Off the Record Prison Spanking in “The Governor’s Choice Part 8”

The pictures and preview trailer for this December 2016 release were first posted to the Old Feel The Sting site

The Governors Choice 8

The young inmates at Rainsford Prison are still pushing their luck, often with the result that their misdemeanour’s will appear on their record resulting in loss of remission. The Governor has instituted a way by which they can avoid this. Being young fit lads with energy to burn, he knows that there will always be a certain amount of boyish behaviour and skylarking. 




Yesterday there was a fracas in the canteen. Two lads were involved. The main protagonist and certainly the ringleader was Dawson (Leonardo King) He is given a choice of the event being written up on record or the Governors choice, which on this occasion will mean a good caning from the senior officer, Mr Sharpe. Dawson takes the alternative punishment.




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“The Governor’s Choice 9” part 2 of 2 – it is inmate Perez’s turn to make a choice

In scene 2 of The Governor’s choice 9 a second inmate strips for his punishment.


Later the next boy, Perez, arrives (Mike Alvez) regretfully knocking on the same door. He’s had to many visits so this time the Governor has dug out the old cat of nine tails.


Instead of the cane Perez can receive something perhaps more severe on his bare bottom.


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The Governor’s Choice 9 (Part 1 of 2)


The Governors Choice Part 9

For various misdemeanour’s the younger inmates are still taking advantage of being given a choice by the Governor, It’s on their record or off the record, if they commit a rule breaking offence. Most choose to keep their record clean and report to the punishment room to receive a spanking dose of correctional discipline.


Today its the turn of two lads, the first being Horton (Louie Ashby returns) He knocks on the punishment room door and enters. His eyes are immediately drawn to the frame ready and waiting. He is ordered to strip and takes position over it. The governor picks up a swishy rattan cane and the boy grits his teeth in readiness! He feels it tapping on the very crest of his vulnerable rounded bare bottom. The first burning stripes are laid on.




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The Governor’s Choice 6

 The Governor’s Choice 6  

Taking the Governor’s choice is the best option to avoid getting an
unsatisfactory monthly report or worse still lose of remission. This
month two young inmates have chosen that option.


The first is Radcliff (new StingLad Andrew Kitt) he was found searching
through the lockers in the staff area. 


The senior officer Mr Sharpe (Marco) made sure he remembered where he is
supposed to be by administering a good spanking there and then! 






Radcliff, not spanked before by the officer, found himself in three different
positions as Mr Sharpe’s hard hand slapped his tender bare bottom a
burning bright red!


The Governor’s Choice 5

The Governor’s Choice 5: Yet again two young inmates in
prison have a real decision to make. Take the Governor’s choice of
getting their punishment over with or having the whole thing on record
to extensively lengthen their sentences.
Ward (Karl Frazer) and Fox (Phil Stone)
reluctantly agree to off the record bare bottom corporal punishment 
are sent to Officer Hardcastle (Travis McKinnon) to receive their just



Officer Hardcastle likes to make sure
the job is done properly and that a return for more will be unlikely.
These two might think they are cocky hunks but very soon their backsides
are going to be burning, red and raw! The spanking though is just the
start as the young lads well know.




Darren in “The Governor’s Choice Part 4”

Darren is Inmate 2986 Granger in The Governor’s Choice Part 4
​I​t’s time for another unruly inmate to make his choice! Extra time served or an off the record punishment that won’t be forget in a hurry. Inmate 2986 Granger (Darren) finds himself in front of the Governor having to make this difficult decision.


He opts for corporal punishment to get it over with and ensure he does the minimum amount of time inside. After all it’s just a little spanking isn’t it? For a strapping muscular lad like him no problem! He couldn’t have been more wrong!



Mr Sharpe (Marco) the officer whose duty it is to lay on the punishment isn’t one to mess around. The lad is ordered to strip of his trousers and pants and a scorching spanking begins directly on to the boy’s bare bottom..



Granger is nicely built with a particularly smooth, rounded and protruding backside. The target is perfect for Mr Sharpe’s relentless palm which burns the message of ‘behave in future’ directly in to the lads quickly reddening bare buttocks


Now the second part of this unofficial punishment is laid on. Bent over the old flogging frame 2986 Granger is to receive lashes from the old Edwardian punishment leather. Retrieved from stored items of that period and reinvigorated with oil, this old timer was very capable of generating wicked bands of fire in to any wayward young inmate’s bare backside. 





The searing cracks could be heard back in the cells as the strap whipped down. Granger’s muscular backside now bore all the signs of punishment well laid on. 


The deep red glow a visual testament to a
newly rehabilitated and well disciplined young man.

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More images from “The Governor’s Choice Part 2”

These are from the first scene of “The Governor’s Choice Part 2” featuring Adam Ashton as Prisoner Crawley, who has been caught with a knife.  As he is under 21 he is given the choice between an extra six months added to his sentence or taking a serious beating, featuring a spanking, a caning and the strap.

More images to follow

The Governor’s Choice (Part 2) # 2

 More images from Sting’s latest release The Governor’s Choice (Part 2)
The second inmate 2498 Carrington (new StingLad Eddie Barlow) has managed to rack up a very bad monthly report with ‘insolent behaviour’ standing out amongst other offences. He is also a youngster and as with Crawley opts for corporal punishment. 


The Governor is certainly no fan of insolent and cocky young inmates. This unfortunate condition of youth can be easily beaten out with right approach. 


Carrington is a repeat offender so the stinging bare bottom spanking is merely the prelude….
to a good strapping and a burning dose of the birch rod.


For these off the record punishment sessions the old Edwardian flogging stand has been retrieved from the prison cellar and is now back in good use for The Governors Choice!


The Governor’s Choice (Part 2) # 1

  Introducing Adam Ashton and Eddie Barlow in 

Back at Wallensea Prison two more junior inmates have fallen foul of the rule book and are up on a charge before the Governor. There is as ever good news and bad news. The bad news is that they will earn a loss of remission meaning that their stay inside Wallensea will be a lot longer. 
The good news is, if it can be described as good news, that they are both young enough and eligible to opt for home punishment. This in fact is the given name in prison and Borstal for corporal punishment. In short they can take the governors choice and it’s all off the record.



First up is 2487 Crawley (new StingLad Adam Ashton) This young man has been caught with a shank, a sort of homemade knife. Its intended use was unknown but it’s a very serious offence to be caught with one. Given the choice Crawley opts for home punishment. 


For a young inmate this will mean a good hard spanking which is indeed what happens to Crawley.First on his underpants …..
 And then on his bare bottom


After this both the strap and rattan cane are used to good measure. 


This scorching application on to an already well spanked and raw bare bottom is intended to ensure that Crawley doesn’t forget quickly who rules the roost at Wallesea prison.
Of course, young Crawley is only the first boy to be punished ….

To be continued….



The Governor’s Choice – Screen Grabs

Here are some more images from the  Sting Raw release “The Prisoner (The Governor’s Choice)” – Starring (in this instance the very inappropriately named) Lucky Taylor as Paul Miller

Prisoner Miller is in trouble, so the Prison Governor gives him a choice, loose remission or the matter can be dealt with in “an other way”.