The Birching Block -Part 2

In public schools the birch once featured as a major instrument of
correction. We continue our series with another look at its
administration. One memorable feature was the type of support used to
carry out the punishments. There were several but in this story Sting
again feature the birching block, constructed to match the same size
as the original.
One of the senior boys, Daniels (Karl Frazer) has been taking too many
liberties. His continual skylarking had exasperated the Headmaster
and he is sent to his House Master Mr Sharpe to be severely spanked
as a junior might be.




Its just before lights out as Daniels is taken across the knee. He’ll be
going to bed with a very sore and well reddened bare bottom,
certainly sleeping face down this night.




Another senior boy, Rhodes (Toby Haines) has also got himself in to a lot of
trouble. His acts of misbehaviour have earned him a visit to the
birching room. His House Master will lay on the punishment and he is
ordered to strip before kneeling on the birching block.


The birch is drawn from the bucket and carefully measured again the lads
bare bottom before the first stinging stroke is brought down. As the
biching proceeds and the burning twigs swish down the boy can feel
that each stroke now seem to sting more than the last!








If Rhodes though his punishment was over when Mr, Sharpe finally put
down the birch, and made him stand in the corner, he was very wrong.


Perhaps the fiery spanking on his already well birched bare bottom, given by
his infuriated House Master, will have more than a lasting effect.






Meanwhile, Daniels has now pushed his luck too far! He too will be dealt with by
Mr. Sharpe.


A choice between his parents being informed about his insolent
behaviour or a birching sees the lad also reporting to kneel on the


After having striped for the punishment the lad can only watch as Mr Sharpe
draws the freshly soaked birch from the bucket. He feels the cold
tips of the rod gently touch his bare backside then a swish and a
searing sting! That hurt but no so bad he thinks!





However as the rod continues to descend Daniel too realises that this cruel
instrument can build to a scorching climax, his poor bottom is now on
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Governor’s Choice 3

Starring Marco, Darren, Toby Haines and Travis McKinnon as The Prison Officer


When a lad is sentenced to time in Wallensea prison he is there not only to be punished but to gain some insight about how he should behave in the future. The last thing the Governor wants to see is junior inmates racking up more offences on their reports whilst inside. To prevent this a system of home punishment has been adopted meaning a junior prisoner can opt to be dealt with off the record. In most cases this is usually the best choice.


This month there have been three cases. The first concerns junior inmate 6578 Webster (Marco) His report reads like a car crash. 


The only way to salvage it is for him to sign up for home punishment. It’s going to start with a bare bottom spanking something he hasn’t had since a much younger boy.





After this humiliating long series of stinging slaps the prison strap and rattan cane will burn their message across the lad’s already scorched backside too.








Junior inmates 9874 Jenkins (Darren) and 7685 Calthorpe (Toby Haines) have an equally poor record plus their illicit insider dealings have recently been busted too.



For punishment these two are handed over to a younger officer (Travis) As captain of the officers tennis team he is known for his powerful right arm! Jenkins and Calthorpe are to be given a simultaneous spanking on their well raised bare buttocks.








After this, as with Webster, both the old brown leather prison strap and well-oiled rattan cane will crack and cut down on the lad’s bare bottoms. It may be sometime before these young inmates opt to face the Governor’s Choice again.















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Trailer for Drunk in a Drape Coat

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Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways – Part One

In college again and not much has changed discipline wise with the student body continuing to flaunt the rule book.


Prefect Brian Harper (Toby Haines) is hot on the trail of Watson (Xander Hollister) who he suspects has crept in to the storeroom for a quick smoke. He’s right of course and catches him red handed.


Now Watson’s bottom will be red handed too as Harpers stinging palm descends on Watson’s bare bottom!


This quickly followed up with a whacking on Watson re positioned and well raised backside with a wooden rule.


Sixth former Beaumont (Brad) has been swinging his fists again and sits waiting outside the Headmasters study. 
Called in to explain himself he knows he’s going to get that promised spanking and severe caning spoken of the last time he was caught fighting.

 The spanking is scorching enough but now Beaumont waits for the first cut of the Heads well-oiled rattan punishment cane.


The burning stripes are laid and one sixth former, his backside on fire, now wishes he hadn’t been so reckless.

Tomorrow two more boys get the Sting treatment


Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in 1080p Extra High Definition

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in 720p High Definition

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in Standard Definition

Drunk in a Drape Coat – 1950’s Domestic Discipline

Besmirching the family name in days gone by was the last thing any family member was expected to do. Upholding a status of family dignity was tantamount to maintaining your place in local society. The age of gentlemanly conduct was still very much alive and when standards slipped the head of the family was expected to take firm action.
So it was with Henry Gilchrest when his got far too drunk at a local bar one Sunday afternoon and had to be escorted out.  On arriving home he was to find that news of his manner less antics had gone before him. Now sent to bath and change in to his pyjamas, he must report to the front room before turning in.

His dad was in no mood for compromise, these events were getting too regular and nineteen or not Henry was now going to get a damn good bare bottom spanking. As the angry palm rained down on his bottom turning it redder with every stinging slap young ​Henry knew this was just the beginning.

On top of the cabinet and cut from a particular bush in the garden was a swishy and lethal switch. This instrument was only used when it was needed and now was certainly such a time.
Ordered over the armchair, the switch sung its painful song leaving stripe after stripe of burning red fire across Henry’s already well spanked bare bottom. 

This is one young man who’ll be sleeping face down tonight.


