The Brothers – The Movie (Part 3 of 3)


The Brothers – The Movie

Part 3 of 3


The strict disciplinary regime at Innisfail Industrial School continues to have a stinging impact on the youthful inmates and trainees, as three more of the young brothers experience the firm hand of this unsparing institution.



As a trainee teacher, Brother Brendan (Travis McKinnon) is used to providing both spiritual and physical guidance to his young charges. However, when he also steps out of line he finds himself being treated no differently than one of the younger boys.


This means going over one of the senior brother’s knees for a hard bare bottom spanking. Before bending to receive a stinging dose of the cane.


Brother Brendan will be giving lessons standing up for the rest of the day!




Collection money has been disappearing, and handsome Brother Joshua (Joey Whyte) is is soon identified as the culprit.


As penance for his sins the hunky young priest is strapped naked to the punishment bench and soundly whipped by both Brother Marco and the senior Brother, who take turns in punishing the youthful thief.



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The Brothers – The Movie (Part 1 of 3)

The Brothers The Movie


Sting Pictures presents its latest full length movie The Brothers The Movie. Packed with spanking action and hard hitting scenes of retro discipline this One hour fifty three minute film features over ten StingLads, including Joey Whyte, Robin Palmer, Travis McKinnon, Tommy Martin, Adam Black, Leonardo King and Alex Bell plus the welcome return of Dexter.


Set in Innisfail Industrial School the film also introduces two new boys, Danny Austin and Dominic Black plus the first ever on screen spanking scene with Johann Volny, this time on the receiving end.




Charting the life of the young inmates but focusing mainly on the strict discipline always maintained in these institutions, this hot action packed movie has something for every spanking enthusiast.


Given the large number of pictures they will be posted in three instalments, and the video preview will be posted tomorrow.






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Two would be thieves learn a painful lesson in “Retribution”



Stepping on to the wrong side of the law can have it consequences. For two young lads their brief crime spree turned out in a way that was not quite what they expected!! (these pictures from this October 2016 release were first posted to the old Feel the Sting).



Car theft otherwise known as the offence of take and drive is a popular first for the would be young tearaway. One lad (Alex Bell) was not so lucky in his first attempt and got caught. The burly owner of the vehicle (Phil Stone) knew the lads father but was persuaded not to call him if a different arrangement of punishment could be reached.


That arrangement would consist if a very hard spanking on the boys bare bottom …

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Army Cadets 6


The 12th field Cavalry Regiment is busy training its newest recruits. Some of them have already run in to the strict discipline used to train these junior soldiers! As a cavalry regiment its not unusual for the traditional riding whip or a leather halter to be used to good effect.


Trooper Harkness (Adam Black) has been up on a change with the C.O. He is given a punishment off the record and dispatched to his senior NCO Sargent Sharpe for execution.


Soon the young trooper is over the Officer’s knee, legs spread wide. A good bare bottom spanking will just be the start of his punishment! 


Sports Report 6

 Sports Report 6

The sports reports are not looking good for several important members of the team. Too much slacking and not enough proper training has seriously taken its toll. Its become anything but a winning team combination and the Manager needs to take urgent action. He has his ways of course, all slightly off the record but it certainly works and in the past has brought the team back on track!


On his return from a cold and snowy run and workout Kenny Benson (Joey Whyte) decides to take a quick nip from a bottle of vodka he has secreted away. 



He is caught red handed by Luke Taylor (Travis McKinnon) the junior Coach. 

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Joy Ride

 Joy Ride

When young Jamie (Paul Wolfe) is accused of taking and driving his Uncles John’s car it suddenly becomes not his best day. Its known he is mad on cars but he has yet to get a licence. His Uncle had kindly lent the car to Jamie’s Dad while his was being fixed. Now he is really not a happy man to hear of the unnecessary damage caused by this reckless act.
His nephew must be punished and John is not the sort of man who believes in just a good talking to. Jamie is going over his knee, shorts down for a good bare bottom spanking. 


The pleading of the boy that he didn’t didn’t do it has no effect and his smooth little backside merely gets redder with each searing slap! 










Its only when Uncle John picks up the boys carpet slipper to deliver more scorching whacks that he learns its not actually Jamie’s fault but his older brother Robin!



In an attempt to hide the truth after damaging the vehicle Robin (Travis McKinnon) had quickly replaced the car keys to where he had found them. He had led his Dad astray by suggesting it was Jamie who had taken the car. He had got his younger brother in to a lot of trouble. Jamie had been unfairly punished for something he didn’t do. He was no angel either but the situation had to be put right.


Now although older Robin must be punished too! It seemed only right that although a young adult he should receive the same comeuppance as his younger brother. It was further arranged that Jamie could witness his older brother’s punishment to try to balance the injustice already done.







Robin was to get a bare bottom spanking too, then be ordered to bend over for Dad’s leather strap. He hadn’t endured this for sometime but now this muscular young man was to feel the burning sting of discipline once again on his bare backside.



