While Dad’s Away (Part 1 of 2)

While Dads Away

This short film takes a look at discipline between the younger crowd, those left behind while Dad’s away. Taking a leaf out of Dad’s book they know what to do when they catch there mates misbehaving!


One boy (Paul Wolfe) finds his cousin (David Hines) yet again going through his phone. This time he decides to take action. His cheeky friend needs dealing with! Perhaps if he put him over his knee he might remember to behave himself when tempted to interfere with other people’s property.




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His cousin must learn a real lesson today, that flat rice spoon from the kitchen is going to make his butt burn even more after the spanking.







In the second scene another young man is disciplined by his friend




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One comment on “While Dad’s Away (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Although young on young isn’t really my forte I must say that Paul Wolfe did a great job as a top in this he was very convincing and actually spanked reasonably well. I also like the new apartment setting and the way that David Hines was positioned on Paul’s lap after he took his underwear off, I liked how David’s junk was in the center of Paul’s crotch and both legs where up on the sofa the shot at around 2:02 is a good example of this.

    Adam looks great as always he needed a laid back approach after being around Marco for too long lol.

    A fun clip for those who like young on young action.

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