.


 Mr Sharpe is not amused either and decides to give this fit you basket ball player a junior boys, over the knee, spanking.


 This will be a very humiliating experience for such a senior lad.


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Video Preview for Sting Rugby Club 3

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Sting Rugby Club 3


When cute young rugby player Johnny is caught Stealing …


He gets what he deserves, which just happens to be what the handsome Team Captain always wanted to give him!!

















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Sting Rugby Club 3 in 1080p Extra High Definition


Sting Rugby Club 3 in Standard Definition


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The Team Captain has the Perfect Excuse to give a young player a good Bare Bottom Spanking and beat his bottom with a switch in “Sting Rugby Club 3”

Rugby Club 3

One of the newest young lads to join the club is Johnny (Don Diego) He got in much easier on the say so of the new team captain (new StingLad Joel Vargas) who on sight of the boy thought he certainly had the right fitness qualifications.


However Johnny was a little bit prone to temptation and while sifting through the players jackets hanging in the changing room got caught by the Captain. It was his jacket! This couldn’t be tolerated especially from a boy who had just got through the tests on the nod of this particular Team Captain.


What Johnny didn’t know deep down the Team Capitan was just a little bit happy for this chance arrest. He liked nothing more than hauling a boy like Johnny over his knee and teaching him a lesson.




Now happily he would get the chance to punish this new lads pert smooth rounded bare bottom, just as he had wanted to all along. Johnny wasn’t going to argue, much, he knew he’d now have to take his punishment if he wanted to stay in the club.


The Captain was going to enjoy this!! (Johnny not so much!!)


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Sting Rugby Club – Episode 2

The pictures for this August 2016 release were first posted to the old Feel the Sting



New players joining the club will sign a contact. In it the conditions are that they must fully accept corporal punishment as part of the training strategy. Its become a tried and tested method to keep discipline and the Senior Coach intends to keep it as part of the clubs winning formula.
ne of the clubs new signers is Peter (New StingLad Lukas Cerny) he’s look like he’s going to be a real asset to the team. Unfortunately Peter is far too inquisitive and decides to unofficially borrow some cash from Jerry, the Team Captain’s wallet (Kris Walker) Understandably he is very annoyed and invokes his right to punish Peter as per the contract.
The new lad is told to strip and is taken over the Captain’s knee.
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Penalty 3

Initially the team members are performing fairly well but the coach needs to keep on top of discipline to make sure its stays that way.


One of his top young players is Michael (Robin Palmer) He’s a winner but needs to be kept focused. 



On the pitch he may play like a dream, but off the pitch he is a nightmare, seriously in need of some bare bottom discipline!

When the coach finds him with a dangerous looking sheath knife cutting away on a stick he’s not too happy. Only a month before there had been a fight with a weapon like this and it got near to disaster.


Michael needs reminding of the rules. Time to put him over his knee for a good spanking, football shorts down and on the lad’s well rounded bare bottom! 

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Sports Report 6

 Sports Report 6

The sports reports are not looking good for several important members of the team. Too much slacking and not enough proper training has seriously taken its toll. Its become anything but a winning team combination and the Manager needs to take urgent action. He has his ways of course, all slightly off the record but it certainly works and in the past has brought the team back on track!


On his return from a cold and snowy run and workout Kenny Benson (Joey Whyte) decides to take a quick nip from a bottle of vodka he has secreted away. 



He is caught red handed by Luke Taylor (Travis McKinnon) the junior Coach. 

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No Stars Just Stripes Part Six

The Principle is on the prowl. He’s on the lookout for seniors up to no good and its not long before he makes a smoke filled discovery. In the showers and toilet area two wannabe hoodlums are puffing away like freight trains. Caught in the act they are dispatched shame faced to wait outside the Principles office.



First on the carpet is Ryan Bryson (played by Ariel Varga) Like all the seniors he should know the rules. If he can’t learn to behave then its going to be a good old fashioned spanking over the knee



He’s been warned before and now its really going to happen. The principles palm smacks down hard and soon the boys underwear is down too.




Now the lads bare bottom is cruelly singed turning a burning red, there’s no escape he just has to take it. 


Ryan is standing facing the wall fiercely rubbing his scorched cheeks, now his friend and smoking buddy Tyler Everett (played by Tyler Fox) is ordered in to the office. Both boys are to get a good dose of the time honoured wooden paddle.



Ordered to assume the position the Principle sets to work. Each lads feels the painful crack of wood on bare skin one after another. This well used  holed persuader leaves its mark and burns like hell.







For Ryan this is the end of his punishment but for Tyler, the more senior of the two, he now faces a spanking.




Getting a spanking after a paddling is a tough break but Tyler deserves it. As with Ryan he is taken over the knee and his poor defenceless bare backside is whooped soundly.




Back in the shower his discarded cigarette butts lie on the floor cold and burnt out. His own butt now however is burning like fire, a very persuasive way the Principle feels to make this boy follow the rules in future.
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