Totally naked and watched over with much enjoyment but his younger brother. For Robin it wasn’t so much the burning sting on his bottom but the humiliation of his little brother happily looking on that made the punishment so much worse!






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Home Rules

Taking a look at domestic discipline Home Rules follows the fate of two lads who have turned their back on the founding principle of my house my rules. 


First up is party boy Kurt (Kurt Maddox) Taking advantage of his Uncles absence the lad decides to have a party. The end result in the kitchen is total devastation. The boy is later found hungover and sitting on the floor with the kitchen looking more like a rubbish dump. 


His Uncle (played by Marco) is none too pleased and takes this insolent mess maker over his knee for some home grown discipline. The resulting spanking is well laid on leaving the lads bare bottom a burning red.





Now he can’t sit down but he  can start on the washing up! Well yes but now his uncle is pulling out the chopping table! 


The boy is going over this to complete his punishment. The kitchen has got to be the place to find a suitable implement and nothing works quite so well as a holed wooden spatula! The lads poor red and scolded backside has really taken a whacking but now the finale is going to include some burning swats with a stout wooded ladle. 







This lad is certainly learning not to stir up trouble again in more ways then one!


Elsewhere another boy (Adam Black) has crept in to his older brothers room and purloined his porn magazines. Thinking he won’t be back for ages the young lad begins to really enjoy the contents. This is no time for anybody to walk in! Too late, his older brother (Travis McKinnon) has come home early. 


Bursting in to the room he is met with a very unwelcome sight. Furious, there and then, he takes the young porn thief across his knee. His magazine, his bitches, means he’s going to set fire to his younger brother’s bare bottom with a good spanking! 





The stinging smacks ring out and the boy’s well rounded butt cheeks change colour fast. His older brother is fit and muscular and intends to teach this young villain some manners. 
Its not over yet, that oriental bamboo shoe horn in the corner looks like it could be put to some good use. Now bending over and touching his toes the magazine thief is feeling the biting and scorching crack of smooth bamboo on his already well spanking bare buttocks. 








There’s nothing erotic about this, it burns like fury!

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Aching Antiques


Young Robert (Travis McKinnon) has been lucky enough to get a job in an antique shop. The owner is a golfing partner to his Dad. Everything goes well until he is tempted to pocket an expensive watch. Unfortunately he is seen by the owner on a security camera.


Not wanting to make a big problem out of this attempted theft and being a friend of Roberts father the owner gives him a choice. He’ll deal with it or call his dad or worse still the Police. 


Robert’s decision however will lead to some bare bottom punishment something he hasn’t felt since he was a teenager.






At first he is reluctant to strip but soon finds himself naked and ordered over the owners knee. He can’t believe this he is getting spanked again and it seems to sting more than ever!






Robert’s well rounded muscular bare backside is merely being prepared. This sound spanking will be followed by a burning set of stripes from a willow switch usually reserved for walking the dog. 




It’s new painful purpose is to bring some common sense back in to a wayward lad who needs to watch his step in future.











For non-UK based visitors, the title “Aching Antiques” is a play of the series Acorn Antiques which was a parodic soap opera written by British Comic Actress and Script writer Victoria Wood as a regular feature in the two seasons of Victoria Wood As Seen On TV. It was subsequently turned into a musical.

The Swim Team 2

 SWIM TEAM 2Once again we pay a visit to some lads of the local swim team. Honing their aquatic skills is an important part of training.
 However two members Casey (Phil Stone) and Simon (James Holt) decided they would rather cheat at improving their physique by taking illegal substances known as steroids! This is not only stupid but incredibly dangerous to your health. Unfortunately its the manager and his coach who discover the crime when the said substance is found in a locker.

Furious  that they should be stupid  he offers them a choice that does not involve them being thrown from the team which they both accept and orders the coach Mr Harding (Travis Mckennon)  to deal with the pair. No one need find out but they must be punished as a warning against any future ideas.
 The coach wastes no time at all  and very quickly the stinging slaps rain down on the boys wet costumes enhancing the sting before being taken down for more scorching smacks on their quickly reddening damp butt cheeks..









The Sixth Formers – Don’t Push It!

The prestigious Coombe Hall College is
still keeping its newest batch of sixth formers in check.  


One of these
seniors, Bennett (Travis McKinnon) is proving a real handful. He’s been
acting in a most childish way this term, like a junior in fact and the
headmaster sends him to his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, to be punished
like one.


Mr Sharpe (Marco) is a no nonsense
master. Senior or not this muscular boy is still going over the knee for
a good spanking. Williams and spanking however just don’t go together
and once over the Housemasters knee, bare bottom raised high, the air
turns red! Well at least Williams’s backside does and so does the air
with his constant expletives as Mr Sharpe’s merciless hand slaps down.
The lad’s firm rounded buttocks are defenceless and no match for a
skilled master. Now with his bare bottom raw and burning the Housemaster
soon has the boy screaming for him to stop.




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