Video Preview Trailer for Headmaster’s Study 3 – The Bike Thief

As promised, here is the video preview trailer for the latest Sting Special price download,

Tales from the Headmaster’s study 3 – The Bike Thief

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Sting Special Price Download: Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 3 – The Bike Thief

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 3 – The Bike Thief

Following the ill-fated cross country run which featured in Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 2 “A Sting in the woods” Beecham (Damien Drake) still has to answer for other misdemeanours. Having been pre warned in the woods it’s now time to knock again at the Headmasters study door.

The problem revolves around the staff bicycle that mysteriously went missing; well it wasn’t so mysterious really Beecham nicked it.


Now bending down and touching his toes while the head selects a whippy senior cane, perhaps the joy ride wasn’t such a good idea. Twelve Stinging strokes later Beecham knows it really wasn’t such a good idea.


Slowly standing, his bottom burning from the cane, he catches the eye of Mr McIvor his House Master. It isn’t over for Beecham and with the Head now attending to other business Mr Ivor is already reading a list from his red book of shame regarding the lads conduct over the past month. It doesn’t look good and as Beecham gets ready to go over the Housemaster’s knee he know siting down later in class may not be easy.


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Sting Special: A Sting in The Woods

The latest Sting Special Price video is Tales from the headmaster’s Study 2

A Sting in the Woods

Episode 2 of Tales from the Headmaster’s study – A Sting in the Woods stars Damien Drake, together with new actors Corin Fischer and Billy Roham

One of the Heads favourite pastimes is bird watching, birding or ‘twitching’ as it’s known in the USA.

 On this same fine summers afternoon the 5th formers are engaged in a cross country run. All except three lads that is, who decide it’s a great time to bunk off and enjoy a forbidden smoke, the unlucky lads soon get caught …..

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Screenshots from Tales from the Headmaster’s Study Episode 13 “Unlucky for Some!” Part 3

And Forrester’s punishment continues….



Screenshots from Tales from the Headmaster’s Study Episode 13 “Unlucky for Some!” Part 2

More screenshots from Sting’s latest release starting with the double punishment of Chambers (played by Johnny Haywood) seen above from the front and also from the back in tight flannel trousers 

 then in skimpy white underpants
 And then bare bottom

 Next Forrester (Luke Radley) discovers that being caught smoking can seriously hurt his bottom
 A senior boy humiliatingly ordered to strip

 And bend over the young PE master’s lap



More screenshots to follow


Screenshots from Tales from the Headmaster’s Study Episode 13 “Unlucky for Some!” Part 1

A series of screen captures from Sting’s latest release  Talesfrom The Headmaster’s Study (Episode 13) : Unlucky For Some! 

Handsome Richardson (Rudi Valance) receives a strict lecture on the error of his behavour from the Headmaster while his house master, Mr Smith looks on

 Mr Smith then does his duty and tans Richardson’s well rounded bottom!


 Mr Sharpe, the young sports master (Travis McKinnon) knows just how to deal with naughty boys
 As young Sudbury (New StingLad Jimmy Green) painfully discovers



Tales from The Headmaster’s Study (Episode 13) : Unlucky For Some! PART 2


A second set of pictures from  Talesfrom The Headmaster’s Study (Episode 13) : Unlucky For Some!And introducing New Sting Lad Jimmy Green as fifth former Sudbury


Sudbury is a habitual truant, and the Headmaster believes that perhaps being dealt with by the boys’ Housemaster, the fit young PE coach Mr Shape (Travis McKinnon) might just bring him round. Mr Sharpe wastes no time in getting the hapless young Sudbury over his knee and quickly turns his bare bottom a blushing deep shade of red.


However it’s up on the gym horse, naked and stretched out, that real regret from Sudbury kicks in. The PE coach’s old brown leather army strap cracks down on to the lad’s defenceless burning bare bottom.


Forrester (Luke Radley) is an old hand but he too gets caught now and again. This time its smoking in the dormitory, strictly forbidden because of the fire hazard. He too is ordered to report straight to Mr Sharpe. It’s humiliating when you are the top dog to have to lay across a fit young man’s lap like Mr Sharpe’s, then get you bare bottom slapped for breaking the rules


However, it’s probably more so when this fit PE Coach takes both a strap and cane to your sore bare bottom whilst bent over the vaulting horse as well. Yelping and crying out won’t put Mr Sharpe off his stroke. As they say it’s just Unlucky for some!



Tales from The Headmaster’s Study (Episode 13) : Unlucky For Some! PART 1

In this extended (42.31 minute) version of the series it’s the senior students who are causing trouble. Never one to be underestimated the Headmaster is on top of things and severe retribution will be the only outcome these wayward lads will have to face.


Richardson (Rudi Vallance) is no exception and has been sent to see his Housemaster (Marco) after getting up to no good again. Tired of this boy’s constant bad behaviour he takes him across his knee and lays on a very sound spanking turning Richardson’s very rounded bare bottom red raw. 


After this the heavy beech ferule backs up the punishment, its stinging impact burning in to the boy’s already well spanked bare bottom!


Chambers (new StingLad Johnny Hayward) is another senior prefect who feels he’s’ earned the right to act as he pleases. His crime is the selling of illicitly obtained alcohol. The Headmaster takes a very dim view of this and intents to send a clear massage to the rest of the upper sixth form. 


A hard scorching spanking will be followed by a good dose of the cane and strap leaving its mark of ‘you will behave lad!’ written in to the boys aching and very sore bare bottom.

To Be Continued …… 

New Sting Trailer for Tales From the Headmaster’s Study Episode 12

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways – Part Two

Continuing the series of smoldering hot images from


Later that week the Headmaster sends Barratt (Jaxon Radoc) the cricket captain to his Housemaster for throwing a cricket ball at another boy in anger, causing injury.
His Housemaster delivers retribution in the form of an over the knee spanking. 


This turns young Barrett’s curvaceous bare bottom as red as the ball he had thrown.


However, the India rubber sole of the Housemaster’s gym slipper really finishes the job and has the young cricket captain yelping in pain.


Sixth former Guy Richardson (Rudi Vallance) has reached that ‘too old to be punished’ youthful insolent stage which doesn’t impress the Headmaster one little bit.


Deciding this senior boy needs taking down a peg or too, before lights out, he takes him over his knee in his pyjamas and spanks his muscular and rounded bare bottom.


This though is just a precursor; he has offended far too often and a freshly made birch has been ordered from the Bursar. Richardson will feel its burning angry twigs biting in to his defenceless bare bottom the very next day.

Time perhaps for the teenaged tearaways to think again.