Instruments of Persuasion – the Martinet and Triad Cane Scenes


Instruments of Persuasion (Part 2) examines some of the more exotic and unusual implements used to punish miscreant youths. This posting shows images from scenes focusing on Instruments of Persuasion from two different corners of the earth, starting with the French Martinet.

One of the earlier scenes in IOP II features David as a naughty young “garçon” receiving a sound thrashing with the stinging Martinet, in a period story set in 19th Century France.

Back in the present day, and in a later scene on a visit to the Far East, Vex, falls foul of the local laws and is sentenced to a flogging with the triple rod sting of the cruel Triad Cane 

Leaving the bad lad with a lot of Sting to sooth ……..
More images from Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 to follow ………..!