Hornet Pictures: Spanking with Sex in “Because I Can Too” (Part 1 of 2)

The latest Hornet Release is “Because I Can Too” starring Kurt Maddox and Adam Black

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WARNING: Hornet pictures feature Male on Male sex and Spanking

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Title 2257

Home & Away – Part 2 of 2

Home & Away

Scene 2


Elsewhere another lad (Vitali Kutcher) is taking advantage of his older cousins hospitality (James Holt) He’s playing music at a deafening level and moreover chilling out and consuming what is not his. He’s been warned before but now he needs a lesson in manners.




He cousin is an easy going guy but has his limits. He swiftly takes the boy up over his knee and gives his a sound bare bottom spanking.


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Home & Away (Part 1 of 2)

Video Preview

Home & Away

Two short stories about naughty lads pushing their luck too far.



The first concerns one boy who is caught vandalising a locker in the sports hall (Ariel Varga)


Caught by the young coach (New Sting top Dorian Easton) he is quickly brought to book for his actions and punished there and then. The coach takes him up over his knee and delivers a firm spanking from his muscular right arm!



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While Dad’s Away (Part 1 of 2)

While Dads Away

This short film takes a look at discipline between the younger crowd, those left behind while Dad’s away. Taking a leaf out of Dad’s book they know what to do when they catch there mates misbehaving!


One boy (Paul Wolfe) finds his cousin (David Hines) yet again going through his phone. This time he decides to take action. His cheeky friend needs dealing with! Perhaps if he put him over his knee he might remember to behave himself when tempted to interfere with other people’s property.




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Sting CFNM: Michael gets Spanked in front of the family in “Family Values” – How embarrassing!!

fv2 (16)

In the latest Sting CFNM release young Michael discovers that Family Values can not leave a boy with a well spanked bare bottom, they can also be very, VERY, embarrassing!!!


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WARNING this video features woman observing a Male on Male Spanking.




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Sting CFNM features handsome men disciplined and humiliated by, or in front of, woman – if this offends you do not visit the Sting CFNM blog




Then There Were Two!



Sting have asked me to let their customers know that they will no longer be offering the 720p definition option to people buying their videos. In future Sting videos will be available in the following two formats:

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However, as in the pictures above and below, you will still have two great options for Spanking fun…

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Sting CFNM: The Right Dose (Part 2 of 2)


The Second Set of Pictures from

Sting CFNM: The Right Dose


Back at her clinic Nurse Bennett is expecting an appointment with another lad, Colin (Adam Black) He’s continuing with on going treatment and is always happy to see the young nurse. He has a soft spot, well not always soft, for the curvaceous Miss Bennett. This visit however he plans to take it a step further and do some pinching too. Not her medial accessories but her rounded bottom.


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Sting CFNM: The Right Dose (Part 1 of 2)

trd (18)

The Staff Nurse (Naomi Bennett) has her hands full as two young sportsmen check in to have their maladies looked over. She’s normally patient with the patients but these young lads can often test it to its limits. They soon find out however she’s not a lady to be messed with!
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Discipline Down Under – An Explosive Issue

Science can be an interesting subject and delving in to experiments is always safely encouraged. However scientific discovery is by nature very experimental and things have to be kept safe! Boundaries are set and risk taking is is very much discouraged. 


Two senior students left to get on by themselves are more than willing to push the boundaries. One of them Kevin Gregg (Oscar Hart) is a very inquisitive type and quite ready to get a little more brave on his path of discovery. He should know better! His classmate Ronnie Donaldson (new StingLad Chase Anderson is much more cautious but in the end goes along with Kevin’s mad scheme.

Trying to get a hot air balloon to rise using propane gas instead of natural heat results in an explosion that blows out the classroom windows. Thankfully both lads had the sense to run for it before disaster struck but now face a new disaster standing together in the Headmasters office.

Fearing it will end the boys education the parents have allowed the school to deal with the situation as they see fit. No Police will be involved but the two lads are sent to the Deputy Head Mr Sharpe to be severely dealt with.

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Office Agony 2

 Office Agony 2

Peacocks accountancy firm has been in business a long time. From the very beginning its creator an ex army major insisted on a high standard of discipline. This has been maintained unofficially down the years. The current boss Mr Haynes (Johann Volny) is no exception and the young trainees know that if they fall out of line they have one choice dismissal or discipline, firmly laid on!


The latest new junior Doug Richards (Adam Black) has decided its OK to to use the office machine and photocopy some pictures from a porn magazine for a friend. Getting caught doing this is very risky! Doug has only just got this job and of course knows what will happen if he breaks the strict rules. 
The inevitable of course happens. He can’t justify his actions in anyway and is soon up against the wall, trousers down, getting his very rounded bare bottom spanked hard by Mr Haynes.













If that’s not painful enough the bosses own leather paddle will be. It burning licks soon have young Richards yelping. He might think his plaintive cries will make Mr Haynes ease up. Not a bit of it the finale for Doug will be a good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking. 



Two globular round butt cheeks now blazing red are testament to a
-spanking well laid on!



A couple of days later Mr Haynes has to attend one of his regular client meetings and leaves another lad, Michael Hall (Tommy Martin) to look after the office. Thinking its all clear young Michael decides he’d like to sample one of his bosses prized Cuban cigars. Unfortunately Mr Haynes has forgotten an important document and arrives back in the office just in time to see his junior about to raid his cigar box. For the untrustworthy Hall it all adds up to being fired or an instant punishment.







The boy certainly deserves a good spanking and quickly Mr Haynes obliges using his firm right hand to apply dozens of stinging slaps to the lads bare bottom.





The boss intends for this punishment to be scorching so chooses more than one position to make sure the message to behave gets burned well in! 





Next young Hall is ordered to kneel in the chair, the Major’s old smooth wooden paddle, still used to this day, will finish the job. The lads little rounded bare bottom, although well spanked already, can expect a fiery climax so now he will really atone for his sins and resume his duties afresh, if he can sit down that is!



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