Fine Pair You Turned Out To Be

The latest Sting Update stars Nicholas Salter, Toby Haines and Marco

This special edition college boy story also features a guest performer and good friend of Sting Pictures. Rupert Pendragon of Corporal Contacts monthly magazine plays the part of a Housemaster.

The story starts with two pupils Davies (Marco) and Harper (Toby Haines) who have yet again had an altercation with the visiting teams rugby captain. The Headmaster being a busy man has left their Housemaster (Rupert Pendragon) to deal with the situation. This he does by giving both these senior lads a lecture on manners and a humiliating stinging spanking whilst over his knee…..

The spanking is followed up by a caning on their bare bottoms with both boys bending over the Headmasters desk.

Later that week another student Robert Jeffries (Nicholas Slater) gets himself into deep trouble with the Headmaster after taking the English masters car for a joy ride. Luckily nobody was hurt and the car retrieved unscathed.
However this is a very serious matter and the Headmaster means to make an example out of the boy. He is ordered to return for punishment before lights out and the session starts with a firm lengthy spanking with every slap cruelly scorching first the seat of his tight shorts …..

….then his bare bottom.

This though is only the warm up. The offence is so serious that the Headmaster has ordered the Bursar to supply a freshly made birch. Not so often used but it is a perfect answer and message giver to any other boys who feel they too can flaunt the rules.

Young Jeffries feels every lash of the rough burning twigs and the pain begins to build with each raw stroke. At the end he tearfully stands to be dismissed clutching his well whipped burning bare backside in the full knowledge he’s never going to do it again!


Rupert Pendragon appears courtesy of Corporal Contracts Magazine

Bad Bold Borstal Boys


In its day the Borstal system was used to retrain young offenders. Discipline was tantamount and corporal punishment was often used in various forms to punish rule breakers.


Records were kept in a Punishment book supplied for the purpose but this was not always adhered to and ‘off the record’ punishments were sometimes given to keep a trainee’s record clean.


Two such lads trainee’s Darren Watkins (Brad) and Roy Cleary (Toby Haines) fell out with each other and decided to settle it with a fight. Using home made weapons such as a shank and pice of timber they were caught and hauled before their House Master officer. He decideds to deal with them firmly and gives both lads a hard scoulding bare bottom spanking each.


Then with their backsides red and burning orders both to bed over for a dose of the rattan cane. This thin punishment cane, always kept supple with linseed oil, bites a stinging cut into  the boys bare bottoms, their yelps confirming its effective impact on to their defenceless freshly spanked butt cheeks.


In another office a new entry in the book is about to be made concerning trainee Stafford (Pavel Novey) His record for the month is totally abysmal. Unluckily perhaps for him his House Master officer is a younger man Mr Stephens (Connor Levi) He makes his views about the lads conduct only too clear and starts his punishment by putting this young miscreant straight over his knee.

The stamina of this younger officer ensures that trainee Stafford is going to get a long hot bare  bottom spanking.


The matter could have been settle with just the spanking but not in the eyes of Mr Stephens who now orders Stafford to kneel in the chair to receive a generous helping of the old leather army belt he keeps in his office drawer. The sound of thick military leather on bare skin echoes round the room leaving young Stafford’s bottom raw and on fire!

Now he begins perhaps to feel he’s not such a bold Bad Borstal Boy after all

Trailer for Tales from the HeadMaster’s Study II “Wheals of Misfortune”

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T​ales from the Headmaster’s Study 11 – ​ Wheals of Misfortune

staring Xander Holister, Toby Haines and Jonathon

Well in to the term and prefect Brian Harper (Toby Haines) has gotten himself in to detention again. How he keeps his badge is anyone’s guess!

Elsewhere for his clinic appointment is Taylor Crosby (Jonathon) He has plans for later and that doesn’t include going back to school. He’s going to meet up with Watson (Xander Hollister) who we last saw being punished by the Headmaster for misappropriating another master’s funds, in other words nicking cash!

It’s the Headmaster who finds Harper sitting in detention. Unluckily for this hapless senior it’s the very classroom the Head is to take a lesson in. Annoyed that Harper is there in the first place he decides to mete out a faster and of course more painful reminder to behave. The senior perfect soon finds his bottom bared and a hail of stinging hand slaps connecting with his well-rounded cheeks.
The now reddened orbs of young Harper are repositioned to meet the cruel leather strap conveniently left in the desk draw by Mr Roberts, whose classroom this normally is. The Headmaster wastes no time in putting this well used instrument to good use, the pale cheeks of this petulant prefect now burning with each lash.

Crosby and Watson didn’t get back to school that day and spent most of it in an amusement arcade. Their luck ran out however when they were spotted and this information was quickly passed back to the College. Unsurprisingly the Headmaster is furious. These two rascals are going to be severely dealt with and a good spanking for each of them is just a start!

Watson is first over the Headmasters lap


 Next the first stage of Crosby’s punishment begins

 If they think their ordeal is over they are very much mistaken

Being out of college without the knowledge of a master is a serious issue, one that needs firm correction. For this the cane is the only option. Both boys are ordered over the Heads study desk and a burning set of stripes is applied to both lads protruding and twitching backsides.


For young Crosby however this is just a start. His Housemaster Mr Eisenburg also the German teacher will be none too happy to hear of this episode. His method of punishment will no doubt be a very long and firm spanking.

Certainly these lads have turned an unlucky Wheal of Misfortune.

(Jonathon a appears courtesy of the Magic Spanking Factory)


Running Time: 00:30:32

Video Trailer for “No Stars Just Stripes 3 – Lazy Days”

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