10% off Sales of $50 or more until Friday

The Previous 30% discount period has now ended, however, a discount of 10% on the next 20 sales of $50:00 or more will continure to be available until 0700 pm (Easten European Time) On 29th October with discount code 5XNAY1X9

3 comments on “10% off Sales of $50 or more until Friday

  1. why not promote this on twitter? you might get some new customers signing up rather than just aiming it at existing customers on the blog. And run it for a week, most people are probably away at a weekend and wont see it…

    • Thanks Dieter, I have passed your suggestion on. However, we try to be careful with what we post on Twitter, it is easy to break their rules

  2. How exciting! I know there will likely be similar offers down the line, so Sting will have the chance to test and learn and adapt as they see fit. I would recommend also adding the time zone for cutoff. You have fans around the world who will want to take advantage of a discount like this.

    Bruce, any word on an October BTS publication? We haven’t been seeing as much of Finn lately, and hoping one of them might feature one of his videos.

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