While Dad’s Away (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

While Dad’s Away

Pictures from scene two, plus the video preview

Video Preview



In another case two flatmates are also experiencing problems. One lad (Kamyk Walker) had noticed his credit card was being used without his authority. He soon finds its his friend (Adam Black) who is the unauthorised user.



He doesn’t want it to go any further but this boy needs to be punished. What would Dad do?



Give him a good bare bottom spanking that’s what Dad would do …..



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.. followed by a good strapping or paddling??. Why not both!!





This bad boy card user us going to get a sore backside now but then he’ll be in credit again.






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5 comments on “While Dad’s Away (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

  1. Kamyk Walker is a little bit light on the spanking – but what a good performer he is! Away from Sting he is a hard core gay porn model and Sting should capitalise on this for Hornet production. How about Kamyk, as a prefect, spanking (or caning) Erik Franke; after which he takes him away to a comfortable bedroom to give him a really good fucking?

  2. This video contains two stories, both of them involving a twinkish guy spanking another twinkish guy. I would suggest a video in which a hunky guy is spanked by a twinkish guy.

    Consider this scenario involving Brother #1 (a tall, good-looking, muscular, masculine, clean-cut older brother) and Brother #2 (a short, slender, boyish younger brother). Brother #1 has been bullying Brother #2, and Brother #2 is itching for revenge. One day he catches Brother #1 drinking and/or drunk. If their father found about his older son’s drinking, Brother #1 would be punished severely. (Grounding him, kicking him out of the house, caning him – I leave the details to you. Brother #2 tells his big brother that he won’t snitch on him provided that “Big Brother” submits to a long, hard, OTK spanking from “Little Brother”. Brother #1 at first refuses, but he soon realizes that he is over a barrel, and he reluctantly agrees to take a spanking.

    Brother #2 starts to unbuckle and unfasten the jeans of Brother #1. Brother #1 bats his brother’s hands away and says “What the fuck?”. Brother #2 says, “Dad spanked us with our pants down; it’s only fair that I spank you in the same way. Now hold still while I take your pants off. Eihter you cooperate, or I tell Dad.” Brother #1 is furious, but he stands still while Brother #2 removes his jeans.

    Brother #1 is now stripped down to his shirt and his tight, skimpy briefs. Brother #2 says, “Now get over my knee.” Brother #1 obeys.

    Brother #2 starts to spank his older brother hard with his bare hand. Initially Brother #1 stoically “takes his punishment like a man”, but after about two minutes of spanking, he starts to squirm, kick, grunt, curse, grimace, and cry out in pain. Brother #1 is furious with his little brother and is humiliated. Brother #2 is delighted to finally have the upper hand over his big brother.

    After several minutes of spanking, Brother #2 pulls down in back the briefs of Brother #1, and spanks his big brother’s bare buttocks even harder than before. Brother #1 kicks, squirms, grunts, curses, grimaced and yells even more intensely.

    Brother #2 stops spanking his big brother after a few more minutes. Brother #1 continues to lie over his brother’s lap, groaning and whimpering in pain. Brother #2 looks down triumphantly on his brother’s sore, red, bruised bottom. Brother #1’s humiliation and Brother’s #2 revenge are completely realized.

    Now THAT would be an interesting video.

  3. I enjoyed this video, particularly the first scene, very much, but I can’t say I disagree with Rasputin’s comment. With due respect to the Sting team, who work incredibly hard to schedule the logistics behind the scenes, I believe there have been some missed opportunities regarding the storytelling within recent Sting releases. I ask that you read my suggestions below knowing my sincere affection and devotion to your company and product.

    Firstly, I think Sting’s videos are most effective when they involve elements of humiliation that go beyond the spanking with a hand or implement; an obvious example would be the use of the ginger root (aka feaguing, which has been utilized in the Birching Table series, etc.), but it may be more subtly incorporated into scenarios, e.g., the top puling down a naughty lad’s underwear, or having another lad watch. Another prominent example of humiliation is the art of the comeuppance, by which I mean that a bully/older brother/ prefect type has been preying on younger twinks but he finally gets what’s coming to him. There are many variations of these scenarios, some of which haven been proposed by Rasputin above, and they should be considered by the creative team in order to provide a clearer — and potentiallyy more impactful — viewing experience.

  4. Agree with Rasputins concept. There’s something really delcious about a smooth young pretty boy taking charge of a slightly older rough sexy hunk. Would love to see Jirka Mendez walloping Don Diego. I think the concept is edgy , steamy and interesting

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