Military Spanking in “Army Cadets 7” (Part 1 of 2)

Army Cadets 7

Recruit training and regimental discipline is an ongoing part in the making of an efficient young soldier. In the 12th field Cavalry Regiment the training officers make sure this is maintained! Two recruits have been getting themselves in to trouble of late and are now on a charge, having to report to their superiors.

The first is Trooper Rush (Ariel Varga) he is charged with insubordination. His training officer (James Holt) won’t make a record of it but will give this cheeky young soldier a thrashing with his switch.


This little stinger always gets a young lads complete attention when it bites cruelly in to his bare bottom.


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Sting Spanking Classic Special: Army Cadets 2 – Back in Baracks

Army Cadets 3 – Back in Barracks

The latest Special Price Sting Classic is the September 2011 Jonathan Fox directed release “Army Cadets 2”

Things are getting slack with A company of the 12th Cadet Field Cavalry Regiment and the Colonel is determined to sharpen things up.



There’s nothing like a bit of stern military discipline to liven up the lack-luster attitude of lazy military cadets. After having a word with Captain Harper it’s Colour Sergeant York who takes up the initiative and begins by dealing with Cadet Cooper (Justin Kingsley).


Using a very traditional method, firstly it’s an OTK spanking …




… followed by one of the regiment’s most popular instruments of persuasion, the riding crop! Pretty quickly this young stallion begins to buck his ideas up!


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