Scouting For Trouble


Be prepared to discipline unruly scouts has to be the motto of Leader Mr. Sharpe. He has his hands full to keep the lads in order but knows how to effective treat bad behaviour and reset the moral compass of his charges.



The first of these naughty young scouts is Gerry Franks

played by Tim Law

On a recent camping trip the young rascal decides a self planned hiking trip backed up by a bottle of vodka, to keep out the cold of course!


Inevitably he is soon missed and a search of the local area is made. Eventually the now very drunk the lad is soon discovered by Mr Sharp. Time for some corrective action.


There and then in the forest Franks is taken over the leaders knee and a sound time honoured spanking laid on.







This has a very sobering effect but its the scorching strap that will finish off the discipline.






Bending over, sore bottom thrust out, the wildlife can secretly watch as the crack of the stinging strap echoes round the trees.



Back at the centre another eagle eyed lad Nick Andrews (Tom Nuttall) is also up to no good!


He creeps silently in to the Leaders office. His objective is to ‘borrow’ some funds from the cash tin.



He is soon caught out and taken to the craft area to be shown the error of his ways. The brown shorts and white Y fronts are soon down and Andrews is feeling the heavy hand of his Leader. Smack after smack on his raised smooth rounded bare bottom leave a reddening array of pain.







However Mr Sharpe’s short brown whippy riding crop is very capable of livening up an already spanked backside. With Andrews face down on a bench its burning stripes will set the young would be thief on the right path!




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Time To Repent

For the young inmates of Innesfail Industrial Institution not much passes the notice of the Brothers charged to return these young delinquents to righteousness.Two lads standing in the Principle Brother’s office are receiving a sermon about their recent bad behaviour. Murphy (Tim Law) and Conner (Milo Mills) have been caught engaging together in an inappropriate manner. The Principle ends his sanctimonious lecture by sending the two lads to Brother Mark (Dexter) to be dealt with.




Brother Mark, not known for his forgiveness soon has both boys over his knee. The lads wriggle and yelp as his firm hand descends on their defenceless bare bottoms. High over his knee the scolding slaps are preparing the boys now red and sore backsides for further absolution. Ordered to lay one on top of the other on the punishment frame the Martinet now takes over from Brother Mark’s burning left hand.


Video Trailer for Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 9) – Report to Mr Hiedrick

 Tim Law receives his first ever bare bottom spanking in the role of Brown

Now he knows why they call themselves “Sting”
 Kamyk Walker and Kurt Maddix are in line for sore bottoms as Willoughby and Foster

The full length video is available via the following links:

Tales From the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 9) – Report to Mr Hiedrick

Introducing Tim Law in his debut performance

The latest Episode of Tales from the Headmaster’s Study is Report to Mr Hiedrick, staring Kamyk Walker, Kurt Maddix, Tim Law and Dexter in a 22 minute school days adventure.



The action starts again in the Headmasters study as Brown (new Sting lad Tim Law) reports to the Head after being caught smoking. 


His very first ever spanking is a long stinging experience, this after being threatened with the cane. Maybe now rubbing his sore reddened backside he’s dissuaded from breaking the rules again. Next time he knows the cane waits if he doesn’t toe the line! 

Kamyk and Kurt

Two other roughish characters from the student body, Willoughby (Kamyk Walker) and Foster (Kurt Maddix) have finally exhausted the Headmaster’s patience.

He sends them both to to be dealt with by Mr Hiedrick (Dexter) the toned young PE master. The place of execution is the Gym store where both lads received a good hand spanking on their upturned bare bottoms. The young Mark Willougy high over the masters knee..

..and the senior lad Foster, the ringleader in fact, stretched out on the vaulting horse his bare bottom raised. 

Mr Hierick has a reputation for leaving his mark and both boys are next ordered over the horse for a good caning. 


The well-oiled thin crook handled rattan cane bites hard, both lads yelping and growling as it leaves stinging highly visual welts across the lads burning bare backsides. It’s unlikely they are going to rush to report to Mr Heidrick again soon.

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