No Stars Just Stripes Part Six

The Principle is on the prowl. He’s on the lookout for seniors up to no good and its not long before he makes a smoke filled discovery. In the showers and toilet area two wannabe hoodlums are puffing away like freight trains. Caught in the act they are dispatched shame faced to wait outside the Principles office.



First on the carpet is Ryan Bryson (played by Ariel Varga) Like all the seniors he should know the rules. If he can’t learn to behave then its going to be a good old fashioned spanking over the knee



He’s been warned before and now its really going to happen. The principles palm smacks down hard and soon the boys underwear is down too.




Now the lads bare bottom is cruelly singed turning a burning red, there’s no escape he just has to take it. 


Ryan is standing facing the wall fiercely rubbing his scorched cheeks, now his friend and smoking buddy Tyler Everett (played by Tyler Fox) is ordered in to the office. Both boys are to get a good dose of the time honoured wooden paddle.



Ordered to assume the position the Principle sets to work. Each lads feels the painful crack of wood on bare skin one after another. This well used  holed persuader leaves its mark and burns like hell.







For Ryan this is the end of his punishment but for Tyler, the more senior of the two, he now faces a spanking.




Getting a spanking after a paddling is a tough break but Tyler deserves it. As with Ryan he is taken over the knee and his poor defenceless bare backside is whooped soundly.




Back in the shower his discarded cigarette butts lie on the floor cold and burnt out. His own butt now however is burning like fire, a very persuasive way the Principle feels to make this boy follow the rules in future.
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Angry Dads: Dad’s Back and He’s Not Happy

Two brothers Nicholas (Leo Wilde) and Jonathan (Tyler Fox) are heading home after a day of skiving off school unaware that dad is waiting with a face on for them to return after receiving a call from the Headmaster to explain their absence from school.


On arriving home Nicholas not in his school uniform is immediately questioned by his dad as to his behaviour. Stumbling on his words through guilt of being caught out his dad tells him the exact reasons and without hesitation pulls out the chair puts him over his legs and starts spanking firmly on the seat of his jeans. 



Not happy with the results dad orders a shocked Nicholas to remove his jeans and brings him back over to continue his much deserved punishment. 



Still not convinced its doing as intended, Nicholas is lifted up and his pants are removed, legs spread the crack of dads hand starts to bring the message home to Nicholas already burning arse cheeks whilst responding to Nicholas begging with harder spanks and a verbal reminder of why he is in that position.