Sting Sex and Spanking Classic My Borstal days 2 “THE SEX FILES”

Also on Special Price, and released together with Banged Up My Borstal Days 2 The Movie, is the follow up video The Sex Files dealing with what the naughty boys get up to after their punishment


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WARNING: This video features some spanking together with heavy sexual content


The punishment is over. The lad’s butts are sore, red and raw but now the pain is slowly subsiding in to a warm glow. This is when best mates will sympathise, apply some soothing cream and talk about the thrashing they just had and why. What couldn’t be shown in the main film is all revealed here in its entirety.


For those who like to know more and indulge in the excitement of after whacking sex play, the action kicks off with Trainee Cooper (Leo Fox) and Trainee Brown (Brandon Jnr) Both lads have been well spanked by Officer Slater and now back in their dormitory Brown applies some crème to his buddies’ reddened bare bottom. One thing leads to another and soon the two guys are exploring their rising man hoods, wildly turned on by the lasting hot feeling in their butts from the spanking they just had.





Trainee 78654 Appleby (Justin Kingsley) is no angel and leads two juniors (Jason Shaw & Tyler Manson) to become absent without leave. The freedom and fresh air has a rousing effect and all three are soon in lust with each other deep in the woods.




On being caught Appleby receives a stiff tawsing from the angry governor. After, on returning to his dormitory with his backside blazing, young Appleby needs the soothing hand of his dorm mate to take the pain away.



Again fuelled by the after effects of the tawsing Appleby and Trainee Platt (Damien Drake) are soon exploring their hard cocks with Appleby’s tawsed stripped butt moving up and down in a rhythm of pure pleasure.


One of the younger runaways Trainee Ward (Jason Shaw) is in big trouble with his house officer Mr Harper (Clay Osborne) Learning of their escapade Harper decides to punish Ward In his own way for putting him to so much trouble. The boy will pay and the officer feels he might as well get some pleasure whilst punishing him. Knowing that another lad, Crosby (Robbie Estivez) is to be spanked in an adjacent room Harper drags young Ward to a private office next door. Whilst observing the spanking he ensures Ward gives him the utmost pleasure occasionally spanking the boy himself.







This is the full version. In this breakaway production the well punished red raw butts really do add up to some hot spunk busting action. Banged Up! Borstal Days 2, The Sex Files.




Banged Up My Borstal Days 2 The SEX FILES


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