More Domestic Spanking in “Angry Dads Round The Block” (Part 1 of 2)

Angry Dads Around The block




In this Spanking bumper edition we follow the disciplining of four different lads. All of whom haven’t yet learned how to behave themselves. Luckily for them, although they may strongly disagree this was luck, their Dads are going to show them the way to a glowing and well behaved future. Well, let’s say certain parts are left glowing, a sort of very stinging red!



First is Matthew (Luke Adams), he likes working out and keeping himself in good shape.


Having the odd nip of alcohol doesn’t compliment this much however, especially when it’s his Dad’s booze and he gets caught by him in the act of sampling it.


He might be a big lad now but that won’t stop the harsh bare bottom spanking that will follow





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.. and certainly not a good dose of Dads wicked willow switch!






Next is Barry (Dominik Black) his problem is he doesn’t like going to work after partying till the early hours. He’s left school now and needs to contribute to the household expenses.


If he can’t learn to grow up then he’ll have to be dealt with like a naughty boy again. It’ll be a good spanking from Dad and a burning session with the slipper. It might just wake him up a bit to the new responsibilities of adult life!












in Part 2 two more boys face the wrath of their Angry Dads


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12 comments on “More Domestic Spanking in “Angry Dads Round The Block” (Part 1 of 2)

  1. WOW!!! HOT AS FCUK!! WHAT A BONANZA! Having seen young Luke giving poor little Adam such a hard time in ‘Because I can, it was a real treat to see him getting such a thorough thrashing himself! I could almost feel the stinging strokes of that supple swishy switch (try saying that after a few drinks!) and the welts it leaves as it whips across Luke’s bottom are a clear testimony to how well he manages to take what is clearly a very hard punishment! And to follow this up with naughty Dominik laid over the knee! This bit has lots of My Favourite Things in it! OTK, smacking on underpants, coloured boxer briefs (my favourite!) and the slipper. And all topped off with Rob’s wonderfully stern face – a real spanker’s face if ever I saw one! And now, excuse me – I need to comment on Part 2!

    • Thanks Dr van Spanking, what wonderful comments! (You liked it huh?!! 🙂 ) Hopefully we will be seeing more of all four of these boys


  2. Well, I am less enthusiast as a spankee to be honest, I would like to see new handsome athletic tops in our beloved Sting movies which are undoubtedly one of the best if not the best gay spanking movies producers worldwide:-) Perhaps, if you allow me to express a small concern, don’t forget that your customer base counts bottoms too, and these bottoms are eager to see new hot tops from time to time who take the bad boys over their knee…

    • I would rather Sting keep the tops/spanker’s they have Marco, Johan and occasionally Dexte anyone can spank somebody’s ass but it takes the “best” to train them to Stings high standard of proper discipline. I would rather have a continuous quality in the spanker’s rather than just anybody appearing willy-nilly, quality over quantity is the most important thing. It would be nice to see new tops but again they would have to possess the quality you’d expect in Marco and alike.

  3. I agree with Olivier. Would absolutely love to see Joey Whyte as a top wearing as little as possible while he whips some bad boy butts. Joey has a look about him that tells me hed be a very sexy spanker. Also find a young beautiful top spanking an older rougher looking hunk quite a sexy idea.

  4. For me, joey probably has the hottest bum in the business so yes it is a delight to see that bum spanked. At the same time however, a guy with a beautiful body and bum can also be very exciting as a master, especially if they wearing something tight or revealing. Will look up colonial college 3…thanks for that. All these mysterious hot boys….hope to see that incredibly sexy leonardo king again soon too. Sting does have some superhot actors that’s for sure!

  5. Anyhow I do kinda half agree with L as well. We don’t want a spanker who is just good looking but doesn’t know how to spank or doesn’t seem enthusiastic. All the current spankers are very good at what they do. Rob a spanker look and I can see he enjoys it which is very important. Also Marco is very formidable and skilled and what I particurlarly like about about Marco is some of the sexy positions he puts his spankees in. All in all Sting does a fantastic job in entertaining !!!!

  6. Also a word of praise for both Rich and Johan. Johan’s spanking skills are improving with each appearance, and I am always in awe of Rich’s skills as a disciplinarian. He doesn’t use the cane in this one, but Rich is the undisputed master of the cane!

    I do miss Dexter, Rusty and Mike Cross, but the four main disciplinarians, Rich, Rob, Marco and Johan are all excellent.

    • @rubin

      I agree Johan’s skills are improving and will keep improving and that’s why it’s best to focus on training a few rather than have lot of new tops appear.

      I think a lot of this comes down to personal taste, I know for me the idea of Joey being the spanker puts me of as I like the idea of dad/son older/younger, that is generally the standard for discipline normally the older authority figure disciplines the younger. I think anything else is one’s fantasy. In keeping in line with authentic believable clips it would need to be older and younger unless the clip was a few guys messing around them all seriousness goes out the window and it then becomes just “fun” and “playful”

  7. As Rich once you can never please everyone, because obviously we all have different personal tastes. Some fans may hate handsome athletic tops while others like me and Olivier love them. I would be utterly thrilled to see Joey walking around in a speedo with a cane in his hand. Although I enjoy all the Sting tops and particularly like the hot ones like joel Varga, Travis, Matt (prefects revenge) joey (colonial col 3) and Dexter. I may also like (although I don’t) mickey mouse spanking batman. Whatever its my opinion and I thank Sting and Bruce for allowing all fans to express their opinions.

    • As Jonathan says, everyone is entitled to their view. The guys at Sting read them all, and take note of what people say.

      All views are valued, I hope you all keep on expressing them.

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